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    If it were important, they'd schedule it to run live in the US....
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    It could've used some happy clouds
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    It seemed like we just ran out of steam once we cut the lead to 5. WVU had 9 guys play 14 minutes or more. We only had 6 guys play 14 minutes or more. They had 1 guy play more than 27 minutes and we had 6 guys play more than 27 minutes including 3 guys who played 36 minutes or more. Playing shorthanded on one days rest and making our longest road trip of the year against a team with that style of play is going to yield that kind of result 9 times out of 10. Like PD said, I hope they get a lot of rest and come out fired up against a good OSU team.
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    WELL, SOMEONE'S LOST A JOB View image on Twitter
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    Thought it was a great game plan by WV. They were very physical and TCU is a finesse team. As long as the officials allowed WV to be physical, which they obviously did, it made for a long night for the Frogs.
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    He lost me when he started accusing Trump and the Republicans of being racist and race baiting. Sorry, but that nonsense is really old and tired. It's also incredibly insulting to the people of all races who voted for Trump and the Republicans. IMO,Trump won because he is spreading a message of optimism and growth. Good times are here and there's more on the way.
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    We're not even close to a long shot. Barring a collapse, we will be in the NCAA tournament. Right now we are projected to be an 8 seed. Well above the bubble.
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    Here's a preview of Trump's
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    It was informative, though! Morgantown is about 400-500 feet lower than my guess, and Fort Worth is about 150-200 higher. (And to answer the weather forecast guess I had, it dropped down to -15° late last night after the game.)
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    Our guys looked totally gassed early. I bet they flew out Sunday morning after the UT game, had the jet lag and altitude to deal with (a point of discussion in our chat last night), were uptight about the game all day Monday, and it all just got to them. They'll regroup for the Pokes on Saturday(?).
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    BTW, if some of y'all would come to the chat room, Froggy and I wouldn't have to fill time talking about the weather, the elevation of various locations in Texas as compared to WV, ad lib the commercials, and food....at least not only by ourselves. Several of you could actually teach us something about the game, seeing as we're part of the "remedial class", as RSK so lovingly named us (at least me, anyway). And, DTF, I owe you an apology, honey. I totally missed your post in there last night. I went back this morning and scrolled through and there you were. We must have scared you off or something with all that in-depth analysis of the game we we're doing. Come back next time! The thing about our new chat set up is that you can't see who's in the room until they post. Even then, you can't see if that person leaves. So, if you come in and lurk, no one knows you're there. You gotta speak up!
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    WVU was very aggressive once Bolton got on the court. It was all over for the Frogs at that point. Crossing my fingers Bane's rough night physically doesn't linger. We can't afford another benched starter. Everybody needs to rest this week and heal. Go Frogs!
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    For snowboarders it's almost a necessity in order to perform at all!
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    TCU Horned Frogs (0-0) at Grand Canyon Antelopes (0-0) Game 1 of 3 7:00pm Central Friday, February 16, 2018 Brazell Field at GCU Ballpark Phoenix, Arizona TCU 3 - GCU 2 Final Score B12 GameWatcher Live Sports Stats GameTracker (TCU) StatBroadcast Stats Pending First Post FrogVision ($) Pirate Radio Stream Pirate Radio Stream #2 (*.m3u8) Watch ESPN ($) GCU TV GCU TV YouTube Stream Accuweather.com Weather.com Weather Underground TCU Men's Baseball Facebook TCU Men's Baseball Twitter Starting Lineup:
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    A bondsman will generally take a percentage of the bond, the percentage varies.
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    Mental illness is nothing to mock. It's real and it's not even remotely funny.
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    You will enjoy the book much more if you were an adolescent in the 80's. Lots of 80's trivia in the book.
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    The same biased FBI also reopened the investigation into Clinton's emails a week before the election.
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