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    1complete pass to the 32. Swing pass to the 20. 21seconds, Boyzee has1 time out left. Moore runs it to the middle of the field. Field goal attempt. MISSED. 35 game home streak ends for Boyzee, 36-35. TCU wins 22nd MWC game in a row.
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    ESPN stopped being must watch tv. I will make the effort to watch my TCU games and while I enjoy almost all sports, I don't like them enough to get gouged for the privilege of watching Yankees baseball on a Tuesday or Lakers basketball on a Thursday.
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    I think Ohio State is a very good team. My problem continues to be the beauty pageant selection process instead of the on the field determinations. The B10 is about to declare either Wisconsin or Penn State as their best team but it'll be Ohio State or Michigan going to the playoff? Makes absolutely zero sense. And yes, putting Ohio State in the playoff is insanely hypocritical given what they did to TCU a few years ago. Ohio State isn't even a co-champion and doesn't have a 13th "data point" but this year that's not important. Whatever, it's an incoherent stupid #$%@ rigged system.
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    Steve WiltfongVerified account ‏@SWiltfong247 1h1 hour ago Steve Wiltfong Retweeted Anthony Hines III Don't be surprised if Top247 LB Anthony Hines picks #TCU today. Would become fifth in-state four-star to do so: http://tcu.247sports.com/Season/2017-Football/Commits …
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    That game was a great farewell "eff you" from TCU to the MWC commissioners who rescheduled that game from Fort Worth to Boise. They had set the whole thing up for Boise to win the championship and go to a BCS bowl.
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    That wasn't marijuana smoke, it was concrete plant emissions.
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    But you can steal crab legs
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    Boyce fights off Boyzee d-back for the 2-point conversion. Frogs lead by 1!
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    A lot of factors go into this. However, I am going to stay in my safe little bubble and blame it on people not wanting to just watch SECSECSEC and B1g as the only kings of sports.
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    Not wasting time, JUCO LBer gets offer Alex Bush 6-2/230 at Cerritos College in Norwalk, CA, GA, originally from La Habra, CA, originally signed with Wyo @AlexBushNine http://www.hudl.com/...1fa8063e448dea3 Alex Bush ‏@AlexBushNine 21h21 hours ago Beyond Blessed to receive a scholarship offer from Texas Christian University!! Hard work payin off #GoFrogs #TCU
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    Hines said he changed his mind at 10:00 AM. Remember when Daylon Mack also changed his mind the day of his announcement? I'm telling y'all...$$$$$$$$$$$. I just don't understand why else in the world you would want to go play for a school that continuously underperforms based on their talent level, with a coach on the hot seat, in a shithole town, with a bunch of cultists.
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    Excellent version of a classic Christmas hymn...
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    This is the worst lookin' tree I have ever seen. I bet if you buy a tree like that you get a free bowl of soup. ... Oh it looks good in you house though...
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    I think some of these kids just feed the paysites information to increase the interest in their staged announcements. I mean, what's the point of having an announcement if everyone knows already?
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    I met some at the Rose Parade. They had booked their trip before their loss to Nevada and they were exceptionally nice people. They were gracious losers and were rooting for the Frogs to beat Wisconsin although they had sold their tickets and were going to watch the game at a bar.
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    Cameron probably had his mind on NZ after the singles and that's why they flopped in the doubles. I'd go back to NZ with him. It's so gorgeous there...although they are having a worrisome amount of earthquakes lately. Whatever, get some rest, TennisFrog, and come back swinging.
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    So, we have to wait and see. Thanks, J.
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    Anthony Hines, supposed to announce tomorrow around no one: I had a wonderful home visit with @TCUCoachP & @TCUCoachSharp tonight !!! #GOFrogs ☔️?☔️
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    Well, although there were no live scores, the match WAS played and the results have just been posted - Norrie and Nunez lost to the Baylor team of Benitez/Lenz 3-6, 6-7 (3-7). Bleah! I'm kind of glad I didn't "watch" this one because the results are unfathomably disappointing after they played so well in the earlier rounds. But making the semis will earn both Norrie and Nunez a point in the ATP rankings, which will help both of them in future Futures tourneys. And making the semis is a good performance, although losing to Baylor in anything, as heartening as it may be to rape enablers and #CABers, is depressing as hell. Neither Norrie, Rybakov nor Escobar are enrolled at TCU this fall. They were not on the team at all this summer or fall; they did not attend classes, they did not receive scholarships; they did not play in any college tournaments, they did not play at Newport, in Tulsa, at the ITA Regionals or the ITA Masters or the ITA Nationals; they did not represent TCU officially in any way whatsoever. For the summer and fall, they were pros. That is why I have been speculating all fall about whether they will return in January - they told Coach Roditi that they would be returning in August, but if they did well enough in the pros, it's an open question whether they will remain pros or whether they will be student-athletes again this Spring. Escobar clearly did not do well enough - he played in a few Futures tourneys in Colombia, but lost in the first round or the qualies and lost all his ATP points. Rybakov, especially for a sophomore, did pretty well in the Futures tourneys in the U.S., Canada and Italy, winning 1 doubles title, making the finals in the singles a couple of times and usually going deep. But he only earned about $3000, and I'm pretty confident that he will return. Norrie did exceptionally well for a college junior, winning two singles Titles in the Futures, moving up to the Challenger tour, making 1 final there and earning about $27,000. His situation is iffy, but I think/hope he'll be back. Only Guillermo Nunez, Jerry Lopez, Trevor Johnson, Reese Stalder and newbies Gianni Mancini and Scotty Martinson played for TCU this fall as student athletes on the team. That is why we were so depleted and didn't do all that well - we were essentially missing our top 3 players and instead were fielding #'s 4-9 only. Nunez also played 3 pro tourneys, but as a student, so he was still attending classes and playing for TCU. Alastair Gray isn't in school yet and, even though he's not even a freshman, is essentially a pro as well. IF all our pros re-enroll in January as students, we will be very formidable. If they don't we will be less so. One of the things Coach Roditi does is to be flexible with his aspiring pros and allow them to leave the team in the fall and then come back in the Spring. Not all coaches or universities do this. Norrie played as a TCU student last fall, but wanted to do what Rybo was planning which was to be a pro all of this fall. Gray will probably do the same next fall.
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    So, he's not in school this semester? Still not sure how that works.
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    3 incomplete passes by horse-face. 4th & 10. Shocking pass interference call saves Boyzee.
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    Can u tell us the channel in English?
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    "Dis donkey's fast!" I LOVE this!
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    Lunardi has the Frogs as a 12-seed in the bracketology he released today. Has them playing Clemson in the play-in game in Dayton, with the winner to face Purdue in Sacramento.
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    You mean to tell me the playoff system that was developed by the Big 10 commissioner is giving favorable advantages to Big 10 teams? I'm shocked...shocked I tell ya!
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    Gah. Y'all sound like a buncha weak sisters. Bring on the gaggies
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