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    When you Bern your toast:
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    You should read the thread ... they come in from small towns all over the state(not normally the most progressive environments), opposed to the more tolerant and understanding larger parts of the state/society. These kids just represent, most likely, the greater majority of their student base. Have 3 male Aggie in-laws, and all 3 feel free to use the 'N' word. When you are from a small town, and the top of your class, you are told you're special. When a huge % of the people(small town elitists) who attend Aggie, are of this mentality or type ... It's a pretty shitty place to be. Know a 1/2 dozen people who went to Aggie and all but one were from small towns, like Cleburne, Lufkin(both these popped up on my spell check, by the way) and etc. Knew no one from my PHS class who went to Aggie, and we graduated almost 1,000 that year.
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    I would expect nearly the opposite so the Dems can score points when the Republicans won't even vote on somebody perfectly acceptable.
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    I'd argue that the focus on "original intent of the Founders" is a relatively recent interpretation of how the SCOTUS should operate. I can think of a whole lot of cases, on both sides of the political spectrum, where what the SCOTUS decided took into account how American society had changed more than what the Founders would have wanted a century or two before.Citizens United was just as "interpretist" as Roe v. Wade. The Founders didn't have a clue what kind of money would be in the system and how it would be spent to shift policy. No one voted on a constitutional amendment to decide whether it was okay ... And I was responding in part to this:
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    I think that due to my age, I don't approve of tats on girls, especially the larger tats. I suppose I should come to the realization that I need to be more tolerant of what seems to be acceptable today.
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    The longest gap in the history of the nation has been 125 days. To go over 300 would be quite unprecedented and probably not be a good example of "strict constructionism" nor of "original intent". Therefore, I doubt Scalia would have approved of such a move. But hypocrisy has never been limited to any one group. I foresee a real
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    A lot of fans of his strict constructionist positions are about to offer a lot of very interpretist opinions about how long it should take to name his replacement ...
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    Johnson falls 4-6 on Court 6. USC leads 3-2.
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    Frogs win the second sets on Courts 2 and 3. Third sets about to begin. On serve in the 3rd set on Court 6, with Johnson serving at 4-5.
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    Court 2: USC (de Vroome) took the first set 7-6. On serve in second set at 5-5, with USC serving. Court 3: USC (DeVine) took the first set 7-6. USC got the break back. Now 5-4, on serve.
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    Court 2: USC (de Vroome) took the first set 7-6. On serve in second set at 5-5, with USC serving. Court 3: USC (DeVine) took the first set 7-6. Nunez (TCU) up 5-3 in the second set, Nunez serving.
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    Ni hao ma! Jerry Lopez takes the first set from Pengxuan Jiang. Early on, the Frogs lead in all the singles matches other than #3. Update: Que bueno! Spaciba! Cameron Norrie and Alex Rybakov win their first sets! Further update: Good going bro! Trevor Johnson wins his first set. Additional update: Muy Bien! Guillermo Nunez storms back to take his first set in a tiebreaker! Y Eduardo Nava gano!
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    If TCU ever decides to sell beer in the stadium, it would be cool if they partnered with the local brewery Rahr & Sons. I'd be all over that concession.
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    Anything is possible ... but really doubt Marvin ran around with the TCU type of kids in HS ... unless it's a 'Blindside' type of story. But he is definitely who we want !!
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