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    BOOM! Huge get by this staff at a position we needed one last finishing touch on.
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    Lyle Lanley II

    TCU Tennis 2018-19

    Took my kiddo out to the match this afternoon - we had a good time, watched Fomba and Jong come back to win in doubles and then Reese Stalder in singles. Sat in front of an older gentleman...turns out, it was Tut Bartzen!
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    We're just two weeks away from Signing Day Part Deux for 2019, which means the 2020 cycle (which is already well underway, despite the Frogs not yet having any commits) will be full speed ahead very soon. I'd guess we'll have commits soon. I tried to think of another sponsor for this year's thread that would throw shade at Baylor, but instead thought I'd provide some exposure for David Hawthorne's new BBQ Spot in West 7th. Anyway, we'll get this thread started with a list of the guys who've been offered by TCU (and aren't already committed elsewhere): QB: -Brendon Lewis - Melissa -Haynes King - Longview -Roman Purcell - Indianapolis, IN RB: -EJ Smith - Dallas Jesuit (Emmitt's son) -Zachary Evans - Galena Park North Shore -Seth McGowan - Mesquite Poteet -Sam Adams - Sammamish, WA -Reggie Love - St. Louis, MO -Jaden Hullaby - Dallas Bishop Dunne -Miles Friday - Stone Mountain, GA WR: -Troy Omeire - Sugar Land Austin -Marvin Mims - Frisco Lone Star -LV Bunkley-Shelton - Gardena, CA -Ja'Khi Douglas - Houma, LA -Josh Jackson - Harbor City, CA -Jacobi Bellazin - Livonia, LA -Savion Williams - Marshall -Donnovan Moorer - Stone Mountain, GA -Quentin Johnston - Temple TE: -Blayne Toll - Hazen, AR -Brandon Frazier - McKinney North OL: - OT Chad Lindberg - Clear Creek - OT Andrej Karic - Southlake Carroll - OT Garrett Hayes - Athens - OT Nathan Anderson - Frisco Reedy - G Andrew Raym - Broken Arrow, OK - G Geirean Hatchett - Ferndale, WA DE: -BJ Ojulari - Marietta, GA -Alec Bryant - Pearland Shadow Creek -James Sylvester - Newton -Tyler Baron - Nashville, TN -Vernon Broughton - Cy Ridge -Princely Umanmielen - Manor -Jay Hardy - Chattanooga, TN DT: -Branard Wright - Dallas Carter -Kenean Caldwell - Oak Grove, LA LB: -Justin Flowe - Upland, CA S: -Chris Thompson - Duncanville -Darius Snow - Hebron -Nehki Meredith - Virginia Beach, VA -Jerrin Thompson - Lufkin -Xavion Alford - Pearland Shadow Creek CB: -Kelee Ringo - Scottsdale, AZ -Lorando Johnson - Lancaster -Lejond Cavazos - Seguin (but playing at IMG Academy) -Keontae Jenkins - Virginia Beach, VA -Jalen Kimber - Mansfield Timberview ATH: -Ja'Quinden Jackson - Duncanville -Eric Reed - Shreveport, LA -Michael Henderson - Carrollton Ranchview -Kevontre Bradford - Lancaster -Jahari Rogers - Arlington High -Myles Price - The Colony
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    KenPom still has us at 28th, Sagarin at 26th. Palm has us as a 9-seed, although it doesn't look like he's updated those numbers since the Tech game. Two weeks ago we blew out WVU by 30. Still undefeated at home since conference play started. We've won 3 of the last 5. We're in a tough damn league. We're going to lose some games. I admit the Fisher loss hurts, but what percentage of our games over the last two years has he played? Come on back into the building, people ... I'm not sure the ledge can support all the weight ....
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    Per this (partially-gated) D1Baseball.com preview, the Frogs' starting lineup will look like this: C- Zach Humphreys 1B- Jake Guenther 2B- Austin Henry SS- Hunter Wolfe 3B- Adam Oviedo LF- Josh Watson CF- Johnny Rizer RF- Andrew Keefer DH- Alex Isola Weekend rotation: -Fri: Nick Lodolo -Sat: Jared Janczak -Sun: Brandon Williamson Closer: Caleb Sloan
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    Army Frog Fan

    Uniforms: 2019 Edition

    Still doesn't top this one.
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    Duquesne Frog

    Hey, @NewbombTurk!

    Yeah, there are no excuses for broadcast blackouts from now on ...
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    Uniforms: 2019 Edition

    I can't get over that all white uniform. I know I'm biased, but that's one of the all time best all-white uniform combos I've ever seen.
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    Lyle Lanley II

    Uniforms: 2019 Edition

    Some of my coworkers, who are fans of other teams in the conference, were trying to make fun of me about the new uniforms this morning. Then I pulled up twitter and showed them the reactions of recruits.
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    TCU Tennis 2018-19

    The new rankings are out and the Frogs' victory in the Ft. Worth regional was noticed and we've moved back up to #16 in the nation, 3rd highest among Big12 teams. Here they are: 1. Wake Forest (still the best, with Petros Chrysochos and Skander Monsouri as the team leaders) 2. Ohio State (led by J.J. Wolff) 3. Mississippi State (W although it didn't count; I think we'll play them in Chicago and Rybo could face Borges yet again) 4. Florida (we play the Gators next weekend) 5. USC 6. North Carolina 7. UCLA 8. Texas (on our schedule; Christian Sigsgaard and Yuya Ito) 9. Stanford 10. Baylor (on our schedule) 11. Columbia (up from 14th; on our schedule) 12. Virginia 13. Notre Dame 14. A&M (on our schedule; highest ranked team not to make it to Chitown) 15. Illinois (on our schedule; W although it didn't count) 16. the Fighting Frogs of lil ole TCU 17. Tulane (formerly unranked but punched their ticket to Chicago and moved into the rankings; on our schedule) 18. Oklahoma (on our schedule) 19. Alabama 20. (tie) Oklahoma State (W; on our schedule) 20. (tie) Tennessee (on our schedule) 22. Florida State 23. Georgia 24. Michigan 25. NC State ARV: Arizona State (W although it didn't count; on our schedule); Arkansas; South Carolina; Tulsa (L). At this stage of the season, the rankings tend to track the teams that make the National Indoors, something that hurt us the past two years, but not in 2019.
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    Uniforms: 2019 Edition

    Better views https://adobe.ly/2ToYPL2
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    Uniforms: 2019 Edition

    Here they are!
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    Decided to bite the bullet and shave my head today. So I figured I dust off this old thread and see if anyone has any updates or new shaving product recommendations.
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    TCU Tennis 2018-19

    Both #518 Jerry Lopez (in his first tourney of the year) and #616 Nick Chappell are into the main draw at the Futures Tourney in Weston (Florida) and will play either today or tomorrow - Lopez against Nicolas Mejia of Colombia (who just beat Chappell at the most recent Futures tourney) and Chappell against Ricardo Rodriguez of Venezuela. Cam Norrie's next tourney will be in Houston - unfortunately, Joker won the Aussie Open instead of Cam. I don't think I've mentioned that Baylor's new head coach is Brian Boland, who led Virginia to 3 NCAA Championships in just 4 years. They hired him last May after several years of getting beaten by the Frogs and falling into the middle of the Big12 standings after multiple years of being at the top (prior to TCU joining the conference). Boland had "retired" from Virginia to be the head of player development at the USTA, but he only stayed there 1 year before accepting the Baylor job; presumably for a lot more money. So he's obviously going to be Roditi's new competitor and is probably one of the reasons Jenson Brooksby turned his coat.
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    Good write-up from a student scribe: TCU360.com: Baseball looks to return to winning reputation in 2019 ...with a bit of bad news buried in it: Caleb Sloan has an elbow injury that will land him on the shelf, alongside Russell Smith, for the entire 2019 season.
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    Senior Bowl Thread

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    Why? I can hear him fine on the TV .
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    Trump doesn't know what he's doing. He's just like an amoeba reacting to local stimuli. Sees something he likes... moves a pseudopod in that direction. Something else captures his attention, moves in the opposite direction. Unfortunately for America his amoeba-like approach is one of his least bad qualities.
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    Through 17 games, Vlad is averaging 10.5 points (3rd on his team), 5.4 rebounds (1st) and 0.7 blocks (1st) per game.
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    Whoop! This is the number one guy I wanted in this class. If healthy, he should restore the pass rush we have become accustomed to, and could make a difference of two or three additional wins next season. Has had some off-field issues, but multiple sources have indicated he has turned his life around and really dedicated himself for the last couple of years.
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    TCU Tennis 2018-19

    Well, Naples wasn't the breakthrough for Nick Chappell as he lost 4 and 2 today to Nicholas Mejia. He'll be in another Florida tourney next week though. The Frogs will open up the season tomorrow night at Tulsa in the first dual match of the season. Tulsa has already played 3 dual matches, beating Mercer and Bryant, but losing 4-3 to Tech. Technically, we haven't played yet, but our experience in Tempe was even tougher than the Golden Hurricane has faced and we shouldn't be at a disadvantage like we have been in prior years playing someone who had more in-season experience. Rybo is 8-0 in college play this year and is ranked 14th in the ITA rankings, but Bertus Kruger leads the Frogs with 9 W's so far this year, including 3 W's over ranked opponents. Tulsa's top player is #55 Majed Kilani, who has 11 W's so far this season; 5 over ranked opponents. All-time, TCU leads Tulsa 14-12, but is 4-6 at Tulsa. The Frogs, however, have won 5 straight, including 4-0 sweeps in each of the last 4 matches. It's Opening Day!!
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    Army Frog Fan

    Graduate Transfer QBs

    Well, if anyone would know, its the K-State blogger.