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    If you are going to use football analogies, this thread needs to be moved to the sports board...
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    That'd really highlight how this new, communicable disease has suddenly surged alongside (and in some cases, well past) the usually expected top causes of death. But no, I'll pass. Thanks for the suggestion, though!
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    Happy Old Scribe Day, everyone. Gone, but never forgotten. #HBDOS 💜
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    He was 18-40. Forgive him, hell....I want him to go BACK.
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    http://weirdus.com/states/texas/bizarre_beasts/hairy_man_road/index.php Yes, there is a road named Hairy Man Road. Located in Round Rock, the legend goes that a young boy in the 1800’s became separated from a settlers’ caravan during a dark and stormy night, while the group was trying to escape the rising waters of a nearby creek. He managed to survive on his own and became a hermit in the area. Not being civilized, he avoided contact with people and terrorized anyone who dared entered his domain of the wooded area along what became known as Brushy Creek. Frightening stagecoaches and solitary riders alike, his legend grew in the area until one day the horses leading a speeding stagecoach trampled him to death while he attempted his infamous intimidation. Now the legend did not stop there. To this day, frightened travelers of the road swear that they have seen a large, very hairy man lurking in the bushes and overgrowth along side the road. Teenagers use the road for thrill seeking with young men hope that stopping on the road will encourage their date to seek safety in their arms. Since 1994, in the Cat Hollow subdivision, an annual festival has been held in honor of the Hairy Man. Food, music, games and other activities are held in the park with the grand finale of the Hairiest Man Contest. Not just head hair is judged, but the hairier the back and chest, the better. This year’s contest winner won a trip to Cozumel. Sadly, Hairy Man Road is not what it used to be. Rapid growth of population in the area has promted the city to start reconstruction of the road in order to widen it and facilitate better drainage. I don’t know if sightings will continue after the new road is finished, but I will remember the eerie feeling I’d got while driving down the twisting, densely canopied road, whether it was during the day or night.
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    The Founders would like to wish all members of The Frog Horn a very happy seventh Founders Day! We were a disparate group of rebels in 2013, yearning to break free from oppression and tyranny when a glimmer of hope was proposed and the foundations of a more democratic union on the TCU interwebs were conceived. Through tenacity and perseverance, always looking to our fearsome SUPERlative leader, Chuck, for inspiration, these revolutionaries structured a legacy of Horned Frog fandom heretofore never seen amidst the fight 'til Hell freezes over! The success of our experiment rests in the bosom of all our members, ever faithful to the cause and LRBW2XCOTYGMFP. Raise a glass to us, TFH. We've earned it!
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    https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2020/06/james-mattis-denounces-trump-protests-militarization/612640/ James Mattis finally speaks up. “Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people—does not even pretend to try. Instead, he tries to divide us,” Mattis writes. “We are witnessing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort. We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership.” “When I joined the military, some 50 years ago,” he writes, “I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution. Never did I dream that troops taking that same oath would be ordered under any circumstance to violate the Constitutional rights of their fellow citizens—much less to provide a bizarre photo op for the elected commander-in-chief, with military leadership standing alongside.”
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    Probably belongs in the book thread, but you mentioned it here and it is a great book to have! I love their haunted hotels section.
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    Thank God for the Wolf pack, Colin K and the vagaries of kicking. I remember the anxiety and elation of that game as much as the Rose Bowl. Made the game in ABQ a lot better.
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    Johnny Ray and Russell Smith also confirming via twitter this morning that they'll be back for 2021.
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    Released home for outpatient care today! Still a long road back, but praise the Lord!
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    90 days 'til kickoff. We are now 67.97% of the way through the offseason. Our current 90: Jaquaze Sorrells has a chance, just like Patrick Jenkins, to step in and become a major contributor on the D-Line right away. A couple of 90s to remember: Terell Lathan Ross Blacklock.
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    YES my favorite thread of the year! Keep up the good work LL
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    You’re right, all the doctors and people who have dedicated their lives to public health issues are full of crap (and probably part of the DEEP STATE!). COVID-19 is a hoax and it will magically disappear. Only old people getting it is good news. Also young people getting it is good news. The U.S. having 25% of the worldwide cases but only 4% of the world’s population is awesome - America Exceptionalism, I say! The death rate isn’t real because all those people might have died of something else, unless the death rate is going down and then it’s real because it seemingly proves some point. Hospitalization capacity calculations are complicated and therefore the systems can’t possibly be getting stressed and everyone is lying because they obviously have so much motivation to do that because that makes perfect sense. Europe has banned Americans because of politics and everyone knows they hate American tourist dollars. I concede. Everyone should just chill the f*ck out and pack into Applebee’s for fried cheese. Just don’t wear a mask, those are for p*ssies.
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    Kendall Rogers from D1Baseball.com has made his way-too-early prediction for the 8 teams that will make the College World Series in 2021...and the Frogs are one of his picks. D1Baseball.com: Eight for Omaha 2021 (free article)
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    66 days 'til kickoff. We are now 76.51% of the way through the offseason. No current 66 on the roster, so here's a few 66s to remember: Blaize Foltz John Glud
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    Question is pretty much at the heart of the whole Confederate statue issue. The whole reason those statues exist is due to a bullshit historical revisionism that turned traitors and slavers into honored heroes and symbols pining for an era where the inalienable civil rights of a large portion of Americans were, and would continue to be, denied. Honestly, I don't think Trump gives two figs about the Confederate statues, but because a significant and vocal part of his base does, he pretends he does. But I don't think it is an illegitimate line of questioning to try and get the President to take a moment and think about why people want to take those statues down. As foolhardy as asking him to do so may be ...
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    68 days 'til kickoff. We are now 75.80% of the way through the offseason. No current 68 on the roster, so instead a few 68s to remember: We won a lot of games with Joseph Noteboom on the O-Line. Have we forgiven Guy Morriss yet for his 5-year stint with that cult down in Waco? I hope Anthony McKInney can make the most of his free agent opporunity with the Titans.
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    I don't know why people say that Trump embraces racism. I mean, it's not like he'd tweet a video of a man yelling "white power" and thank him for his support. Oh wait, he did?
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    Next time, order more than a cup of coffee...
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    Watched all 6 Sharknado movies today. I'm surprised I still have enough brain cells left to type this.
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    If he doesn’t want them, I do!
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    I thought it would be wrong to put all these margaritas back in the fridge to take up space and we’ll let’s just say there is a super high probability of drunk texting over the next 20 minutes because holy shit I was just gonna have a little happy hour cocktail and also the word cocktail makes me giggle
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    Friday’s 6-packSome NFL point spreads for Week 1:— Chargers (-3.5) @ Bengals— Buccaneers @ Saints (-4.5)— Cardinals @ 49ers (-7.5)— Cowboys (-2.5) @ Rams— Steelers (-3.5) @ Giants— Titans @ Broncos (-2.5)Americans who have died from COVID-19: 120,688Quote of the Day:“[When] they’d start him off with a fastball, they’d throw me a curveball. When they start him off with a curveball, they’d throw me a fastball. They never pitched us the same. But I learned a lot about hitting because I looked like him. I watch him set up pitches. I watched all the things that he did.”Ken Griffey Jr, talking about batting behind his dad in the lineupFriday’s quizWhat team did Marshall Faulk begin his NFL career with?Thursday’s quizDesignated hitter come into the American League in 1973.Wednesday’s quizPistol Pete Maravich played his college basketball at LSU. Posted onJune 18, 2020Leave a commenton Friday’s 6-pack, Quote, Quiz of the DayFriday’s Den: Doing some thinking out loud…….13) Was watching couple of NFL Films features last night, one on Kurt Warner, one on his Rams teammate, Marshall Faulk.Back in 1999, I would go out to a local bar on NFL Sundays to watch the Rams on the satellite dish; Rams had been bad for several years, but at the start of that season, they were obviously way better, and it was excellent. I remember laughing and saying to a friend of mine “They score every time they have the ball” It was the most fun year to be a fan, and I wound up in St Louis that January to watch them win the NFC Championship. A very excellent day.12) Ever hear of Al Luginbill? He was Marshall Faulk’s college coach at San Diego State, and Kurt Warner’s coach with the Amsterdam Admirals in the World League, so this is a guy who had a hell of a lot to do with the Rams winning Super Bowl XXXIV.Faulk is from New Orleans, but the big time southern schools wanted him to play DB, not be a running back, because is only 5-foot-9. Thats how he wound up at San Diego State- they gave him a chance to be a running back, and the rest is history.His running backs coach with the Aztecs? A guy named Sean Payton.11) Do you realize we’ve probably seen pitchers hit for the last time ever?Only way a pitcher will bat now is if the backup catcher is a DH and the starter gets hurt, or if a game goes deep into extra innings. The universal DH is here, and that is a good thing.10) Former big league pitcher Dan Haren tweeted this:“Adding to my HOF credentials I’m the last pitcher in history to have a 4 hit game.”9) Davey Johnson was a very good major league manager, but boy did he have an odd career:1984-90— Mets 595-417, won ’86 World Series, made playoffs twice1993-95— Reds 204-172, lost NLCS in ’95, then left1996-97— Orioles Went 88-74, 98-64, made playoffs, then left.1999-2000— Dodgers Went 77-85, 86-76, didn’t make playoffs.2011-13— Nationals Went 98-64, 86-76 in his two full seasons there.Why didn’t he last anywhere but in New York? Speaking of the Nationals, they’ve had winning seasons the last eight years, but they’ve done it with four different managers, which is bizarre.7) Former major league pitcher Dan Straily pitches for the Lotte Giants in the KBO now, and he is pitching very well, but he is 0-0, 1.34 in his last five starts. In his nine starts, Lotte has scored two or fewer runs six times. Despite that, they’re 5-4 in his starts.6) When a KBO game starts and is then rained out before it is an official game, they just pick it up again from that spot the next day. Not a bad idea.5) I’ve enjoyed watching old college football games on ESPNU and whatever other channels are showing games; you get reminded of stuff from 20-30 years that I had forgotten about.In the 80’s/90’s, lot of college football teams had very primitive passing games. Georgia beat Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl one year; halfway thru the 4th quarter, the Dawgs were 0-10 passing for the game, yet they won.4) FS1 and ESPN2 are starting to show Australian Rules Football games now, which is fun; back in the earlier days of ESPN, they show lot of the AFL. We had no idea what the rules were/are, but there was a lot of action, and the guys who play that game are very tough.Beats the hell out of watching freakin’ cornhole.3) Philadelphia Eagles lost guard Brandon Brooks with a torn achilles; he won’t play at all this season, is expected back for 2021. Big loss for the Eagles.2) RIP to former big league pitcher Mike McCormack 81, who passed away this week.— He won the ’67 Cy Young Award, going 22-10 for the Giants.— He hit the 500th major league home run that was hit by a pitcher.— He also gave up Henry Aaron’s 500th home run.1) I cannot emphasize this enough:— Wearing a mask in public keeps you safer, and other people safer.— Wearing a mask isn’t a political statement; I do not belong to either political party, and yet I wear a mask, because I want to stay alive, and I want my friends to stay alive, too.— Wearing a mask is a sign of respect for other people.— Science is undeniable; let’s stay safe until there is a vaccine, then we can put the masks away, although I do think I look better with a mask on.
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    I ordered a hat recently from a minor league team, not so much to support them as much as I just thought it was a cool logo. When my order arrived, there was a hand-written thank-you note from a team employee enclosed.
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    might have to get a hat to support the local team...
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    Our Rose Bowl is on ESPNU tonight. It has been almost 10 years since the greatest day of my life.
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    “Our offense will be predicated on what our players allow us to be,” Patterson told The Athletic. “Last year, we asked some guys to do some things that we weren’t ready for, not that they weren’t capable. … It’s not my job to entertain. My job is to win, whether we grind it out or we throw four verticals. Either way, I don’t care as long as we’re capable of doing it.” https://theathletic.com/1873222/2020/06/17/tcu-horned-frogs-roster-depth-chart-schedule-state-of-the-program/
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    82 days 'til kickoff. We are now 70.82% of the way through the offseason. Our current 82s: Jason D'Armore is a 5'5" senior walk-on receiver from Pine Brooke, New Jersey. He saw some brief playing time against Southern in 2018. Cole Sayre is a redshirt freshman walk-on kicker from Hyde Park Baptist in Austin. A couple of 82s to remember: Which of Josh Boyce's miracle plays against West Virginia in 2012 was more clutch: getting open and then outracing the entire defense for a 94-yard touchdown with 1:28 left that forced OT...or snatching the ball from within a hair's breath of hitting the ground for the two-point conversion in double OT that won it? We ran out of fireworks.
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    83 days 'til kickoff. We are now 70.46% of the way through the offseason. Our current 83: Cade Rosenkranz is a 5'10" redshirt freshman walk-on receiver from Anaheim, CA, who likes to discuss existentialism with his friend Guildenstern...or something. Jared Retkofsky went and got him a Super Bowl ring with the Steelers.
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    That game WAS a national monument ...
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    2020 has interrupted Turkvision and FF drunk karaoke. Worst. Year. Ever.
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    A negative result is highly reliable, regardless of the test. If you test negative, you can be confident you have not had CoVID. Interpreting a positive result is more difficult, because of the risk of false positives. Plus, while a true positive means you had CoVID, we don't know what it means in terms of immunity, yet. We don't know whether antibodies are neutralizing (like the antibodies people develop to Measles) or have no effect (like the antibodies people develop to HIV) or somewhere in between (like the antibodies to influenza). Or how long they last. As far as the risk for a false positives, it depends on the specificity of the test and the prevalence of disease in the population tested. Specificity is the true positive rate. There are some bad antibody tests out there with a specificity in the 70% range, meaning 3 out of 10 tests are false positive. They are useless. But even a test with a specificity in the 95% it depends on the prevalence of disease. Lets say 5% of a population has antibodies. A 95% specific test will spew out 5 false positives for every 100 people tested. If 5 out of 100 people have antibodies (true positives), that means that the chance a positive test is a true positive (aka "positive predictive value") is about 50% (i.e. of the 100 tested, 5 people have a true positive, 5 people have a false positive test). That said there are some really good tests out there with specificities in the high 99% range (don't believe the ones that say 100%- no test is 100%). The FDA has all these tabulated here: https://www.fda.gov/medical-devices/emergency-situations-medical-devices/eua-authorized-serology-test-performance It gives the sensitivities, specificities, negative predictive value (NPV) and positive predictive value (PPV) for each test. If you are negative, don't even look at this. NPV is above 99.5% for all tests. If you are positive, look at what test they used. I think most non-NY places a prevalence of about 5% is reasonable. So if they used the ABbott Architect, you could be 92.9% sure you had CoVID. If it was Cellex, it is only 55.2% chance it is a true positive. One more caveat- If you were sick with a flu like, stay at home in bed illness and tested negative for the flu in March, your pretest probability may be higher than 5%, in which case PPV also goes up. But just a sore throat and headache that everyone gets probably doesn't bump up the PPV. Again the caveat is that we don't know what a true positive means in terms of immunity means (should continue to act like not immune in terms of wearing masks/PPE, social distancing, etc).
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    88 days 'til kickoff. We are now 68.68% of the way through the offseason. Our current 88: Sometimes I wonder how Artayvious Lynn's career would've progressed at TCU had he not had that egregious fumble trying to jump over a defender against Iowa State in 2018. If you remember, he was on his way to somewhat of a breakout performance that night prior to that play. Still time for him to fulfill his potential as a senior this fall. A couple of 88s to remember: Jimmy Young - What. A. Baller. A D-Lineman wearing a jersey # in the 80s is a rare treat. Ranorris Ray was a solid contributor on a number of solid Horned Frog teams.
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    Tuesday’s 6-packOpening lines for Week 12 NFL games:— Texans (-1.5) @ Lions— Redskins @ Cowboys (-12.5)— Ravens (-4.5) @ Steelers— Titans @ Colts (-2.5)— Panthers @ Vikings (-8.5)— Browns (-6.5) @ JaguarsQuote of the Day:“For us (Titans) to get to that point to get better and to be a main focus of that and then you just throw me away to the trash like I wasn’t a main block of that……At the end of the day, none of these businesses are loyal.”Broncos’ DT Jurrell CaseyTuesday’s quizWho was the Denver Broncos’ QB the first time they played in a Super Bowl?Monday’s quizDak Prescott played his college football at Mississippi State.Sunday’s quizDan Marino played his college football at Pittsburgh.Posted onJune 8, 2020Leave a commenton Tuesday’s 6-pack, Quote, Quiz of the DayTuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but…….13) Are the major league owners/players going to kill the golden goose? Are they?NBA starts July 31; NASCAR has started, golf starts this week. Hockey says they’re coming back, the NFL seems to be heading towards starting on time, but baseball is locked into a big dispute over money…..goddamn money, when the country is going through hell.Billionaires, millionaires bickering over money, while unemployment in the country is 13% and over 110,000 people have died from a virus.Doesn’t sound like a great business plan, for either side. See the big picture; play an 81-game schedule, take your lumps this year with an eye on the big picture, keeping your sport, your business on the front pages of the sports section for years to come.If there is no major league baseball this summer, life will go on; it is pathetic when the most interesting thing on TV is people marching on our cities because they’re unhappy with the government, but thats where we’re at right now. Baseball could give people a breath of fresh air, something positive to think about and talk about.12) Some of the best conversations I’ve ever had have come in Las Vegas sportsbooks, with people I didn’t even know; people of all ages, races, bonding over sports and sharing ideas. If the whole world got along as well as they do in sportsbooks or gyms, we’d all be in better shape.11) Normally on a Saturday at this time of year, I’m hunkered down in my living room, watching baseball, movies and keeping track of the A’s and my fantasy team. Go out for dinner at night, then come home and work on my pitching charts; things I enjoy. This year? Not so much; if you drive up my street, you’ll see a goofball sitting in his folding chair in the shade on his front lawn for two hours most nights, scrolling thru his Twitter account or playing word games on his phone. Not terribly exciting times; I’m sure we’re all looking forward to 2021.At least the weather is warm now; breathing fresh air is a good thing.10) I spend way too much time playing Words With Friends and Wordscapes, but it is good for the mind. There are only so many 25-year old baseball/football games you can watch.Some of those games remind me of things, which is good, but good grief, will I be happy when live games start up again.9) I’ve learned a lot about the KBO, Korean baseball; I had never even heard of this league before this whole mess started. Ten teams play every day but Monday; the write-ups on the games are on this site every day.They don’t have fans there yet, but they do have games, and thats a good thing. 8] I’ve been pleasantly surprised how friends of mine contributed to this site with lists of their own, ranking things they like, whether it be sports, movies or music. I appreciate their help in keeping this site fresh every day.7) I set my alarm every day, not too early but it does go off every day, and that makes sure I don’t waste a lot of time lying in bed, daydreaming and doing nothing.6) I watch a lot of movies, lot of ‘em; the next few days, I’m going to put out a list of my 26 favorite sports movies, and also some underrated movies that still pop up on TV now and then.5) I’m lucky to live a mile away from a road with 30 or 40 restaurants on it; lot of options for take-out food, which has helped greatly this spring. I also have Pellegrino’s at the end of my street, an excellent deli that makes very good subs.4) Damn, I bought a ton of books in the 90’s; have been re-reading some of them lately. At least I was smart and bought almost all paperbacks. Whenever I go upstairs looking for a specific book, I never find it, but often find it later on, while I’m looking for something else. 3) I’m a 60-year old, middle class nerd; it saddens me deeply to realize that the federal government doesn’t give a rat’s ass whether I live or die, as long as the stock market goes up.At least I know one thing I’ll be doing on November 3rd.2) Walking is a good thing, and saying that is weird, especially if you know me. I hate walking, thats why I bought a car, but going for walks this spring has been a welcome addition to my routine. Human interaction is very important; texting, talking, whether in person or on the phone.1) TV highlight of the day: Cardinals-Dodgers playoff game from 1985; Andujar vs Hershiser. Game 6 of the playoffs was a weekday afternoon game. Imagine that?
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    89 days 'til kickoff. We are now 68.33% of the way through the offseason. Our current 89: Jack Powers is a 6'4" walk-on receiver out of California who's seen a small amount of playing time each of the last two seasons. An 89 to remember: Vincent Pryor recorded a then-school record 4.5 sacks in the Frogs' SWC title-clenching win over Tech in 1994. If you don't know Vincent's story - and how it pertains to that game in particular - you ought to.
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    Or mocked a handicapped reporter TO HIS FACE. I will never, ever understand how it wasn’t over right then and there. How one single person in American could pull a lever in support of such a man.
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    91 days 'til kickoff. We are now 67.62% of the way through the offseason. Our current 91: I'm not sure that Patrick Jenkins' recruitment and commitment got quite the fanfare they deserved. Watch the kid's hudl tape - he's going to be a beast, and will be contributing on-field early in his time at TCU. A 91 to remember: I always really loved LJ Collier's versatility on the defensive line. He could pretty much do whatever the team needed him to do.
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    93 days 'til kickoff. We are now 66.9% of the way through the offseason. Our current 93: I thought last year was going to be George Ellis' breakout season, but he didn't end up playing at all. Was he injured? A fun-to-remember 93: There've been very few Frogs who played with the perpetual tenacity of Chase Ortiz.
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    94 days 'til kickoff. We are now 66.55% of the way through the offseason. Our current 94: Super, duper excited to see Corey Bethley step up to be the leader of the D-Line in his last season before he becomes a millionaire. ...and a fun-to-remember 94: What a moment. What a game. Love Josh Carraway.
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