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    Just for perspective, a look at the Frogs' last 10 games vs. FCS opponents: 2018: TCU 55, Southern 7 -- (Southern finished 7-4) 2017: TCU 63, Jackson State 0 -- (JSU finished 3-8) 2016: TCU 59, South Dakota State 41 -- (SDSU finished 9-4) 2015: TCU 70, Stephen F. Austin 7 -- (SFA finished 4-7) 2014: TCU 48, Samford 14 -- (Samford finished 7-4) 2013: TCU 38, SE Louisiana 17 -- (SELU finished 11-3) 2012: TCU 56, Grambling 0 -- (Grambling finished 1-10) 2011: TCU 55, Portland State 13 -- (PSU finished 7-4) 2010: TCU 62, Tennessee Tech 7 -- (TTU finished 7-4) 2009: TCU 56, Texas State 21 -- (TSU finished 7-4, they moved up to FBS in 2012)
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    The Frog Horn is like the Jedi Saga. The Frog Horn is not a power you have. It's not about lifting rocks. It's the energy between all things, a tension, a balance that binds the universe together. But the problem is that the greatest thread this board has known (the thread that shall not be named), was discovered in June 2018 and was deleted at the request of the OP, who then had to change his profile and go incognito. Now there is no balance.
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    Into the 2nd set trailing... 2-0! The Camster gets the early break yet again! 3-0. 4-1. 5-1! Another break! This set is looking good! 5-2. Cam broken easily. (Ouch). The winner will get #3 seed Sasha Zverev, who has a bye this round. 6-2! Another break and Cam squares the match at 1-all. On to the 3rd! 4-3 in the 3rd. No breaks yet. 5-3!!! Cam gets the key break at a decisive time after falling behind 40-love!! Cam advances to face Zverev 5-7, 6-2, 6-3! An excellent finish after a disappointing 1st set! Zverev is ranked at ATP#7, has been in the Top 10 for several years, he won this tourney the last time it was in Montreal (2017), he's seeded 3rd and he beat Cam the one time they played at Acapulco. Cam was interviewed by the U.K. press and said that because Sasha prevailed last time, the pressure was all on [Zverev.] Yeah, right - I hope Cam makes a good showing but he will not be favored.
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    Getting this thread back on track - from my point of view, the "chip" started in 1998 - total transformation of the program, and we continued to progress. There were phases, but each one got us closer to an elite level. There are too many to name, but my chipness reads as (defined as talented, overlooked, over-performed, or just nasty): Reggie Hunt (would absolutely light people up), Jason Goss, LT, Jason Phillips, Stephen Hodge, Tank, Robert Henson, Daryl Washington, David Hawthorne, George Layne, Batteaux, Doctson, Jeff Ballard, Dalton, Kerley, Jimmy Young, Bart Johnson, etc. I'm clearly leaving out way too many people, particularly OL and DL...but I think the point of it is going back to way beyond the Big 12 years and realizing we had some amazing players that were counted out because we weren't "big time". I love the message...let's get this season started.
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    I'm looking forward to this game. I am feeling optimistic about this year so far, and I think this game is winnable 65-70% of the time. I am looking at two areas to help decide the game TCU's D line vs their O line. If successful, that can put their QB on his heels most of the game and close down their pass game. The second part will be the Purdue tight end. I don't worry about one guy beating TCU, as in their all star receiver, but when someone like a tight end steps up and we have no answer. (and with TEs we rarely do)
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    I'm such a sucker for the concept of spring football, knowing full well it'll never actually work. So here are the team names for the new XFL that's starting in February: -Dallas Renegades -Houston Roughnecks -D.C. Defenders -L.A. Wildcats -Seattle Dragons -New York Guardians -Tampa Bay Vipers -St. Louis Battlehawks
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    False All good guesses, but wrong. The foul for illegal batting is enforced from the end of the run, which is the B-4 yard line. The try will be replayed from the B-2 (half the distance from the goal line).
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    Our current 20: La'Kendrick Van Zandt A few memorable 20s: Deante Gray Nick Sanders Greg Walls Jack Spikes Dennis Nutt ...and a few bonus 20s: Mel Renfro Jeff Burroughs Billion-Dollar Eddie 20
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    I respected you a lot more when you responded to every post in Spanish and then translated it to English for us. You've just gotten lazy, Senor ... I think I said this at some other point on this thread or maybe elsewhere, but I was really proud of this thread and the contributors thereof when this board first started because I think we did do a herculean job of talking politics while keeping the ad hominem attacks relatively few. Maybe it was a fantasy that only happened in my head, but compared to kf.c, this place was a borderline amicable utopia, at least most of the time. But then 2016 happened and everybody on both sides lost their shit. Understandably, and me included. Now I don't know if dispassionate politics talk is possible. It's why contributions to this thread have slowed to a trickle. I too am bummed about those we have lost, to this thread and other circumstances.
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    I'm with you 100% my Frog Brother! I don't drink anyway so the beer sales doesn't matter to me. If the beer sales help to keep butts in the seats then by all means, sell beer! TCU fans have this social cocktail party thing. So many fans go to the games to be seen. I understand it because I was a partying fool at one time in my life but even then, when I went to the games, I stayed until the end, win, lose or draw. I sat to the end of a lot of brutal games in the 70's. The Texas game in the snow comes to mind when we lost by about 60 at home. Well, enough of that. I am going to my first TCU football home game this year since the 1994 Texas game. My wife and I will be sitting in one of those fancy schmancy boxes!
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    I can imagine the creative signs the student section will have if he starts for the Frogs. Our Wurst is the Best!
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    Welcome to Conejos Peak, Colorado, elevation 13,180 ft
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    There have been no pro Frogs who wore the number 6. So in lieu of that ....
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    Speaking of birders, I saw a peregrine falcon in flight today! No photo, but he was magnificent...swooping down to grab a grebe, I think. I was at Rocky Mountain NP.
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    Folk death rock? Not sure how to call it other than that, but it is great. Bluesy, folky rock from Louisiana. Former vocalist of Acid Bath, and he sounds much better when he sings on his solo stuff than when he screamed in the previous band. Released only on CD on August 3rd, 2010... Denison based modern heavy metal (or as I call it, rock). Contains a remastering of their breakout song, 'Pissed Off and Mad About It'. Released on CD on July 6th, 2010... Their best CD, in my opinion... Southern/stoner rock. Catchy. CD released on June 1st, 2010... In 1910, the Boston Talking Machine Company established a subsidiary that vertically cut records. The newly formed company was the Phono-Cut Record Company. By cutting the records vertically instead of laterally, it allowed circumventing the patents held by Victor and Columbia. This paved the way for many other labels to get into the business before the lateral cut patents expired in 1921. They were a financial flop and sold off by 1913. From 1911...
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    I would love to see TCU schedule a game with Appalachian State. They are a very good game and a good win against them would be a plus. While I'm at it, they just hired a new coach after Satterwhite took the job at Louisville. The new coach is Eliah Drinkwitz, who most recently been the OC at North Carolina State, who ranked 16th in the nation in total offense and 22nd in the nation in scoring offense. He is definitely a young coach on the rise and is very well spoken. Keep your eyes on him, I think he will be somebody to watch.
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    SWAC teams Sagarin ratings out of 256 total teams: 256 253 252 (A-PB) 250 242 (Jackson St) 234 220 215 202 191 (Alcorn) There is no way we should be playing anyone with a Sagarin Rating over 200. Teams with a ranking over 100 but less than 200 that would be more credible opponents are 101 S. Miss 102 FIU 104 CSU 106 MTSU 107 Rutgers (WTG Big 10) 108 UAB 109 Oregon St. 110 Tulsa 112 U La La 115 UNLV 118 UC-Davis 120 ECU 122 UNM 124 Weber St. 129 Akron 135 UTSA 144 SJ St 152 SHSU 166 TX ST 170 Rice 172 UTEP
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    The blues haven't died. This Guy is great. He even brought his Buddy, Billy Gibbons, along for A2. Released on August 28th, 2015... And... My favorite blues album of the decade, and that says a lot with what I just posted above. If you don't get it within the first few seconds of the first track, I can't explain it to you. It is a compilation, but with a loaded cast in the backing band for it. Released only on CD and digital on February 24th, 2015... Great Southern/stoner metal from Little Rock, Arkansas. One of my top ten favorite releases of the genre, probably top five, if you pushed me to narrow it down that much... For something a little different from my normal musical tastes, a little SpaceMetal, by SpaceMetal. It is space metal. Released April 2nd, 2015... The Starr Piano Company founded Starr Records in 1915. They ran side by side with Gennett, until 1917. From there they went to Canada for a while. From August of 1917...
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    Sousa and Gershwin are Okeh! 😊
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    I'm a little ashamed to admit it now, but a young 8-year old Duquesne Frog wore #99 for the Clarkston Jets pee-wee football team in honor of Gastineau and that mullet ...
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    I only have one acceptable record for 2017 (and none from 1917) that isn't from an artist with a better option to come. Just a great throwback to the late 1970s or early 1980s rock. Loads of reverb, unprotected sex for days, illegal fireworks, T-tops, VHS, Trapper Keepers, and 1987 Sharon Stone. And a hilarious sense of humor that only starts with the name of the band. November 3, 2017... And... In 1917, the Wisconsin Chair Company founded Parmount Records. (Also, see the Puritan Records Wiki page.) Though they didn't survive the Great Depression, they were reaponsible for some of the best and most important blues music ever recorded. From November of 1918... And a Puritan label from 1919... The Starr Piano Company founded Gennett Records in Richmond, Indiana in 1917. They were probably the best source not named Columbia or Victor for jazz in the 1920s. They recorded sessions with some names like Louis Armstrong, Hoagy Carmichael, Duke Ellington, and Earl Hines. They did dip their toes into the blues with Charlie Patton and some Texan named Blind Lemon Jefferson. They also dabbled with country music, and some fella named Gene Autry. They just quietly vanished at the end of WWII, after years of a slow decline. From March of 1919... Lyric Records was established in Newark, New Jersey in 1917. They made high quality (for the era) records, but would only last until 1921. From 1917... And a later label from 1920...
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    From the latest reports in the FWST, Patterson says we have incredible speed at WR and we're hitting long completions in practice like we did in 2014. Reagor, Barkley, Barber, D. Davis, and Hights all have the ability to take it to the house. I think that's something that has been seriously lacking the past few seasons. Reagor and Turp were great but Turp had a tendency to get hurt and then he screwed up and got himself kicked off the team.
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    I think you have Baylor rubbing off on you for lack of reality. The beer used to come from the religious monastaries of the church. He is putting the C back in.
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    One stipulation though - no more in and out privileges. I think that's a bad move personally. For one, it's not like it will suddenly cause people to choose to stay in the game. In fact, this could potentially have a negative impact as people will definitely choose to either stay in the parking lot much later throughout the beginning of the game, or leave early as they always have, but with zero chance of coming back. While I'm the type to be crazy about being in my seats before kick-off and rarely leaving until the end, it's not the case for the remainder of my family...which makes up a decent contingency of attendees at the game - people that live locally, went to other universities and enjoy attending a few college games a year. Also, I may scale WAY back on parking - no way am I going to pay for a spot in Lot 3, where it's nice to leave and enjoy a drink at halftime with friends and family that have been in and out during the game. I really don't think it's a good idea.
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    Which is more likely: -He's a senile old man and got two Ohio cities confused -He doesn't care enough to be accurate in such a statement -He genuinely doesn't know the difference between the two cities -He messed it up on purpose because trolling people is a true leadership attribute
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    Lyle Blackwood, 1976 Seahawks Basil Mitchell, 1999-2000 Packers Tony Jeffery, 1998 Cardinals (4th row, 4th from left) Bryan Holaday, 2018-present Marlins Tex Carleton wore 28 for the 1940 Dodgers Gary Turner was drafted by but never got in a game for the 1966 Celtics. He did play in a few games for the ABA Houston Mavericks but I dont know what number he wore and I didn't find a picture ...
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    lol. I don't think you've got the update. They must be rolling it out slowly to everyone. I've tried your fix a few times and it won't work, but thanks for the effort!
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    We need some help keeping the Gameday Information Forum current for the visitors who will be coming to watch the mighty TCU Horned Frogs beat the snot out of their team. 😁 Especially helpful would be local folks who could take a look at the various bars, restaurants, etc. threads and provide some updates. I've checked all the links in the hotel thread, but if there's somewhere new that's popped up, let me know and I'll include it. We hear every season that this information is helpful to folks from out of town, so that's why we do it! Thanks for the assist, TFHers!! 😍 http://www.thefroghorn.com/forum/12-gameday-information-forum/ P.S. I'll soon be inviting the Arkansas Pine Bluff fans over for the traditional pre-game friendly smack talk with our OOC opponents. It's getting closer y'all!!
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    That's just crazy considering people were starving then. But, I guess it was the wealthy folks buying the phonographs and records, those who didn't lose everything in late October 1929.
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    Iowa has 5 road games that are not easy. Wisco has @ OSU and @ Neb. NEB has a very winnable road schedule. My money is on Iowa to drop.
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    Earl Barquet (at 6-3, 236) now listed as a DT.
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    NOW it’s almost time for football:
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    Good article... I think BJ was the most talented of the group to be completely honest. Hicks and Green had awesome careers for us, but BJ, man I think he was an NFL talent.
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    Also, comments about the places mentioned (hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.) in the various threads are also welcome. A Frog from out of town might be wanting to try someplace new and a word from one of us could be helpful. As always, we appreciate all your help and support!
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    The preseason Coaches poll is out this morning and we didn't even get one vote. OU is 4th, Texas 9th, West Virginia 22nd.
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    He's got two more years to develop so I wouldn't count him out yet. I would be surprised if he doesn't move to the States for his senior year and play for a high school over here to get better competition. I'm sure there is a private school that could make a spot for him.
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    Thread title is on point. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
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