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    Football spring game

    Sorry for the lack of updates, my gloves weren't working with my phone and I sure as hell wasn't taking them off. Both him and Collins looked alright. I wasn't overly impressed with either, granted it was cold and the spring game. Ringdahl came in for a few plays at the end. Didn't throw much but ran the ball up the middle and took a hard hit or 2. #39, Jacques Guillot, was in the backfield with Collins most of the game. Kid showed alot of hustle and ran the ball hard. Offense was very meh overall. From the stands I thought are o-line looked small until I saw them on the field. That was when I realized Collins was 6-5, bigger than some of the line man. Niang is an absolute monster. I was impressed with our D, especially the secondary. A few picks and Small was a ball hawk out there. All forms of kicking were meh, made both extra points but missed the long field goal and the punts left something to be desired.
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    She did invest it! The Yetis, the race car, the pontoon boat, the dog, the tits, the toenails ...
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    TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    Did bimbo purchase a youth soccer club?
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    Vlade Divac

    Gonzaga to MWC?

    They're really only a national school when they schedule high-profile non-conference games, play Saint Mary's, or reach the tournament. The rest of their conference competition includes Pepperdine, San Francisco, San Diego, Pacific, Loyola Marymount, Santa Clara, Portland, and BYU. They fall into a void from Christmas until tourney time. The MWC is a solid conference and with matchups against Nevada, UNLV, New Mexico, San Diego State, and an emerging Boise State team, they'll stay in the news all season. I think this move makes tons of sense for them. But mostly I want to see it happen just to screw BYU. I'd also like to see the MWC add a few from Texas, like UTEP, UTSA, Rice, or UNT.
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    Wes on kf.c

    He told everyone that he had surgery and it went well. He said on KFC that he would be doing chemo and radiation. He seems to be in good spirits and I am certain that he would be happy to hear all of the good thoughts coming from the group over here.
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    Army Frog Fan

    Athletes in Trouble Thread

    I will continue to post about Boykin in this thread. I have a permit.
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    Jesus Stuff

    If he kicks you in the ass should you turn the other cheek?
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    Luke Chisolm

    Football spring game

    If our spring games were a reflection of how our actual season would unfold every year, we probably would have been a 2-10 team every year during the GP era. Its almost comical at this point.
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    Happy Birthday, gofrogs152!

    Thanks guys. No drinks at the bar, but reminded I am very blessed with incredibly kind and wonderful friends.
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    What can you say about this? He possessed the Keys to the Kingdom. He could have been an NFL veteran with a TCU degree. He could have had a second career in broadcasting, coaching, or business. He threw it all away because he couldn't control himself. This is a tragic waste of talent and an embarrassment to anyone who loves TCU. I have no sympathy for him. It's one thing to make a young person's mistake in San Antonio. It's quite another to put someone in the hospital for several days because she wouldn't show you her text message. Most of the guys on this forum, including myself, could have done what he did before the Alamo Bowl. If you folks could have seen me in Yokosuka, Japan when I was 19 you'd call me a young, drunken, jackass sailor embarrassing our country. I was. But I was just a young jackass, no different from the other guys on this forum who were TCU students at 19. I don't think any of us would put a woman in the hospital over some silly argument. That is something I can't even fathom.
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    White is a great color choice with 3 boys and a fiance' that has 3 race cars under the same roof as the living area. ~grin~
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    I love this thread soooooooooo much
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    Tre had some issues but I have no doubt that if GP had known of any violence toward women he would've had zero tolerance for it and that goes double for CDC and the TCU administration. Lot of guys get into fights (like Hicks at Whataburger or Tua'ua) or trouble with weed. That's stuff they can deal with on three strike basis. Knocking your girlfriend around is an instant ticket out of here.
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    TGBDS: Epic Randomness

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    The TCU Variety Thread

    Just spent 5 days in Las Vegas and was pleased to see lots of Frog fans wearing TCU apparel. We don't usually go to many casinos but we did see one fan at Paris, two fans downtown on Freemont Street and a couple both decked out in Purple at our hotel. Sitting in my seat on the flight home, THREE different people gave me the "Go Frogs" when they walked past by me. Damn cool in my book!
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    Lyle Lanley II

    TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    I like this. I like this Alok.
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    Her brother feels the same way about Fancy. When Fancy posted pics of their fancy vacations, her brother comments "Fu*k you" on them
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    Retire from what, being a Hooters waitress?
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    Win $2.5M scratch off. What happens?

    From the sounds of it, she likes things beneath, on top, behind, and in front.
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    TCU Tennis 2017-18

    In pro tennis, there's the ATP rankings and in college tennis, there's the ITA rankings. But there's also the Universal Tennis Ratings, which seeks to combine all of tennis, pro, college and amateur, into one single ratings system. And because a lot of college players alternate between pro and college events, neither the pro nor college ratings ever seem to be all that accurate as to who are the better players. The UTR rates all matches played, pro and college. In the ITA, Alex Rybakov is ranked 12th, but he skipped virtually all of the fall events, preferring to play pro events and that is still reflected in the rankings. In the UTR, however, Rybo is ranked #1 of all college players and Trevor Johnson, who also played a lot of pro events in the fall, is ranked #3. Here are the UTR's Top 10 college players: 1. Alex Rybakov (TCU) 14.76 2. William Blumberg (UNC) 14.72 3. Trevor Johnson (TCU) 14.68 4. Tom Fawcett (Stanford) 14.60 5. Patrick Kypson (A&M) 14.53 6. J.J. Wolf (Ohio State) 14.52 7. Victor Pham (Columbia) 14.46 8. Brandon Holt (USC) 14.40 9. Oliver Crawford (Florida) 14.39 10, Martin Redlicki (UCLA and the ITA #1) 14.35 A lot of tennis observers pay more attention to the UTR's rather than the ITA, which reflects purely college events. And these ratings are one of the reasons why TCU is highly regarded. Last year, Cam Norrie was #1 in both the UTR's (by a mile) and the ITA (he only got there at the very end of the season). This year, Rybo is #1 (and TJ #3) in the UTR's but not the ITA. A lot of schools have played many more matches than the Frogs. Flagship state schools tend to play a lot of smaller schools in their state; we don't (although we did play ACU and will play UTA (and, uh, SMU). (Perhaps this is one of the many many reasons TCU is regarded as a tony preppy elitist school by some). Roditi likes to keep our players a little fresher rather than over-playing them. And, uh, we didn't make the Nationals in Seattle, which would have given us 2-5 more matches against top teams. That Tulane guy - Schmitz - has already won 23 singles matches this season. FSU's 23 matches is more the norm than TCU's 15 matches.
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    College Basketball Scandal

    Wildazz guess: Snooping around in the doings of gamblers, agents, street agents, or whoever, who are (relatively) high-dollar operators looking for tax fraud, money laundering, gambling related crimes, or some such, they might be interested in looking at the players the gamblers, etc., are buying or paying to fix games. Even if the college players are hiding undisclosed income from the tax man, I wouldn't think (but I don't really know) their numbers would be big enough to attract FBI/US Attorney interest. The older folks with whom those players might be dealing might be playing with numbers big enough to attract the Feds' notice, and the players could be small fish in an operation aimed at bigger ones. How's that for conditional speculation?
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    Army Frog Fan

    Dumb crooks

    I figured this would be about knock-off Yetis.
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    I'm proud of that young lady for coming forward. I don't understand it but I do know that it's hard for some people to leave an abusive relationship. I'm glad she finally found the will to say NO MORE!
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    Feeling Froggy

    TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Rybakov/Schmitz: 1 - Schmitz 6-2 2 - Schmitz 7-5 3 - xxx Johnson/Moore: 1 - Johnson 6-2 2 - Johnson 6-3 3 - xxx Nunez/Stewart: 1 - Nunez 6-2 2 - Nunez 6-4 3 - xxx Gray/Schick: 1 - Gray 7-5 2 - Schick 7-5 3 - Gray 10-6 Stalder/Erlenbusch: 1 - Stalder 6-3 2 - Stalder 6-3 3 - xxx Kruger/Ruetzel: 1 - Kruger 6-4 2 - Kruger 6-3 3 - xxx