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    Thanks, friends, for worrying about me. I'm beginning to hear the Frog Horn at the end of the tunnel after over a week of feeling more ill than I have in my entire life. I got sick from a reaction to my rheumatoid arthritis medication infusion on March 10 and had to spend a few days in the hospital. While there, I spiked a fever and got a cough. However, there were no coronavirus tests available for me, even though my doctor wanted one to confirm her suspicions. So, they sent me home to make room for people who had already been diagnosed. Still sick now with a fever and cough, but just doing self-care at home. I think the worst is over for me 🤞, but the affects of it will linger a while. I mostly just wanted to get back to my Harvey dog. He's good medicine. I'll pop in again as I can. Love you all.
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    Hi, everyone. Hope you are all staying healthy and safe.
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    And speaking of, I love you guys and gals. I take pride in the fact that my life experiences molded my viewpoint on life and politics, but I am sane/mature/humble enough to realize that other will disagree based on their life experiences. And, as Stuart Smalley taught us before he was elected and kicked out of Congress, that’s OK. I love that this board has, usually, never risen to the rhetoric you see everywhere else. God Bless you all. ”Let Freedom Ring, M’Fers!“ - Vlade Divac
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    I got word last night his condition is improving. Great news.
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    Jokes? This may come as a surprise to those of you not living in Las Vegas. But there are more Catholic churches than casinos. Not surprisingly, some worshipers at Sunday services will drop in casino chips rather than cash when the offering plate is passed. Since they get chips from many different casinos, the churches have devised a method to collect the offerings. The churches send all their collected chips to a nearby Franciscan monastery for sorting and then the chips are taken to the casinos of origin and cashed in and then distributed. This is done by the chip monks. 🙂 I apologize.
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    I'm home alone this weekend - having previously had been plans of spending some time at Lupton, maybe grabbing a beer at a bar. Instead, though, Covid-19 has canceled errrrthing and my honey-do list of outdoor chores also got rained out. So I dug around in my garage, found my old Sega Genesis and figured out how to get it hooked up to my TV. This afternoon, I started a new season on College Football USA '97 - but with the schedule customized to match the Frogs' 2020 slate. The results, thus far: TCU 55, Cal 54 (Intercepted a 3rd & goal pass with 11 second left - had been down 12 in the 4th quarter) TCU 64, "Division I-AA" 14 (This game doesn't have Prairie View or any other FBS teams. FBS meant nothing in 1997) TCU 85, SMU 36 (Yeah, I ran up the score) TCU 46, Oklahoma State 22 Now 4-0, ranked 20th heading to West Virginia (after dinner). If you want to follow along, I'm still @Lyle_MF_Lanley on the twitter.
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    Awwww thanks guys! Knocked off work a few hours early. The hubby grilled me a ribeye and made his amazing garlic gouda potatoes. The neighbors had cupcakes delivered and of course I had some pinot noir. We are both healthy, have solid jobs allowing us to work from home, and I have this beautiful view everyday. So it was a great day. All I want for my birthday is for everyone to stay safe and healthy. I need nothing more.
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    Todd McShay's latest 2-round mock draft is out. He's got: -Ross Blacklock going 1st round, #28 overall to the Ravens -Jalen Reagor going 2nd round, #50 overall to the Bears -Jeff Gladney going 2nd round, #57 overall to the Texans
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    247 has a terrific interview with former Frog receiver Bart Johnson. Free article: https://247sports.com/college/tcu/Article/TCU-throwback-Thursday-Bart-Johnson-145409403/
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    Someone needs to put a stop to the couching of the response to COVID as a "war." We need to stop thinking of things that impact us without sentience as a military adversary. Coronavirus isn't "waging war" on us. It is a natural disaster. It would be just as stupid to declare a war on a tsunami or hurricane. Or drugs. And the framing is harmful because it puts people in the mindset of using wartime metrics to judge whether we are "winning" when those metrics are the wrong ones AND the concept of "winning" in the way one wins a war doesn't apply. [/soapbox]
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    Damn the 2020 baseball and basketball seasons canceled and now Sega has canceled our 2020 football season after a 4-0 star?? That SUCKS!!
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    Yes, a down year for Dixon, but this year would have been one of the more successful seasons of the last 15 years or so. Look at the 10 years prior ... 2006–07 Neil Dougherty Mountain West Conference 13–17 4–12 9th MWC Tournament (1–1) 2007–08 Neil Dougherty Mountain West Conference 14–16 6–10 7th MWC Tournament (0–1) 2008–09 Jim Christian Mountain West Conference 14–17 5–11 7th MWC Tournament (0–1) 2010–present Season Coach Conference Overall Record Conference Record Standing Postseason 2009–10 Jim Christian Mountain West Conference 13–19 5–11 7th MWC Tournament (0–1) 2010–11 Jim Christian Mountain West Conference 11–22 1–15 9th MWC Tournament (1–1) 2011–12 Jim Christian Mountain West Conference 18–15 7–7 5th MWC Tournament (0–1) College Basketball Invitational (1–1) 2012–13 Trent Johnson Big 12 Conference 11–21 2–16 10th Big 12 Tournament (0–1) 2013–14 Trent Johnson Big 12 Conference 9–22 0–18 10th Big 12 Tournament (0–1) 2014–15 Trent Johnson Big 12 Conference 18–15 4–14 9th Big 12Tournament (1–1) 2015–16 Trent Johnson Big 12 Conference 12–21 2–16 Prior coaches couldnt get to .500 in the MWC. He has already gotten us to the postseason, and had more success there, at least in NIT terms, than Tubbs did. TCU is a really, really hard place to win in basketball. Dixon is already in Tubbs/Killer territory for program success. Which, granted, is a low bar.
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    After being on hold for most of last night, giving up, and calling back this morning, we were able to cancel for a future fare credit. Royal Caribbean is handling this very responsibly, IMHO. If you reschedule, you get a dollar for dollar fare credit. You can book a new cruise any time before 12/31/21. The cost of any prepaid services like internet, ship’s tours, and shore excursions get credited directly to your credit card. I REALLY wasn’t looking forward to being in a human petri dish for a week, then being held offshore indefinitely. So TurkVision will be covering all three Maryland games next weekend.
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    We are now 35% of the way through the offseason.
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    B9 Krob still on the mound. Walk. (Beethe is warming up in the bullpen.) Grounder to 2nd. Fielder's choice gets the out at 2nd. 1 out. Single up the middle. Bruins at 1st and 2nd. Strike out swinging! 2 outs! Shep snags one and takes the force at 2nd! Ballgame! TCU Wins! 8-4 Final!
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    I apologize for being hyperbolic with my analogy. I am just overly frustrated with the situation.
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    Two other notes on Battle: -His original plan was to graduate from HS early and enroll in January 2021. With the changes to his school schedule, he is now not sure that will be possible. -Kenny Hill apparently played a significant role in Battle's recruitment - Kenny's dad, Ken, was teammates with Trent's dad, Allen Battle, on the 1996 St. Louis Cardinals.
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    PD so sorry to hear you've been sick. I hope you start feeling better soon. Scary, scary stuff. We love you lady, take care of yourself. We are hunkering down here. I've heard rumors the Governor is putting the state on full lockdown this week, but don't know if it's true or not. We are both working from home and are grateful we get to do so. Not everyone is that lucky. I just ordered a TON of stuff to be delivered from Home Depot so I can do a bunch of yard projects. Think the hubby is shutting down me going to the grocery store because of my asthma. He's right but it's hard enough cooking with the limited supplies we have now...what do I do when he comes home from shopping with half of the wrong things?????
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    There's obviously a lot up in the air about the next NBA Draft, but The Athletic took a stab at predicting it and has a familiar name being selected in the 2nd round: 57. Los Angeles Clippers Desmond Bane | 6-5 guard | 21 years old, senior | TCU Bane stepped into an increased role with TCU this year and ran with it, averaging 16.6 points, 6.3 rebounds and 3.9 assists. But the critical number above all is that he continued to shoot 44.4 percent from 3 despite the increased attention given to him by defenders every night. Over the course of his career, Bane took nearly 600 3s and splashed them home at a 43.3 percent clip. He’s also extremely strong, and has improved as a ballhandler enough to where he should be in good shape to attack closeouts. There are some concerns about how the funky mechanics on his shot will translate, but the numbers are the numbers. At the end of the day, Bane should probably be picked given the strength of this draft. Full mock draft here ($): The Athletic NBA Mock Draft 4.0
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    Parents won't balk at school bond votes which include raising teachers' salaries after homeschooling for a couple of months.
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    Dangerfrog is flying back from Germany tomorrow (he has been working on contract for Dept of Defense there since September of 2018). Lil Frisky is home from OU for Spring Break and will now have to go back and get her stuff. Our happy empty nest is fixin’ to get very cozy.
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    Thanks. Checked this thread for this exact update. Love you @PurpleDawg
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    I heard from her, she said that she will update when she's feeling better. It's not COVID-19 related.
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    @PurpleDawg Check in please.
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    I think CJD will do just fine. I have great confidence that we'll finish the top 3 in the Big 12 by 2022 In CJD I trust
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    Does this mean we get third place in the Big XII tourney?
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    I completely disagree with this. We are always at risk of getting the flu, but we don't shut our lives down, we drive cars and could get hit by a red light runner and we don't shut our lives down, yes, we all can get sick, but spending all your actions over worrying will cause everyone to die from stress related heart attacks and things. Living a responsible life is a far better option. PS. I have a good friend with immune disorders that can die from the flu very easily and doesn't shut his life down. Just takes proper precautions. But to the original statement. If they are at work alone or at home without work - less likely to get sick from someone else. They are more likely to get sick going somewhere else that the people are at.
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    Let me say I’m not really an alarmist or afraid if I happen to get infected. BUT, I was supposed to fly out today for a football clinic. I got an email at 10:30 last night saying the meeting was no longer mandatory and if we felt safer not attending, it wouldn’t be held against us. I opted to stay home. I’m not worried about myself, however should I get it, I’m afraid I might pass it on to my 93 yr. old mother-in-law and that would be difficult to live with.
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    Looking a little lonely there, CDC.
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    I like my classes. One school is only a week from their quarterly break - so hopefully they keep the final classes, converting for a week can be a pain. The other I teach at, has not said anything yet, but teaching graphic design classes online is really really tough, and not beneficial for the students. As far as taking my classes, I prefer to go to class, because they will just transfer them all to zoom, and I can't follow along well so it is a waste of my time. So YES, INTERNET NEEDS TO CRASH.
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    So is this going to break the internet? If people can't attend games and they have to stream them all, I am hoping to see the internet go down too. (PS. Don't kill my fantasy with facts)
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    Fomba clinches!! TCU 4 Rice 0!! We're now 12-4, with a 9 straight winning streak!
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    The Frogs leaped up to our highest ranking of the year at #7 in the nation in today's ITA rankings - we were helped by Stanford beating Ohio State and A&M jumping back into the Top 10 (both the Cardinal and Aggies having been Frog victims). Here they are: 1. USC (L) 2. North Carolina (L) 3. Michigan (L) 4. Texas (on our schedule) 5. Ohio State 6. NC State (W) 7. the Fighting Frogs of lil ole TCU 8. Stanford (W) 9. Florida 10. A&M (W) 11. Georgia 12. Tennessee 13. Wake Forest 14. Columbia (on our schedule) 15. Mississippi (W) 16. Oklahoma State (on our schedule) 17. Harvard 18. South Carolina 19. Pepperdine 20. Iowa 21. Miami 22. UCF 23. Princeton 24. Cornell 25. UCLA 27. Tech (on our schedule) 30. Baylor (on our schedule) 31. Northwestern 34. Illinois (on our schedule) 35. Virginia (L) 38. Arizona (W) 40. Oklahoma (on our schedule) 47. Tulane (W) All 6 Big12 teams remain in the Top 50. After the Feisty Night Birds, we've got ranked Columbia and Illinois prior to conference play commencing. TCU, Stanford and Florida are all bunched tightly so there could be some changes in the next few weeks.
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    Don't forget about Queso. They've covered scumbaggery in all three major men's sports. https://m.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Waco-community-Suspension-too-lenient-for-cat-2020239.php $%#@ Baylor!
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    Another solid W for the Frogs as we wrapped up our homestand with a 5-2 victory over Tulane. Roditi did some line-up changes - most significantly, resting Ali Gray and moving Luc Fomba up to #1 for the first time in singles. In doubles, TCU moved to 26-11 overall for the season with W's from Fomba/Kruger (now 12-1 overall) and Jong/Paroulek (their 10th win) which gave us breathing room for the rest of the match. Gray did play doubles; teaming with Max Kurzban again, and they went unfinished at 5-all. In singles, Fomba beat Moore in a 3-setter, giving him perhaps his biggest W ever as a Frog and clinching the match. And, Tomas Jirousek returned to action with an easy straight setter, as did Kruger, and Sander Jong provided the 4th W at #3 (remember, he had been playing #6). Only Paroulek and Fearnley had real difficulties. We're now 11-4, we've won 8 straight and we'll have a quick turnaround as we head to Houston on Wednesday to play the Rice Owls. I'm guessing we'll stay 8th or so in tomorrow's rankings. CTR's live rankings, however, have moved us up to 5th in the nation, and their projection for tomorrow's ITA rankings has moved us up to 7th.
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    Guess this is what they mean by multitasking
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    T5 BOOOOOM!!! The Mighty Oak sends that ball outta the park! Humphreys was on first, too. 6-3, Good Guys, no outs. The Cardigan singles. The Clapper!!! That. Ball. Is. Gone!!! 8-3 Good Guys, no outs. Sikes strikes out swinging. Goodloe flies out to right. 2 outs. Sammich singles to left center. Thompson grounds out to 2nd. 8-3 Frogs!
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    DOWN GOES BAY-LAH!!!! WVU wins 76-64.
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    And yet, you let “Either way, gotta have the pickle” get past you like a Johnny Ray curve ball.
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    They decided to finish it our and Alastair, Luc and Teddy were all able to score victories, so officially, it's a 7-0 sweep!
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