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  2. Answer: False Once a player possesses the ball while grounded, it’s a dead ball. It is reviewable and in this case would reverse the call and it would be B’s ball, 1/10. Good job. Maybe that one was too easy. 😉
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  4. That first set took over an hour. Hopefully, Rybo can take the 2nd in the humidity in Iowa City. Dougaz will serve first. 0-1. Dougaz not giving up as he holds at love. 1-2. This set will be tight too. 2-all. 2-3. Still on serve. 3-all. YES!! 4-3! Alex breaks at love and takes the lead! 5-3! 6-3! Rybo breaks again and takes the match 7-6 (7-4), 6-3 to advance to the finals at Iowa City! He'll play the winner of the other semi between John McNally and Axel Geller tomorrow for the title.
  5. “Possesses it on the ground” ends the play, right? False.
  6. -Arrieta gave up 1 run in 5+ against the Pirates last night. He took a no decision to remain 8-7 on the year but shaved his ERA down to 4.40. Next scheduled start is next Friday at home against the Braves. -Cashner's first start with the BoSox didn't go all that well - he gave up 5 runs on 8 hits in 5 IP to take the loss. That drops him to 9-4 on the year and increases his ERA to 4.09. Next scheduled start is Sunday afternoon against his old team in front of their fans at Camden Yards. -Carpenter was put back on the 10-day DL, this time after fouling a pitch off his foot. -Young has really made the most out of what appeared to have been a short-term call up to the D'Backs. In his three starts, he's 3-0 with an 0.96 ERA and an 0.48 WHIP. Next scheduled start is Sunday afternoon against the Brew Crew. -Holaday went 1-3 in his start against the Padres on Wednesday - pushing his current hit streak to 8 and bumping his average up to .314 for the year -Cron was sent back down to Triple-A Reno by the D'Backs again.
  7. The lack of sufficient food production on site doesn’t surprise me, actually. Archaeologists discovered one small room in one of the great houses that contained more turquoise ornaments than those found everywhere else in the Ancestral Puebloan world COMBINED. Shell ornaments from the Pacific coast, macaw feathers (and 14 actual macaws) from central Mexico, lots of copper from Mexico were all shipped in and stored here. The heavy timbers used for roof and multi-story structures were CARRIED, not dragged, from mountains fifty miles away. So shipping food in seems like a relatively small obstacle to overcome. Archaeologists still don’t know what Chaco actually WAS, which is maddening because it contains the largest, most sophisticated constructions in the Ancestral Peuebloan world. The masonry techniques are incredible. Walls, windows, and shadowlines are aligned with solstices, equinoxes, and moon phases (of course). Religious center, storage and distribution center for precious commodities, prehistoric Las Vegas strip, university - all these explanations fit at least part of what they’ve found. It may well have been all of the above. It does appear that it was a gathering place for people of different tribes and clans, and the participants probably spoke different languages. Many modern puebloan oral histories refer to Chaco as “ the place where all the tribes came together.” I’m blown away by how many man hours and resources were expended to build the place, especially by a hunter-gatherer / dry land farming culture. What in the hell did they DO here that was so important that they went to all that effort? We walked around the ruins and kept asking ourselves over and over again. No one really knows. It’s not the answers that make this place fascinating - it’s the questions. On another note, Chaco is REMOTE. 12 miles of heavily rutted, washboard dirt road is the only access. You have to really WANT to come out here. As a result, it is amazingly silent. No sound but wind, birds, and the occasional coyote. (And totally off-grid.) Mrs. Turk said, “We’ re coming back here” on the first day. And of course, since it’s all about the hardware, we both added to our collection:
  8. Rybo's semi-final match against Aziz Dougaz (ATP #573), a Tunisian who played for Florida State, will begin shortly. He and Bangoura lost last night 2 and 2 in the doubles semi-finals. 1-1. They've started and it looks pretty evenly matched so far. 2-1. Rybo (serving first) holds in a tight game. 2-all. Alex gets a break point but doesn't convert. 3-2. Rybo holds fairly easily. 5-3. Alex gets a break! 5-4. Dougaz breaks back. 5-all. All square in this tight match. 6-5. Whew! Alex holds after falling behind. 6-all. Into a breaker. Alex takes the breaker!! 7-4! On to the 2nd set!
  9. A few memorable 42s: Ty Summers Matt Panfil Carl Knox Ron Clinkscale Casey Pachall ended his playing days at TCU with 42 career TD passes A few bonus 42s: Jackie Robinson Jerry Stackhouse 42
  10. Trupkins: (to the Squad) If you don't like this country leave! Also Trupkins: (to Immigrants) If you don't like your country go back and fix it!
  11. Odder still is your reading of my comment. Anyway, vote rep and rape culture, especially among the powerful, will disappear. Problem solved. Easy and obvious since everyone knows only dems are sexual deviants and predators and only reps like, oh, say, Acosta for example, care about the victims. Again...The real hero here is the Miami Herald, not any pols of any stripe. They put together such a solid case that public pressure became intense, Epstein's obstruction and intimidation has become (and hopefully will remain) more counterproductive than helpful to his cause, and the likelihood of proving the case legally in court looks quite possible.
  12. I am going to break pattern here and ignore the first release date of this next 45rpm being in the 50s because the song itself was originally just aired over the radio in 1942. It is my feeling that too much time had passed between the broadcast and the first posthumous release to treat it otherwise. And it is my favorite Miller track. (Bonus use of the song and the quirks of a turntable can be found in the 2009 movie Triangle, to beautiful effect.)... We are also going to be quadruple dipping into this well. Along with it being a great tune, it allows adding an Asch record label to the list... In 1942, musician Johnny Mercer formed a cute little record label side project out on the west coast. They released four 78s (including one of Mercer's own: #103) on June 29, 1942. This is the lowest catalog numbered shellac... I am not about to even start listing all of the Texas connections or subsidiaries to that behemoth. The Wikipedia is probably the best place to start for the history of Capitol Records, though.
  13. Look out, y'all! He's gonna be a tweeter machine now! 😝
  14. So, basically like driving I-5 here.
  15. Holy smokes, did Rami Malek ever deserve the Oscar for Bohemian Rhapsody! Just saw it and @NewfoundlandFreeFrog's rapturous review from earlier in the year was well deserved. Incredible performance and super great movie. Loved it. 10/10
  16. Biggest questions I have: 1. A receiver who can make the other team pay a price for double teaming Reagor. I think Barber will be fine inside, with Davis and Barkley to rotate. Who's on the other side? Hights, Hunt, Stephens, maybe Conwright? Our new receiver coach has to earn his money. 2. Second string offensive line. It looks like we might have the best starting OL in the Big 12. Harris is depth, but we will need a couple more to step up. There were some spring reports that Bolisomi and White made good progress. 3. Can we have good enough return men to keep Reagor safe on the bench? Davis I think for kickoffs, but he fumbles too much to handle punts. Nothing worse than a fumbled punt. 4. Sewo. We should have a good running game without him, but could be a super running game with that big horse to complement the speedsters. 5. I have no questions about the defense. Gonna be smashmouth. 6. Who starts at quarterback? I think they are all good, so whoever wins the competition will be good. Just don't turn the ball over. 7. Road warriors. I think we win in the Carter. It will be real hard to go undefeated through Norman, Lubbock, Stillwater, Ames and Manhattan. Preseason camp can't get here soon enough.
  17. Trupkins: Send her back! Socialist Left: Send him back! Me: Back where? The White House?
  18. Sen. Sanders: Everyone deserves at least $15 dollar per hour Sanders Campaign staff: Why are you paying less than $15 per hour? Sen. Sanders: Everyone on my Senate office is paid $15 per hour or more. Sanders Campaign staff: WTF? Also, “We want this guy to be president but we have to organize so he can’t screw us. “
  19. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Not_Great_Evidence
  20. What an odd defense of rape culture...
  21. Yesterday
  22. Nice innuendo. Not so good facts. Bill may have raped. Not great evidence. So to Donald. Nor great evidence there either. That said many would say there's better evidence in the Trump case. Certainly more raw numbers of accusers of such behavior and pussy grabbing comments to amplify the attitude. What makes you focus on the one and ignore the other? What makes you want to intimate one tribe is clean while the other tribe is dirty? OK only dem males rape. Got it. Never vote for a dem and strip their power and such rapes by powerful men will disappear. Easy peasy.
  23. Doubtful. Most of the cards I deal in aren't on most peoples' must have lists that would be worth the time and effort to counterfeit or alter them. And btw, I haven't forgotten about this thread. Work has just been super busy and I haven't had a chance to scan cards.
  24. Nope. Just wondering if a Hilary led administration would have made the Esptein news go away especially since Bill had 26 trips to Rape Island.
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