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  2. Wouldn't mold form under the blanket in the still air?
  3. TCU Horned Frogs (23-14, 6-5 ▲1) at Kansas State Wildcats (17-22, 4-7 ▼1) 4:00pm Central Saturday, April 20, 2019 Tointon Family Stadium Manhattan, Kansas Final Score B12 GameWatcher Live Sports Stats GameTracker StatBroadcast Thingy First Post FrogVision Radio Stream #1(StreamGuys) Radio Stream #2 (TuneIn) Radio Stream #3 (*.m3u8) FrogVision http://www.espn.com/watch/_/id/3501944/21-tcu-vs-kansas-state-baseball Accuweather.com Weather.com Weather Underground TCU Men's Baseball Facebook TCU Men's Baseball Twitter Starting Lineup:
  4. A very disappointing result - losing 4-2 in the quarters of the Big12 tourney. This imperils our ranking and our potential seeding in the NCAA's, but at least we'll still host a regional and should have a good chance to get out of it to a super. I guess the adage that it's difficult to win 3 times against an opponent in a season applies in tennis after all. Congrats to OSU and best of luck against Baylor.
  5. King Charles pitches a complete game as the Frogs take Game 2 of the K-State series 8-1.
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  7. Kruger and Jong have won their matches!
  8. This would be absolutely stunning if we could come back and win this!! Unfortunately, I've got to go to work shortly. Rybo 0-3 in his 3rd; Gray 0-0 in his 3rd; Kruger 4-all in his 2nd (only Bert won his first set); Fomba 1-all in his 3rd; Jong 0-0 in his 3rd. Sadly, our momentum seems to have stopped. Rybo 0-4; Gray 0-0; Kruger 4-5; Fomba 1-2; Jong 2-1. Rybo 0-5; Gray 1-0; Kruger 5-all; Fomba 2-all; Jong 2-1. If Alex loses, we'll need all the rest. Oh well...I'll be back tonight to check on the finish.
  9. Do you cover it when not in use anyway? Up here, people have to protect their RVs and travel trailers from the green slime that'll develop otherwise. Even the huge Class A's get a blanket.
  10. About 3” of rain the other night, but nothing else of note. One GOOD result (other than the lack of costly hail damage) is that Mrs. Turk and I have a plan for protecting the trailer. Cushions, a tarp, and ratchet straps should do the trick.
  11. They got rid of the unnecessary black on the navy jerseys and pit stains on white and yellow.
  12. Not a very good performance in doubles puts the pressure on in singles - hopefully, we'll bounce back again like we did earlier this week. C'mon guys! Bad start: Rybakov 1-2; Gray 0-2; Stalder 1-0; Kruger 0-0; Fomba 0-1; Jong 0-2. We're playing terribly... Rybo 1-2; Gray 0-3; Stalder 3-1; Kruger 1-all; Fomba 2-all; Jong 1-2. Settling down a little, but not looking good... Rybo 1-4; Gray 0-5 (is something wrong?); Stalder 3-2; Kruger 1-2; Fomba 3-all; Jong 2-3. This is the weakest we've looked all year. We're getting tooled. Rybakov 1-5; Gray 0-5; Stalder 3-4; Kruger 2-all; Fomba 3-all; Jong 2-3. This is downright embarrassing. Rybo 2-5; Gray falls 1-5 in his 1st; Stalder 3-5; Kruger 3-2 (our only lead); Fomba 3-4; Jong 3-4. This is a thrashing... Rybakov 3-5; Gray 0-0; Stalder 3-5; Kruger 4-2; Fomba 4-all; Jong still 3-4. Awful play. Rybo falls 3-6; Gray 1-all in his 2nd; Stalder falls 3-6; Kruger 4-3; Fomba falls 4-6; Jong 3-5. We need a massive comeback. Momentum isn't changing. Rybo 0-1 in his 2nd; Gray 1-2 in his 2nd; Stalder 0-1 in his 2nd; Kruger 5-4; Fomba 1-0 in his 2nd; Jong falls 3-6. All 2nd sets except for Kruger. Maybe the worm is turning. Rybo 1-all; Gray 2-all; Stalder 0-1; Kruger 5-4; Fomba 1-0; Jong 1-all. Have the Sleepers awakened? Rybo 2-1; Gray 3-2; Stalder 2-3; Kruger 5-4; Fomba 3-love!; Jong 1-2. We lost 5 first sets and things look bleak, but... Kruger takes his first set 6-4! That's the first set we've won and everyone else is fighting. The hole we've dug for ourselves is deep though. All 2nd sets. Rybo 3-1; Gray 3-4; Stalder 2-5; Kruger 1-all; Fomba 4-1; Jong 2-3. I think our "comeback" was too little, too late. Rybo 5-1; but Gray 3-5; Stalder 2-5; Kruger 1-2; Fomba 4-1; Jong 4-3. Stalder falls 3-6, 2-6 and it's OSU 2 TCU 0. Rybo wins his 2nd set 6-1; Gray 4-5 in desperate need of a break; Kruger 2-all; Fomba 4-1; Jong 4-3. Alastair gets the break! 5-all! Sander takes his 2nd set 6-3! Luc takes his 2nd set 6-3!! But Rybo 0-2 in his 3rd; Gray still at 5-all in his 2nd; Kruger 3-all in his 2nd. We need 4 of these. Rybo now down 0-3 in his 3rd; Gray 6-5 in his 2nd; Kruger 3-4 in his 2nd; Fomba and Jong both starting their 3rds. Alastair Gray takes his 2nd set 7-5! We've now turned 4 of our 5 losing matches around. It's amazing we're still in this!
  13. http://sidearmstats.com/kansas/tennis2/xlive.htm
  14. In doubles, it'll be Rybakov/Gray v. Tybar/Scaglia; Stalder/Kruger v. Hudd/Vocel and Fomba/Jong v. Hammond/Draheim. Listed at singles, it'll be (1) Rybo v. Vocel; (2) Gray v. Dubinski; (3) Stalder v. Scaglia; (4) Kruger v. Tybar; (5) Fomba v. Hudd and (6) Jong v. Hammond. OSU won the doubles point last time and then we rallied to take the singles - let's hope that we do better at doubles today. And we're off! Rybakov/Gray 0-1; Stalder/Kruger 0-1; Fomba/Jong 1-0. All early and on serve. Rybo/Gray up a break 2-1; Stalder/Kruger 0-1 still; Fomba/Jong 1-2. Rybo/Gray 2-1; Stalder/Kruger 1-2; Fomba/Jong 1-3. Too close... R/G 3-1; S/L 1-2; F/J 2-3. Crap! Both Courts 2 and 3 are down a break. Rybo/AG 3-1; Stalder/Kruger 1-3; Fomba/Jong 2-3. De ja vu from Sunday: 4-2; 1-4; 2-4. Not looking good. Stalder/Kruger fall 1-6; Rybo/AG 4-3; Fomba/Jong break back 4-all!! 5-3; 4-all. 5-3; 5-4! 5-4; 5-4. Arrrgh! Rybo and Gray broken 5-all. 5-all; 5-all. We need both. 5-6; 6-5. Rybo and Gray into a breaker at 6-all. And Fomba and Jong into a breaker as well 6-all. Fomba and Jong fall in the breaker 6-7. Now, we'll need 4 singles matches (just like Sunday).
  15. OU just swept Tech 4-0 in the first quarter-final of the day with W's at the doubles point, and by Stefano Tsorotiosis, Jake Van Emburgh and Mason Beiler (and it looked they were going to win the other 3 singles matches as well). The Sooners will now play Texas in a semi-final tomorrow. Tech's chances of hosting a regional are now gone and OU isn't really ranked high enough to do it either (unless they upset Texas and win the tourney as well). Up next will be the Frogs v. the Cowboys in the other quarter in about 1/2 an hour for the right to face Baylor tomorrow in the other semi. Live scoring is available from the Big12's tournament page.
  16. Gil LeBreton and his PressboxDFW guys talk with GMFP on their weekly podcast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q84prViKKRE
  17. Frankie is a legend here in Portland.
  18. The post in question talked about Dirk’s integrity and character. Captain Obvious is correct. Obviously.
  19. It was in relation to the post about Dirk being amazing and Tiger being scum
  20. Pete Delkus spent most of his weathercast last night explaining why it wasnt his fault he treated the impending weather as the next Biblical plague. Mainly, he blamed the NWS. Frankie McDonald is more credible. That is obvious.
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