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  3. It'll be winner-take-all for the CWS tonight between Vandy and Michigan. I haven't watched many of the games since the Frogs lost, but this one might be worth it.
  4. So Trump's rape accuser was apparently a big fan of his in 2012.
  5. Cam Norrie is now playing Kyle Edmond at Eastbourne and is trailing 2-4 in the 1st set. Go Cam! 2-5. Not looking good. Rain delay. What is it with England's weather? Play resumed and Cam fell 2 and 2 - the finish was on the Tennis Channel.
  6. We should put them on our schedule in place of the FCS games for a couple of years. Maybe do a 2 for 1 or even a 3 for 1.
  7. 1959-60 Eagles Ray Armstrong, 1960 Raiders. Yes I know those look like Bears unis but i double checked and those inaugural Raider unis looked a lot like the Bears uniforms, at least in black and white ...
  8. Well, I thought some of it was filmed in Midlothian, anyway. There's a sign in one scene that says Midlothian National Bank, although to my knowledge no such bank ever existed. It was just First National Midlothian. Clyde did live in Midlothian for a while. I saw the movie years ago, but I don't remember the scene from the poster.
  9. http://texashideout.tripod.com/movie2.html I found this reference page that details a lot of the filming locations, but wasn’t able to find that particular street scene. That shot is from the poster and to me it looks like it’s a random street with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway superimposed. I haven’t seen the movie and don’t know if it’s actually in the movie or not.
  10. Might be. Part of the movie was shot in Midlothian, but that doesn't look like Midlothian to me.
  11. That band and his music made up the soundtrack to my early adulthood.
  12. No one has said anything officially, lots of rumors that he committed suicide. He was taken to the hospital on Saturday and passed away today.
  13. That's so sad, @frogtwang. 😟 He was pretty young. How did it happen? I liked his music.
  14. Can't wait for same sex college loan reparations...
  15. The problem is the vocal/most noticeable on the left want to paint the picture that those who voted for Trump are AUTOMATICALLY and UNEQUIVOCALLY racist, anti-women, anti-immigration, etc. That’s not the strategy for winning over the folks in Ohio, Wisconsin, etc. who voted for Trump and helped him carry those states. Then their rush to the far extreme left will likely turn off even more voters in the battleground states. But hey, their strategy will really, really, REALLY win NYC and San Fran this time, so there’s that.
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  17. Her latest music video depicts anti-LGBQT people as hillbillies...
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