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  1. We stole my MIL's Amazon Prime for a little while and the only thing I saw out of the original content that I was interested in was the Man from High Castle. We don't order enough stuff from Amazon to make the shipping bit worth it. What else am I missing that is awesome?
  2. $99/year or $10.99/mo ...
  3. Your refund check is $10,000!!!! Oh, wait ...
  4. I didn't watch but it sounds like the Oscars really nailed it last night ...
  5. I don't know. Olsen has seemed pretty magical to me ...
  6. Not sure where this goes so I'm putting it here. Watch the video a little bit down the page if you find penguins adorable: http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/penguins/2017/02/25/Penguins-defeat-Flyers-4-2-in-Stadium-Series-game-at-Heinz-Field/stories/201702250155
  7. Solid time, Turk!!!
  8. How they decribe themselves: "Progressive" appears 3 times. "Inequality" 8 times. How you are describing them: "Letist", zero. "Redistribution", zero. "Collective" 5 times, but used wrt NATO and the NSA, not economics. My point is, people are very quick to point out the biases of others, particularly to instantly invalidate their perspective ... our President is an expert at that technique. It's harder to recognize our own biases. I'm simply arguing that your description of "the left" is loaded with language that reveals your tribal bias, primarily evidenced by the fact that the people you are describing do not describe themselves in the same terms. And while this is largely a semantics argument, it is an important one, because the semantics don't necessarily mean yours or my description of somebody is right or wrong, but it does reveal what we think the motivations of the people we are describing are.
  9. Wow. Way to do Title IX proud, Kim.
  10. "Leftists" are what you call a band of Nicaraguan rebels who wear Che Guevara berets. I don't know that I've ever heard a Democrat describe himself as a "Leftist." Nor would a Democrat describe their philosophy of Government in the terms you use. The terms you use are "fair and accurate" from your particular political perspective. That's the point.
  11. And beer. Lots of beer ...
  12. Conventional wisdom is carbs, not heavy protein before a long distance run. You want stuff that digests quickly.
  13. I think the fact that you are calling them "leftists" is pejorative in and of itself, just like "alt-right" is. And the way in which you described their opinions is not how most of them would probably do it.
  14. Just think of the egg on those climatologists faces when they discover there haven't always been cars on the planet. Clearly a chaotic solar system is the explanation for our climate change now, what with all the extra terrestrial collisions and near misses we are currently beset with ...