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  1. Hopefully we are now ok with Schloss being patient with Lodolo earlier in the season ...
  2. Boom goes the dynamite!
  3. Ick
  4. Tirico left ESPN a year ago ... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Tirico Tirico left ESPN when his contract expired in the summer of 2016, and was subsequently hired by NBC Sports. Tirico's first on-air appearance on an NBC property came during the 2016 Open Championship on Golf Channel, serving as a studio host.[2
  5. We didn't go to a strong program. We went to a fake one ...
  6. Probably. Not sure that either placing higher in the USNWR rankings or placing more emphasis on research is the right move for TCU. In my opinion, my undergraduate experience was greatly enhanced by the fact that most of my professors were there because they wanted to teach, not win research grants. Furthermore, because there wasn't a pool of graduate students, what research my professors did do, we undergrads got to play the valuable role as research assistants. At prime research universities, undergrads don't see much, if any, of the famous Nobel Laureates or MacArthur Scholars. If they do, it's often in a giant lecture hall rather than a classroom. You are correct that those professors and their research dollars bias those rankings, but I don't think it is the direction TCU should take, personally ...
  7. The SEC champion had a de facto guaranteed spot in the MNC back in the BCS days. They got a 2-loss team in. They got teams that didn't win their own division in. There is almost no conceivable scenario in which they don't get a team in now that it is 4 teams.
  8. I'm not sure "respectfully" is in his vocabulary ... In South Korea, mystification over Trump’s defense and trade comments SEOUL — The South Korean government reeled Friday at President Trump’s sudden insistence that it expects Seoul to pay $1 billion for a missile defense system that many here do not want, the latest in a series of slights against one of the United States’ leading allies in Asia. Trump’s remarks come at a particularly sensitive time on the Korean Peninsula: Not only have tensions with North Korea risen to their highest level in years, but South Koreans are heading to the polls and look set to elect a president who would be diametrically opposed to Trump on many key issues. Trump on Thursday revived – in a particularly blunt way – his campaign-trail complaints that South Korea was not paying enough for its defense and that it was getting the better deal out of a trade pact. This came on the heels of his assertion that Korea was once part of China — which angered many South Koreans — and his phone calls to Beijing and Tokyo over the current North Korean problem but not to Seoul.
  9. Unless I missed somebody, there was only 1 Big XII-II player taken in the first round (Mahomes)? That, if nothing else, shows you it was a down year for the conference ...
  10. Their regional writers were among the worst hit in the layoffs ...
  11. We played at OSU during the lavender era ...
  12. Weren't our MWC TV contracts something like $2M for the whole season?
  13. I'll be 54 when they play in Ft. Worth.
  14. That's disappointing. I was hoping to see the Frogs in the Shoe ...