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  1. Orcas, the Jack the Rippers of the animal kingdom ... Another Great White Shark Found Dead With Liver, Stomach, And Testes Surgically Removed
  2. '68 wasn't a great year, to say the least.
  3. Florida State has been to the CWS 22 times now and still hasn't won a championship. Five is a drop in the bucket compared to the Seminoles. Then you've got Coastal Carolina who has been to the CWS once and won it all. That's the way baseball go ...
  4. This is the first game I've watched. We are losing. I am now turning it off. You are welcome.
  5. Dammit. Oh well, it was a good season ...
  6. Hey, I've been in the woods camping the last week. Is anything important happening with the baseball team right now?
  7. Stay hard, Flounder ...
  8. Voldemort?
  9. Brilliant ...
  10. I'm pretty sure that's Pink Floyd ... Wright, Mason, Waters, Gilmour ...
  11. Consider the source. ..
  12. A little harsh on Toby. I always felt a little sorry for him. I don't ever feel sorry for Baylor ...
  13. Nothing wrong with Darryl ...