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  1. Hmmmm. Is it too much to ask for 4 homeruns in a row?
  2. Wish it was more of a nail bitter.
  3. SEC x 2 ???? Please, no. Go Frogs.
  4. They're trying...still a goose egg.
  5. Frog fans are loud.
  6. Lady luck, why????
  7. Where are our base hitters? Come on Skoug
  8. Feel like we're competing against Florida and the announcers.
  9. Ohhh. Not your best pitch. 0-2 bad guys. No outs. Runner on 2nd
  10. Janczak....remember practice...you've got this.
  11. Gator shortstop out with an injury.
  12. Florida isn't invincible tonight. Frogs can hit him. Let's go.
  13. Let's go Barzilli.