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  1. Go Frogs!
  2. Tried to be in NYC but couldn't make it work.
  3. OMG! Players hustling all over the court.
  4. Oh, no. There are just no words. Praying that the surgery was successful and you have a good night's sleep.
  5. I will be really unhappy if Richmond beats us. Frogs appear to me to be the better team.
  6. Happy Birthday! Cake and ice cream?
  7. Church is cancelled here tomorrow so keeping with the home prayers for Tyler.
  8. I saw "Manchester by the Sea" yesterday. I liked it. Not a movie to see if you need something light or uplifting.
  9. Usual hysteria when snow is forecasted happening here. The snow hasn't started yet and there is a scroll of all the activities that are canceled this weekend. I worry more about the cold. The high for Sunday is predicted to be 12 degrees with a low of 2 degrees.
  10. Do you know when the surgery is scheduled? Been thinking about Tyler all day.
  11. Oh, I am so sorry your family is going through this. Prayers are being said.
  12. Prayers for his family and friends. Old Scribe, we miss you.
  13. Coming down the mountain today, we had temps from 27-66 degrees. My husband cussed the wind a few times when we were on I-25. Denver traffic amazes me. Temps are going to drop to minus 2 after we leave. I am very sad about the sale of the house. It is the only home we have had where we chose the lot, floor plan, builder, etc. Many memories, both good and bad, will stay with us. Mountain living is not for the impatient or those who are having problems with the husband!. I wanted to be out here for the summers. Never got hubby to stay beyond three weeks. Dealing with vacation renters became tiring. At least I won't be returning each year to broken chairs, missing items and the kitchen being rearranged. I will miss it though. The new stadium at CSU is going to dominate the campus. Ft. Collins just keeps growing in every direction.
  14. We got word on Sunday that the closing on our vacation home in Colorado would be on Friday. So we are in our cabin for the last time packing up our personal belongings. It was 17 degrees yesterday on the drive up from Ft. Collins. It has snowed all night. I think when we fly out on Friday night, we will be ahead of the really cold weather in Denver.