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  1. Not too shabby. When would Cam's match be?
  2. I don't like that video, crunch, but it doesn't break any posting rules. Just use spoiler tags with it and give a heads up about what it is.
  3. It's back down to a blessed mid-70s after the horrendous 98* and 101* Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Merciful Jesus, it was miserable! Now, we'll have normal temps for a while the weather people say. That makes a happy PD!
  4. I see everything and then some at the sales I go to. You either aren't looking or you're not going to enough of them. I see bustiers and lacy undies all the time. I've also seen intimacy enhancers, if you know what I mean, at a sale in a normal looking neighborhood with an elementary school a block away where the other houses were selling used pots and pans and flannel shirts. People really have no shame in what they'll put out there for all to see.
  5. Ooo, forgot about that. I may abandon my rooting interest and not care about the outcome.
  6. Anyone else a garage sale shopper? I eagerly wait every year for the weather to clear up so people will put their junk out for sale. The best garage sales are when whole neighborhoods or even small towns coordinate and have their sales on the same days. Walking down a street from house to house browsing other people's crap is a fun way to spend a morning. Plus, the treasures you find for a dollar or two won't break the bank. My best find this week was a Coleman two burner camping stove for $10. It is in excellent shape and so clean it lookes brand new...but it was first purchased the year I was born! The gentleman selling it was so proud of it and had converted it to propane sometime along the way. It can still run on the old gas fuel, too, if desired. I bought it for emergencies and to take along camping, but probably won't use it often. For $10, I think I got a great deal. Anyone else?
  7. Geaux Tigers!
  8. TurkVision rocks on TFH! It makes baseball season lots o' fun. FFroggy's game info postings are much appreciated, too. Having all the pertinent stuff for each match up in one place is fantastic. Thanks for putting in the effort to help out your fellow TFHers, sugar. On to next season!
  9. Shit. Thanks, Frogs, for a great, fabulous, awesome season!
  10. Fantastic pitching by Durbin in this game. Well done!
  11. Poor Mama Skoug can't watch.
  12. Is Luken banging on the railing yet with his stick?