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  1. AD's boys.
  2. They're always making it about themselves.
  3. Truth.
  4. FROGS FOR THE WIN!! Woot!
  5. That's ^^a good article. It doesn't talk about the aftermath of destroying the reactors and nuclear stockpiles, though. That is what concerns me as much as the loss of life to our service personnel and allies. We have US territories in the region who will be vulnerable to the effects of nuclear fallout.
  6. I'm only attempting to raise the cultural awareness of our home on the interwebz.
  7. Yes, we can! Does the Tech dude named Cailleau have a big bald head and act like a brat?
  8. Experience is so helpful!
  9. I like the dialogue between Chuck and Ben because it's always liberally sprinkled with stories about Ben's time on the team.
  10. I'm so glad you like Versailles,FF. Most of the shows I recommend are a little on the esoteric side and don't appeal to many others.
  11. "Take out" as in destroy them from the air? What will that do to the reactors? Their contents will go downwind to, where...South Korea and Japan?
  12. Maybe AD will be a good personal influence on him.
  13. Was it Ben Carruthers in the booth with Chuck tonight? They tend to rattle on like two little old ladies at the ice cream social.
  14. @AlohaFrog, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the North Korea situation.
  15. Poll the 'Horns, LadyFrogs!