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  1. Why not PayPal? It's super safe.
  2. What a night. One of my dogs puking, the other one pooping. PD is sleep deprived this morning.
  3. This is the second time the Texas Rangers have been asked to launch an investigation of the Baylor scandal. I posted about the first time, but now can't remember who called for it. (Getting older sucks.) Anyway, I don't think it will happen.
  4. Yes, hosted on a third party site. You can copy the url for the pic and paste it here. That will usually make the picture appear like magic, that is, as long as the board software isn't being ornery.
  5. Goat milk will have a funky taste if male goats are kept on the premises with the girls, which happens at nearly all large goat dairies. That's how you keep the ladies in milk, through breeding and then prolonging the milking period after the babies are weaned. If you can get your milk from a small dairy that only brings in the boys to breed in the driveway with the girls (common for closed herds who are careful about bio security), you normally don't get the funky taste in the milk. Pasteurization vs raw consumption also alters the taste. When the milk is heated to make it "safer", all the good nutrients and taste is taken out, IMO. Drink it raw if you can find it.
  6. Can you buy goat milk products? They are usually non-allergic where cow products have been. Goat milk, cheese, and butter are dreamy. Also, I've been using almond milk instead of dairy milk for the past six weeks and made the switch easily. It tastes good, although it's not as creamy as dairy milk. Plus, it's shelf stable before opening. Another good thing is the healthy fats from the almonds.
  7. Real butter from 100% grass fed cows. Oh, my!
  8. I think it was done right after the news broke and make not so updated.
  9. Bonnie and Clyde probably won't be asked to make a return appearance.
  10. The S-T story about him said he went to Aledo HS before Heights. Maybe that's why.
  11. You've had some major waxing done since your profile pic!
  12. The hope is, now that you have children who depend on you and whom you are responsible for, you will legislate your own dietary choices.
  13. Good heavens. She checks all the boxes your people are uncomfortable with. When's your congregation just going to give up and join the Baptists?
  14. 'Stangs are stanky.