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  1. Epps was taken in the 12th round, 321st pick overall, and ended up having a 7 year career in the NFL. He wasn't even the primary receiver for TCU and basically got drafted for running one of the fastest times in the world that year in the 200M at the Border Olympics. Townsend barely did anything at TCU during his two years in Ft. Worth, got drafted by the Raiders, played 13-14 seasons, was 4 times all Pro, and recorded over 100 career sacks. Kyle was recruited as a quarterback, set JV passing records as a freshman, played OLB, moved inside, and ended up playing 12 years in the NFL. LT led the nation in rushing as a junior and was an AA, came back with 2100+, and a trip to NYC (with Fran and his red tie), and you are not taking a nobody with the fifth pick overall. The NFL very well knew who LT was just as they did Walter Payton. Most of the public did not pay attention to the Black Colleges in the 60's and 70's, but if you look at the NFL draft you will find a number of players selected high in the draft and their success was no surprise. We just have different criteria for surprises I guess as the three I named either never did much in college and then had careers in the NFL or in the case of Kyle did not get much attention as compared to his college peers. LT was known his last two years in college, Andy is doing the same thing in the NFL he did in college and he did in high school. In regards to Hughes he could have been regarded a bust his three years at Indy. Things did not take off until he was traded to Buffalo and played in a different system. In my unprofessional opinion it wasn't a very well researched article, but I guess that is asking too much of the media these days.
  2. It is a nice theory Radio Shack except LT was the #5 pick overall. He rushed for over 4,000 yards and 40 td's he last two seasons, won multiple honors, and basically did what a team hopes an early #1 pick will do for you and that is produce early and abundantly. We are not exactly talking Priest Holmes and his career at KC after rarely seeing the field at UT. Andy was a multiple year starter who played in several big games at TCU and quarterbacked them in the biggest bowl victory in over half a century. Andy won in high school, won in college, and was the second pick (#35 overall) so one again the Bengals took him with the idea he would be able to contribute. Both LT and Andy did benefit from their OC/HC's as Norv is known for featuring running backs and Hugh Jackson is regarded as a good developer of NFL quarterbacks. Mix in the other parts around them and you see the results, but in all honesty if we were wanting to talk about NFL surprises based upon college production or accolades Greg Townsend, Kyle Clifton, and Phillip Epps were much bigger surprises in the NFL than any of the three and Stanley Washington would need to be among the busts. Our writer looks to be in her mid 20's and her perspective on TCU like many is a bit skewed while I many on this board I suspect actually saw Greg, Kyle, Phillip, and Stanley play for the Frogs.
  3. I completely see why Ms. Bowen listed Hughes, Dalton, and especially LT as draft surprises. Not like she had just listed all their college accomplishments illustrating how the three had kicked some serious tail in college and that they might have flashed the type of talent to be a big hit in the NFL.
  4. Agreed Super Toad. If Cameron Johnson is truly on his way to Ft. Worth it is huge for this program and really is a great example of how far this program has rocketed in a very, very short time. Cam was linked to schools such as Kentucky and Arizona and has TWO YEARS to play starting next year. Frogs look to have hit every need in a big man in Samuel, more athletic upfront and on the wings in Pierce and the two Aussies, a three point shooter in Olden, and an athletic two in Nembhard. I would love to be able to watch practice next year when you mix those new players with Vlad, Williams, Miller, Fisher, and Robinson.
  5. Lyle, Thanks for the added info as I had not heard about Goodwin signing with the 49ers. He has a good story about he and his sister. For those who are interested in seeing a little more of Jalen displaying his athletic ability I have included a link to a DMN story talking about his winning the dunk contest at The Opening last summer in Oregon. if you click on the second link at the bottom of the story you will see a clip of the three finalist with Reagor going last. One final point using Jalen as an example. I have friends who are upset about the way they think recruiting is going for the Frogs based upon what they are reading on the pay sites. People can spend their money how they wish and I am not trying to talk anyone out of paying for a subscription. Notice however that in the clip mentioned above and in the article Jalen Reagor is identified as an OU commit because going into last year he indeed had pledged to OU. Not sure how many crystal balls or magic eight balls you could find predicting he would flip to TCU let alone guys like Omar Manning, Corey Bethley, Noah Daniels, George Ellis III, Al'dontre Davis, and Michael Onyemaobi would pick TCU in the end based upon their leanings in the summer before their senior seasons in high school. Recruiting is tough for Gary and his staff, but when has it ever been easy? When have the Frogs been able to visit any kid they want? Get into any house? Look at a freak athlete like Reagor FLIPPING FROM OU TO TCU even after a mediocre at best season and don't give up hope on some high school kid in April. Win and the kids who need to get to Ft Worth will find their way.
  6. PurpleDawg I will dig up a picture of our lab. Would take a picture of him now with my phone, but don't want to disrupt his early afternoon nap. How long have you been in the PNW? Married a girl from that part of the world and been lucky enough to spend a good deal of time there, but not lucky enough to afford living there. Hopefully Young Mr. Reagor can not only provide a spark to the offense, but encourage some of the other receivers to up their games.
  7. If I remember correctly Charlie also felt every MLB contract should be for one year and one year only. Granted that might cause a bit of chaos each year in terms of having to continually re-shuffle rosters, but it would have been interesting to see how things might be different in baseball if each player had to prove their value each and every year.
  8. I just wanted to share a little bit of information about incoming freshman receiver Jalen Reagor. He competed this week in a UIL Area Meet and hit a jump of 26' in the long jump. This is almost a foot further than his best of just over 25' that he posted at his District meet and is the longest jump by a high schooler this season in the country. Reagor now will advance to the Regional Meet and if all goes well he will advance to the State Meet. Jalen is less than a foot away from the State Record of 26' 10" and it would great if he set a new mark at the State Meet in Austin for two reasons. First, it is always great to have Frog recruits excelling and I love have a kid competing at an elite level just prior to coming to campus. Second, the current State Record is held by Marquis Goodwin of Garland Rowlett. Goodwin signed a track scholarship to Texas and later walked on to play football. It would be nice to have Jalen erase a Horn from the record books in Austin. Not sure if many realize just how explosive an athlete is coming to Ft Worth in Reagor. In less than a year he won the dunk contest at the Opening last summer in Oregon and is now has the longest long jump in the country. Not too bad for someone who is in the area of 6' tall. One big difference between Reagor and some of the other fast, smaller receivers that have come to TCU is his agility and ability to quickly change directions. If you haven't seen his highlight from last year here is a link to Hudl. Take particular notice of the run versus Ennis and the catch and run versus Highland Park.