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  1. CJD mentioned in this SB Nation Interview that the team will take a summer trip to Australia.
  2. Check this out - it looks the final scholarship is taken. Hamdy is a 6'9", 240 pound PF with one year of eligibility.
  3. Here's the link to the Rivals report on McWilliams. https://tcu.rivals.com/news/tcu-basketball-adds-new-zealand-big-man-angus-mcwilliam-to-2018-class
  4. FWST, Rivals & others are reporting McWilliams is a 2018 commit, looks like he's class of 2018.
  5. There's still one scholarship available for Rafus, only 12 of 13 scholarships are taken.
  6. The Pierce signing was just announced. http://www.gofrogs.com/sports/m-baskbl/spec-rel/041417aab.html
  7. Josh Parrish announced he's leaving the team.
  8. I'm curious, does anyone know the team payouts for NIT rounds (assuming teams are paid to play in the NIT)? Is TCU making $ from their NIT games?
  9. Does anyone know why JD Miller missed today's game? I saw that he was limping around before the game, but haven't seen or heard anything official on his injury. I wonder if he will be back for the KSU game?
  10. Nice win!
  11. Does anyone know if students camped outside of Schollmaier last night?
  12. Woodard is not playing tonight - http://www.fanragsports.com/news/oklahomas-jordan-woodard-will-not-play-tcu/.
  13. Interesting to learn that Trent has left the program. Another upside to this is the scholarship that becomes available for next year's roster. It will come in handy.
  14. I will be there, have been to all but 2 games. I agree we need more people there, and we need to be loud. Schollmaier is a small arena. If just a few hundred more noisy Frog fans showed up, if the students turned out, and if we all made noise, it could make a real difference for the team and be a great environment for all. The coaching staff and the players are doing their part. Let's do our part & rock the Scholly.
  15. I believe tonight's game will be televised online on www.campusinsiders.com and on the MW Network at www.themw.com.