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  1. Nope. Saying Comey better hope there are no tapes is a far cry from stating " there are tapes". You should know that. Small ball wins lots of games! Healthcare is definitely a minefield...where do you get your 'most people" assertion? I think you are wrong. President Donald Trump (and his millions of stalwart supporters) has had a pretty good first 5 months, considering the 'vast media/leftist/Establishment conspiracy' arrayed against us. You didn't mention the Investigations. Hahaha!
  2. No animal seemed to get hurt in that video. I found it very interesting, the tenacity of that encounter. Wild animals can be a bitch.
  3. True, though idk if Galveston has had that 'wonderfulness' aroma in years. The echoes of it are there. Of course, there are some that prefer woods and freshwater, a nice stretch of lake or river beach and the watersports that generally come with that environment. Both have their pro's and con's.
  4. True, and Galveston is not the same as South Padre. Similar, but not the same. Likewise any other two beaches we can think of.
  5. Pretty good start to the week for President Donald Trump. - Supreme Court upholds key parts of his Executive Order to ban travel from certain very bad countries - CNN issues 'publishing guidelines' re: Trump/Russia in an apparent admission it has gone too far, at times - Report out on $15 minimum wage destroys proponents argument - CA official travel ban delights majorities in states affected - the foreverunendinginvestigation looks like it might be backfiring on some Dems - lawyer up! - movement on Capitol Hill on key legislation (related I'm sure to report that GOP donors are sending message to Washington "make progress, or no cash)
  6. I just got back from the beach. The coast, whatever you want to call it. Lots of sun, sand and swimming. I can do lots of sun, sand and swimming at one of several freshwater beaches within an hours drive of my house. And I do.
  7. "It's not the ones you miss on that kill you..."
  8. It's a refunding year.
  9. How bad does Team USA suck?
  10. Rode by your casa today, Red Hill
  11. There are several. Gotta know where to look.
  12. Yabbit, you didn't quit your job at Hooters.