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  1. Yes. But I was afraid I would have been excoriated by the more sensitive among us.
  2. Is that like Boogie Fever?
  3. Ask Mulkey.
  4. And, btw, health care should be no more complicated than choosing your cable/dish/internet supplier. The insurance industry, Giveaway Politicians and the entrenched bureacracies have made it so. It can be unwound.
  5. That doesn't make him unique. It places him squarely in the pot with the rest of us. He definitely ignores some 'expert advise' (sic), and I applaud him for that. He takes alot, too. You just don't want to see it and/or comment on it. Probably because the media you watch don't talk about that. That's cool. Aren't you a lawyer?
  6. Love goat butter and cheese. Not so much milk. My Aunt had chickens, rabbits and goats on her small farm. Occassionally a pig.
  7. LT waves the green flag to start the Great American Race.
  8. Mr. Gifted, I think he is agreeing with you, though sarcastically.
  9. Ft. Worth's and TCU's own. RIP.
  10. I am quite offended. (Not really, but it seems to work). Like Mark Cuban, I demand an apology. Where did I say this theory explains anything? I posted an interesting article, with a tongue-in-cheek comment. Everything else is your own fake news.
  11. I dont agree. Depends on where you are on the continuum. We are here. They are there.
  12. What was the final score?
  13. So, you are an Anti-ist? How about -ish?
  14. No we are not, but thanks.