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  1. Oh yes you are.
  2. Didja hear the news this week about Obama officials fudging climate data?
  3. 100 days. Just 100 days. Good job President Trump. I'm pulling for you, not against you.
  4. Most, probably.
  5. What are we seeing here?
  6. I don't want to. But, if civil discourse and efforts of diplomacy continue to fail, those millions are at high risk. We got rid of some old ammo.
  7. Some people like to back a winner. When they talk smack with their friends, they have a higher probability of being with the winning side if they choose to back Bama. The distribution of fortune seems askew when it comes to Bama football.
  8. And it was largely true. It's amazing what damage a small minority of committed people can do to a country.
  9. I hear the future of collegiate coverage is a superfan texting in-game updates, for peanuts. Or chopped onions.
  10. I didn't say the U.S. would carry out the air strike. And, like the famous Republican Guard of yore, I have serious doubts about the ability and motivation of N. Korean troops, weaponry and leadership. I could see them swarming across the DMZ only to drop their weapons and upon their knees thanking the Almighty that they got out of that hell hole.
  11. I don't see it as disrespect. Peaceniks and plants in S.Korea have agitated for N. Korea for a long time, gaining some traction, much like Occupy Stupidity and Antifa and other silly groups here (THAT is disrespect, just so you know). The 'street' in Seoul is like asking people here about what's going on. It makes for funny Jimmy Kimmel bits. Seoul has shown an unwillingness to quell Kim on their own, instead relying on us, and our 'influence' with China to placate and pacify His Haircut. China's actions of late are encouraging, but as long as Long Dong Silver is in N. Korea, with nukes, not much will change. Fat Boy needs to be slapped down hard, with a serious destruction of some capability. Sabotage, perhaps. Maybe a coordinated airstrike at known delivery locations. It's doubtful a successful missile from N. Korea could reach the U.S. They blow up about 1/3 of the time upon firing. Maybe thats sabotage, we'll never know. The South Korean government surely has plants in the North, too. Trump has already passed the 'slightest provocation' test, PD. Don't believe what you are told by that PNW media about Trump. License to Ill must go away for the "threat" of N. Korea to go away. Call Luka Brasi.
  12. That's exactly right. I'm still pissed, though.
  13. Never heard of it.
  14. redonkulous?
  15. Band smack? That's what this has become, band smack?!?!