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  1. I have to question Pete Carroll's intelligence if he actually is considering RG3
  2. Yeah, they took two of three from WVA on the road. Besides, I'm not sure I'd put us ahead of Tech anyway after that disaster of a game last Sunday.
  3. I hope we can grab 2 at OU. Think Tech has a good chance of sweeping Kansas at home.
  4. WRU
  5. So, magic number to win the conference is 2?
  6. Now I'm in last place. Won the whole thing last year now I'm dead last.
  7. Woot! Frogs!
  8. It's gonna take a couple of years of Big10 and SEC being left out of the playoff before changing it becomes a possibility. So far it's just been the PAC and the Big12 that have missed the playoffs and so the powers that be don't give a crap. I guarantee that if somehow the SEC was left out twice in three years, there'd be a shitstorm.
  9. In retrospect, not getting into the Big12 initially probably was the best thing that could've happened to us. If we'd been accepted without merit, we probably would've ended up like Baylor. Maybe we wouldn't have sucked as badly for as long as Baylor, but it wouldn't have been pretty.
  10. These have been reported: SEC football reporter David Ching SEC Reporter Greg Ostendorf SEC recruiting analyst Derek Tyson Conference related personnel fired standings: SEC - 3 Big10 - 3 Pac12 - 1 Big12 - 1
  11. There were more than 14 people back then
  12. I know I had season tickets in 1997 and honestly the only game I remember was the SMU game. Specifically I remember after the game that the SMU band wouldn't leave and they just kept playing. I went over and stood in the End Zone seats and screamed at them, "It's over! You lost! Go home!" At that point the entire band turned and looked at me and I decided that perhaps I should go somewhere else as they had murder in their eyes. Which to be fair, we did just spoil their chance at making a bowl game for the first time in 13 years.
  13. I hope he's got his act together.