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  1. I grew up with his son (we're about 2 weeks difference in age). Fred was a good guy. One of my favorite memories is spending the day down on his farm helping move hay around.
  2. What's sad is that this was the problem with the BCS that led to the playoff. So in essence, they have solved nothing.
  3. I have absolutely no idea how I managed to win this thing. I'm usually very terrible.
  4. Not sure we can schedule a DivIII team. Definitely can't schedule a team that doesn't exist anymore.
  5. That's the last time we beat them in Fort Worth. Beat 'em twice in Fayetteville (1984,1990) since then though. We beat Arky this time and that just leaves the Aggies as the only team from the SWC that we haven't beaten since the conference died. Of course, Aggies are also the only team from the SWC that hasn't scheduled a game with us.
  6. Geez... I'm in the wrong line of wo-... oh wait...I guess they used to pay librarians better than they do now.
  7. I've added him twice this season. Burned me both times.
  8. The whole boy blue girl pink thing is pretty recent. Interesting piece that goes along with this picture of Franklin Delano Roosevelt at age 2 1/2
  9. I don't know if anybody saw the news about the murder/suicide that happened in Fort Worth on Sunday, but the woman who was murdered was a TCU grad. Her asshole husband shot her to death in their front yard in front of their young daughter and then killed himself. Probably not a big story for most, but I just wanted to share since she was a friend of mine and a fellow librarian.
  10. This post is on Page 18
  11. Did he put out a record too? I thought he just drove the car.
  12. For Jaws so loved to eat, he ate Mrs. Kintner's only son - Gospel of Jaws, 3:16