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  1. Chris Hackett. Looks like practice squad material again...
  2. Especially if it's at night. Almost Lubbock-like out there...
  3. I'm with you on this. I want Cincy and Memphis as the best of bad options: two programs in strong recruiting areas that are deep in the heart of two other Power 5 conference.
  4. Forget the mullet - can we talk about the spray tan?!? It's positively Trump-esque.
  5. Shaun Nixon: Confirmed out for the season
  6. 70 scholarship players. Yikes...
  7. I think that's exactly why. It's how to get around a transfer restriction...
  8. "Come be like this guy!" (minus the whole underperforming, dirty playing, sexual assaulting "thing".)
  9. How many 'effing scholarships do they have???
  10. I'm a sucker for a well reasoned explanation...
  11. Makes perfect sense. Thanks for that...
  12. Isn't Baylor the definition of "Lack of Institutional Control"?
  13. Baylor is way better off getting ahead of this because if they don't and something happens (and something WILL happen without a barn cleaning) they very well could get hit with a PSU-like penalty since they won't address this issue themselves...
  14. Always nice to flip an SMU commit and twist that knife just a little bit further on the Ponies...