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  1. Top of the ninth, Wymer still on the mound. Strike out. One away. Ground out to 2B, two away.
  2. Iron Man leads off B8. Foul out. Thor comes to the late as ASU goes back to the bullpen. Fly out to CF, two away. Air Mail. Walks. UPS. Strikes out. To the ninth we go, Frogs 8-4.
  3. Two out single for ASU in T8. And another single puts runners on the cornes with two away. A walk loads the bases. Single, 8-3, runners on the corners. Single, 8-4. TCU goes to the bullpen. Sean Wymer comes to the mound. Single, bases loaded. Strike out. And we're done. 8-4 Frogs going in to B8.
  4. Iron Man leads off B7. Fly out to CF. Thor. Walks. Air Mail. Check swing out, Baker to 2nd. UPS. Blooper to P, Brown singles and Baker advances to 3rd. Dingos Ate My Baby. Brown steals 2nd. Dingos walk, bases sporting spikes and spurting blood. Ryan Merrill, singles to 3B, 5-1. Evan Williams. Doubles, 8-1. Austen Wade. ASU going to the bullpen. Wade walks. Fogs on 1st & 2nd. The Godfather. Pop up to 2B. 8-1 Frogs after seven.
  5. ASU goes three up three down on three Charles King strike outs. 4-1 Frogs at the stretch.
  6. Ryan Merrill leads off B6. Fly out to RF. Evan Williams. Singles. Austen Wade. Williams steals 2nd. Wade flies out to CF, Williams advances to 3rd. The Godfather. Strikes out. Still 4-1 after six.
  7. Charles King comes to the mound for TCU in T6. Lead off single for ASU. Single, runners on 1st & 2nd w/ no outs. Strike out, one away. Wild pitch, runners advance to 2nd & 3rd. Ground out to 3rd, runners hold, two away STRUCK HIM OUT! 4-1 Frogs going into B6.
  8. Air Mail leads off B5. Singles. UPS. Watson caught straling 2nd. Brown strikes out. Dingos Ate My Baby. Strikes out. 4-1 Frogs after five full.
  9. Two out HBP in T5. And Iron Man fires a laser to pick off the attempted steal at 2nd. Still 4-1 good guys going in to B5.