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  1. It's the elevation I tell ya! They're the MOUNTAINEERS! They're used to the alpine conditions in OKC!!!
  2. In the first game of the Big 12 tourney, with WVU leading 7-0 after one inning, somebody on is jumping on the excuse wagon early. And BUFox12 is just trying to help.
  3. Single, bases loaded.
  4. Foul, strike one.
  5. Dalton Brown to the mound in T9. Lead off single. Ground out to 2B, runner advances to 2nd, one away. HBP. Sarloos to the mound. Walk. Bases loaded. Brown done. Cal Coughlin in. Sac fly, 6-1, runners hold at 1st & 2nd, two outs.
  6. UPS leads off B8. Ground out to P. The Godfather. Fly out The Omaha Kid Strikes out.
  7. SFA - aggy score announced in stadium to healthy applause. (6-0 SFA)
  8. UTA with a one out double in T8. Ground out to 3B, two away, runner holds at 2nd. Strike out. 6-0 going into B8.