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  1. TV Thread

    I go in front of the big TV display, make a quick visual scan through all the screens and make a snap judgment on which TV has the best picture. Not necessarily the brightest, not necessarily the sharpest, but the best combination of all factors. My idea is that I'm going to be staring at that thing for a long time, so a couple of hundred dollars difference in cost doesn't matter over the life of the TV. For some reason, when I do that, it ALWAYS winds up being a Sony.
  2. TV Thread

    The closing scene of this season with McKean rivaled Breaking Bad for intensity and quality.
  3. God save us....

    Kate McKinnon is a national treasure.
  4. God save us....

  5. I always liked the idea that the biggest proof that the Israelites were NOT God's chosen people is that he led them through the desert for forty years to the one place in the Middle East that DIDN'T have oil.
  6. I gotta see this movie just to see how they worked Andy Devine into the Middle East.
  7. Jesus Stuff

  8. God save us....

    No, Aidy Bryant is Sara Huckabee-Sanders, the new Press Secretary. I could totally see Melissa McCarthy as Scaramucci, the new Communications Director. (Spicey was basically wearing both hats.)
  9. God save us....

    What do you want to bet that SNL gets Melissa McCarthy to play the new guy just to piss off Trump?
  10. Huge Freeze

    Put it back! It was awesome!
  11. Huge Freeze

  12. Huge Freeze

    I prefer it in the original 17th century English, thank you very much.
  13. TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    Man, I got on a REALLY dark train of thought walking into the office this morning. I was reflecting on the fact that there's a lot more people younger than I am than there are people older, and wondering how in the hell did that happen, since I was born a baby boomer, and baby boomers are in the majority on everything, and I realized that it was because baby boomers have been peeling off a little at a time (i.e., dying) for a long time now, and that got me thinking about the first contemporary of mine that died, a guy back in high school named Clay. Clay was a big ol' kid that made middlin' grades. IIRC, he may have played football; he was always kind of shy. We weren't close friends or anything; we had just known each other since first grade. Anyway, at some point in our junior year, he started hanging out with this girl, and you could tell from the body language and everything that they were totally hooked up. Major first love type stuff. She turned up pregnant, whereupon Clay walked out into the woods behind his parents' house and shot himself dead. I think about Clay every year or so, and I reflect that as cruel and cowardly and selfish as his suicide was, he was just a poor dumb kid at the time. I always think about that poor girl and everything she got saddled with, but this time, I realized that I had never thought about the unborn child. Holy crap! At some point in that child's life, he's going to find out that his birth father is dead. And he's going to ask how it happened. And one way or another, eventually, that kid is going to find out that his father offed himself roughly 24 hours after discovering that he, the child, EXISTED. That's gotta REALLY mess you up. So I looked up Clay's name. Up pops a genealogy page, and yep - it's him - the dates are correct. But on that page, there's a "Father of" blank with a NAME and a clickable link! And THERE'S HIS SON!!!! Who died in 2015. (Cause not listed.) Like I said, a dark train of thought. Everyone have a nice day!
  14. Athletes in Trouble Thread

    Johnny Football and O.J. Simpson, the Devil's I-formation.