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  1. The continuing saga of Baylor Athletics

    From Aaron Green's Instagram.
  2. http://www.masseyratings.com/cbase/compare.htm Composite rankings as of 27 June:TCU at #5.B12 at #2.
  3. MLB Draft

    I was hoping he might stay since he went so late but happy for him otherwise!
  4. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    Anyone need a solid OF? My bench is stacked and I was looking to pick up a SP
  5. The Sports Dump

    And here comes Kansas football. People ask how they are beginning to pull in recruits , alot starts here. http://m.herosports.com/college-football/kansas-virginia-spending-millions-relevant-college-football-recruiting-war-bgbg
  6. Interesting, thanks for the info! Stumbled upon this article earlier that helped a bit for me to understand the "recruiting schedule" http://herosports.com/college-football/football-recruiting-dead-period-mean-ahah
  7. Go Gauchos! Does recruiting usually pick up this time of year? So many commits lately which is awesome!
  8. BBQ Restaurants

    Had lunch here today and was blown away, brisket was extremely tender with a good smoke ring, also the best ribs I have ever had. Was talking to the waiter about Mixon's actual involvement in the restaurant, he only owns 2 restaurants in the US. Here and and Chicago area. Not a big restaurateur, more into the competitive BBQ scene and teaching. https://www.myronmixonspitmasterbbq.com/
  9. Too early to start a 2017 football thread?

    I did as well that year 😑
  10. Wow Munich airport blows. In other news go frogs and let's get it done tomorrow!
  11. Unfortunately it didn't since I'm on my tablet. Thanks though. I want to figure out why the watch ESPN app doesn't work
  12. For the record I woke up and then they loaded the bases. Was trying to get video working , only can get audio for some reason.