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  1. Dixon Named Coach of the Year Finalist
  2. If anyone else is heading up for the game, official pregame happy hour.
  3. Idiot, I don't feel bad for him.
  4. I agree Sunday works better for most and if this is the case, I'm fine with it. Also only 2 more slots open
  5. 3 slots left open, opened up poll on ESPN to change draft to this Saturday at 5:00 PM ET due to games already starting on Sunday.
  6. 5 slots left open if you want to join.
  7. PM me for password to join.
  8. Done, remember you asking about that last season. Also tweaked the offensive and pitching scoring. Took out HR and added Total Bases instead - gives more weight to HR’s but also rewards doubles and triples over just the hits that go into BA. Took out Wins and added Quality Starts - now you can have a starter throw a solid 7 or 8 innings and still get the points. Don't need to rely on a team that doesn't give them any run support or a bullpen that blows it.
  9. Yup, we grow them in fields now.
  10. Darn, thanks for looking though. I looked directly from and some athletic apparel resellers but couldn't find it either.
  11. Baseball Poll Comparison (Week 6)
  12. Oh wow didn't realize it was that short of a time frame. Either way, impressive shot for a pitcher.
  13. Jake Arrieta hits the longest home run recorded by a pitcher in the statcast-era