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  1. The Music Thread

    Not sure, but I think that her father was a record producer. I know she started out playing classical with multiple instruments as a child before she discovered rock and settled on guitar. I stumbled across her a while back when I came across the Zepparella cover of When the Levee Breaks. My weakness for redheads and her skill made me investigate further. And, I find most of her solo stuff to remind me of Joe Satriani more than anyone else. Ironically, Oleo Strut, with Satch's bassist, is the song that least leads my mind towards the Satch sound.
  2. The Nerdy Programs/Apps Thread

    I admit that there are plenty of quirks to Firefox (and to a much lesser degree, Waterfox on Windows and 64 bit Firefox on Linux) that annoy me, but at the end of the day, I have not been able to find anything that replaces the core program as my default browser. (And the mobile version seems to be equally as solid as its big brother.) I suppose I should accept the quirks as the price of doing business and be content, but the tinkerer in me must keep tweaking things and searching for my idea of a perfect browser. And through the years I have tried so many of them that I have forgotten the names of the majority.
  3. The Nerdy Programs/Apps Thread

    I have always had a couple of soft spots for Firefox's daddy, Netscape Navigator, and Opera. Of course NN was dead in the water once AOHell took over, but I used Opera for a long time until it just turned bloated and not what it started out as. I (think, it has been a while) Opera 6.3 was the last version I used. I need to look at it again, I suppose.
  4. Too early to start a 2017 football thread?

    How stupid are these people? Why use the school issued phone and not your own? If it is a matter of the wife finding out, then get a burner. It isn't like he wasn't making enough money to purchase a pre-paid phone.
  5. The Nerdy Programs/Apps Thread

    For what it is worth, a quick Wireshark audit of the packet traffic while using (stock - no plugins/extensions) Brave says that Google ( specifically) is still being sent information (no clue on what kind of information, just that calls are being made to Google), even when their services aren't being used. I am certain that it was Brave doing it because this computer doesn't send data to Google unless a Google owned site is in use. I didn't investigate it any further, but it seemed to have promise. However, it seems it is not the answer for my requirements or demands and has been removed from the virtual machine I installed it in.
  6. The Nerdy Programs/Apps Thread

    I am going to say probably both. Usually have about 50+ of that filled with demensional drawings and technical documents of some kind - work related reference material. About 10 or so involves "shopping list" tabs; stuff I am considering purchasing, but not serious enough about to log into the online store and add to a basket at the moment. The bulk of the remainder is compromised of the two forums I frequent, along with guest viewing other forum threads for particular answers to various questions. Depending on what work I am actually doing at the time, I might have a stream of a show running, but generally not. No Facebook, Twitter or other social media, and I do not ever watch anything on YouTube in the browser, unless it is embedded in a separate site's page. (And then only long enough to copy the video link.) Email gets pushed to the phone with notifications, and I either view it in the phone or open a tab and log in, reply and close. Tab Groups is my friend!
  7. The Nerdy Programs/Apps Thread

    None at all, as this is the first time I have even heard of it. Both Waterfox and Firefox have been wearing on my nerves lately. The big issue for me on reading your run down of Brave's features is how much Chromium exists under the hood, and how does it handle memory? Does it consolidate all tabs into one running process, or does it generate a new process each time you open a tab? I typically have about 75+ tabs running in Waterfox at once (I might be a bit of a power user and do a little multitasking), and see around 12GB of memory allocated to it. Ages ago, when I was playing around with Chrome and Iron before saying screw this, I noticed that around 30 tabs would clutter Task Manager's process tab and memory usage would be north of 16GB. It seems like a single tab does handle the memory allocation better in Chromium stuff, but start multitasking, and the advantage goes to Waterfox. Firefox still has its 1.5GB limitation, so that is the worst of the three. I will have to check Brave out, though. Thanks for the tip on it!
  8. Sciency stuff

    I caught it the other night, but initially thought it was moonlight filtering through the clouds. Went outside to take a break from burying myself in my work later on and it was much clearer (less cloud cover) and obviously not the moon.
  9. TV Thread

    The Swedish/Danish show, The Bridge, which looks like what The Tunnel is based on, was very good, but reading is required, unless you know the languages. The El Paso/Juárez version was also called The Bridge and was aired on FX for two seasons but it was a horrible let down after having seen the original. (I would say it was merely okay, if judging it purely by itself and not against what it was copying. Maybe 7-7.5 out of a possible 10, but both versions of the story had a much stronger first season than second.) I was unaware of the BBC also ripping the story off and will have to give it a shot, but after the first remake, I am skeptical.
  10. The Music Thread

    You would hate most of the music I listen to then, be it blues (Son House was always great but really became legendary in the 1960's when he found electricity), rockabilly, rock, or whatever. And because women musicians seem to be the theme for the day (and Stu Hamm is an amazing bass player):