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  1. Well, that went about like I expected it to go before the season started. I figured we would win the regular season and one of UT, WVU, or OSU would win the tournament. Now to get ready and rub a rabbit's foot for the post season.
  2. It is much worse than that. Cantu homered and took two sirloins home. Their catcher that they refer to as "Can-not". A guy with a .170-something batting average because he chases anything off-speed.
  3. And Williams sends The Godfather home! 3-2
  4. https://beta.tunein.com/radio/The-Choice-887-s35605/ (Also fixed the links post above to show the link)
  5. And exhausted from driving straight through. Especially through the fog in Cheyenne last night/this morning. But no sleep until the final out of the next game!
  6. UT vs TCU B12 Tournament Game #13 5/27/17 6:00 pm Central Stats: StatBroadcast Thingie Audio: FrogVision (Subscription Required) TuneIn Radio KTCU web player Video: FSSW+
  7. It was invisible to me as well, but I assumed the intent of it, and was guessing that it was that we won 9-2. If that was the case, it deserves green arrows, regardless of whether it was visible or not. If that wasn't it, call it spreading good karma and making up for missed postings while I was out in the middle of dead zones of the Trans-Pecos region of Texas, suffering through being in the hell holes that are Lubbock and the Oklahoma panhandle, or Wyoming.
  8. And Shaggy is already filled with defeated greatness... "This game is over." "If we're not pulling him now, I hope he leaves him in all 9." "TCU owns us. In every sport." "Johnston should pitch the whole game. Had'm with two outs and then give up 3. $#@!." "TCU gets another run, and its over."
  9. I think you are correct. The B12 site shows only one game tomorrow: http://www.big12sports.com/SportSelect.dbml?SPID=13131
  10. UT vs TCU B12 Tournament Game #12 5/27/17 12:30 pm Central (Scheduled) Stats: StatBroadcast Thingie Audio: FrogVision (Subscription Required) Pirate Radio (Web Stream) or (Direct .m3u8) Video: FSSW+
  11. Sorry for being late and not complete with the feeds/links/formatting, but I am stuck on cellular data. StatBroadcast- http://stats.statbroadcast.com/statmonitr/?id=175285 .m3u8 audio stream - http://cbsicollege-lh.akamaihd.net/i/553567_tcu9LOMY@133906/master.m3u8
  12. The Rape U baseball team must have been out late last night raping, killing, and torturing cats. Had to have taken a lot more out of them than the Fightin' Mazeys just staying up late drinking moonshine.
  13. With the Oklahoma City detour, just shy of 2,000 to Gonzales. Normal run of going to Amarillo and working on down is around 1,500. The way home involves more miles, too. There will be a detour to Langtry to visit a friend. That won't count today's rest. I will only be driving to Shiner for a sausage and beer run and back, so 20-30 miles round trip. Tomorrow is a run down to Corpus. Wednesday is to be determined, but probably to Columbus if not all the way into Houston.