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  1. TV Thread

    The El Paso bridge version was horrible. My husband and I both love The Tunnel. Great actors and story moves along very well.
  2. TV Thread

    Don't know if it's already been posted here, but the BBC series "The Tunnel" is really excellent. Season 1 is available on either Netflix or Amazon (can't remember which). We are currently watching Season 2 on PBS.
  3. Hey PD I got purple toenails and fingers today so I am doing my part.
  4. Prayers requested

    Thank you everyone for the all the messages, prayers and good thoughts. I lurk around the board but haven't really posted because what the hell do you say? I appreciate PD's and Endless Purple's periodic check ins. Right now he's doing ok, pain is fairly well controlled and he's more short of breath at times, but so far doesn't need oxygen. We are having fun going to our open houses and wish shopping. Tomorrow is supposed to be a gorgeous day here so we are going to lunch at a waterfront crab restaurant and then going to another open house on the water. And Tyler has watched way too much HGTV, he is by far the biggest critic of us all. He is forever channeling his inner Mike Holmes. This is especially for PD: This is the house we want. Actually, the house itself kinda sucks, but the lot is surrounded on 3 sides by water. We were there on a beautiful sunny day with a ton of sailboats out. I don't actually fish, but you could actually fish from your yard. So all I need is a million dollars and then we can buy this, tear down the current house and then build something much more functional. Easy-peasy. Need to go buy some lottery tickets. http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/236-Bar-Harbor-Rd_Pasadena_MD_21122_M61324-71584 This is the house we are checking out tomorrow. http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/7536-Rock-Creek-Way_Pasadena_MD_21122_M54537-38750
  5. TCU 2016-2017 Basketball...The Debut Season

    I can't believe this score
  6. TCU 2016-2017 Basketball...The Debut Season

    Don't know if I've ever seen a TCU B-Ball team looking like this.
  7. TCU 2016-2017 Basketball...The Debut Season

    Yes it is.
  8. TCU 2016-2017 Basketball...The Debut Season

    Hey PD, I'm getting to watch the game.
  9. TCU 2016-2017 Basketball...The Debut Season

    Holy crap, just logged onto the internet and saw we beat KU! The future is bright!! Made my day!
  10. Day Without A Woman

    And for those that have to work, wear red to show your solidarity....
  11. Prayers requested

  12. Prayers requested

    PD asked me to give an update on Tyler's progress. He's done two immunotherapy treatments and it's been a bit of a roller coaster. He had a lot of complications, like his blood pressure bottoming out about 57/25 during the first treatment. The treatment causes severe widespread nerve pain which requires high dose narcotics and he ended up in narcotic withdrawal afterwards. The second time we were much better prepared for all of these and he's done better. He has a chest CT on March 13th and, assuming that is clear, he will then do three more treatments. If all goes well, we will be done by end of May. We have kept his apartment up at college because he likes it and his roommates, so he has something to look forward going back to. Been rough but we are all keeping one foot in front of the other and hoping this will get rid of the cancer for good. Yesterday his childhood friend was commissioned as an officer in the Marine Corps outside the US Capitol and Tyler was able to attend. That did wonders for his mood. We just reduced the narcotics so we are hoping he can get out and drive some, and get away from mom and dad for a bit. Prayers for a clear chest CT on the 13th would be much appreciated. It means a lot to us that so many people around the world are praying for Tyler.
  13. Prayers requested

    Thanks so much everyone. The other thing we are doing is sending this most recent tumor out for genetic testing. They will break down the DNA of the tumor, which may tell us if there are other "druggable" targets that could be effective for treatment purposes. Hopefully the immunotherapy does the trick, but I'm hopeful the genetic testing will give us more information since he's already done two different types of chemo.
  14. Prayers requested

    Sorry PD, been very busy. So he was accepted into a immunotherapy clinical trial, which essentially hopes to train his immune system to identify the cancer cells and kill them. He did a ton of tests yesterday for the study, which included a Chest CT which showed no remaining signs of cancer. So the hope is that this new treatment will seek out and destroy any microscopic cancer cells that may remain, and he can get back to his life. We will do 5 courses of treatment, with each course being a 28 day cycle. He goes into the hospital next Monday for the first infusion, and hopefully will come home 2 days later. If all goes well treatmet would be done by end of May. So apprecaite all prayers that this new treatment destroys any remaining cancer once and for all.