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  1. Or goes to bed really late on a Saturday night 😉
  2. I know @Boston Frog is with me on this. It's time to end the war against men who wear cargo shorts A generation of men — boys, really — has grown up that has never known cargo shorts. They are walking around in super-tight short-shorts like idiots. They look like Dickensian schoolchildren or the guitarist from AC/DC. And because their shorts have so few, and such small, pockets they're forced to carry man-bags as well. Why does everyone want men to be uncomfortable? Bags are for work. Cargo shorts are for freedom.
  3. TCU owns aggie, therefore Davidson would also own aggie by changing their mascot to Horned Frogs.
  4. No more going to bed before the game is over.
  5. It's reassuring to know that there are so many righteous folks here that follow every single law to the t.