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  1. That can frequently occur with those who are maladroit.
  2. I will say that I miss these. I didn't check in every day, but this thread was an area I visited often. Did Crunch finally give up?
  3. I regularly watch her show called "The Royals" because of her. Big fan. I even have my Siri voice set to British because I imagine that it's her talking to me.
  4. I'm late to the game, but I will be praying that Tyler does well. I have heard some miraculous stories about similar treatments to the one you have described. It may be the future of cancer treatments. Hang in there.
  5. Sad news. Was he a poster here?
  6. Badminton women love shuttlecock.
  7. wait, pcf died?? I don't visit that often, but did I miss that?
  8. I'll guess a battery. **ban lifted
  9. I am disappointed in the moderators for not banning me, so I will ban myself..until I wish to post again.
  10. Terri Schiavo? Too soon?
  11. I am not familiar with the D Box seats. Are those ones that move in conjunction with the flow of the movie, similar to the experiences at Disney World and elsewhere? I watched the Fantastic Beasts movie because my family wanted to see it. No offense, but I found it to be horrible and without any semblance of a plot. I'll admit that I am not a Harry Potter fan, but I felt that this movie was just an excuse to get some more money out of the franchise. The plot (or lack of plot) felt a lot like a Pokemon movie. Just a bunch of people going around trying to capture these things that were neither believable nor interesting, mixed in with a couple of awkward love interest story lines between unattractive British actors. Since I saw it, I have found that the audience response is very polarized. You either think it is really good or really bad. I have met very few who were on the fence about it. I also saw Rogue One, which I thought was pretty well done. I am not a huge Star Wars fan, though I have seen them all. It was nostalgic to see the inter-weavings of this plot as it pertained to the original Star Wars (Episode 4).
  12. You think Mars was disappointed in the life choices of his son?
  13. They don't get it. My wife is the same way.