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  1. Sorry to hear about your nephew. I see enough bad stuff with motorcycles to likely keep me off of them for the rest of my life. I even saw a guy who slid on some rocks going about 10 mph and he absolutely destroyed his wrist and hand in the process. A guy I work with races motorcycles on closed tracks and came upon a fellow racer a few months back that had crashed. He had to do CPR on the guy, but it was futile since the guys head injury was not survivable. He had an aftermarket chin strap that had failed during the crash. Very sad, but has not slowed my colleague down at all.
  2. It sounds similar to living in Lubbock.
  3. John Waite is one of my top 5 all time recording artists. Most people only know a couple of his sappy love songs. He has a multitude of great rock songs and one of the best and most distinct rock voices I've heard. His career has been totally underappreciated other than the song referenced here (Missing You). I saw him in Austin last year in an acoustic set and he is still awesome. As the lead singer for The Baby's, Bad English, and a long solo career, he has multiple outstanding songs and also does a great job covering some all time classics. His cover of Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love really displays his vocal range. Sadly, there is not a high quality recording of it available, only some low quality you tube videos. He is heavily influenced by Bob Dylan and has covered multiple Dylan songs throughout his career. So, thanks for bringing him up.
  4. This band, originally known as Mammoth, changed their band's name to the current one in 1973 at the suggestion of their singer.
  5. Good guess, but no.
  6. The highest score (3,333,360) ever recorded for this arcade video game has been achieved multiple times. The game crashes at this score so that it is the highest known possible score.
  7. Where I work, we have unarmed security officers. That has to be one of the most dangerous jobs. Any criminal is going to go after you first and you will have no way to defend yourself. It's like wearing a target.
  8. Does any station still air the Gong Show? I would love to watch a few episodes to see if I would still think it is hilarious.
  9. No longer fighting. Our country surrendered about 20 years ago.
  10. Great looking dog. She is better for having known you. You did a good thing.
  11. Bragging about boiled foods is going to make me question everything you believe in.
  12. Bad couple of weeks for people named Chuck whose last name starts with the "bear" sound. I blame Baylor.
  13. I think it is three. One in the first round and two in the second? I should be more confident in my answer, but I'm not.
  14. How about when Fred Sanford went on the Gong Show? I have fond memories of the Gong Show. Chuck Barris was a unique individual.