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  1. Favorite road uniform:
  2. There's no way that game will draw more than 12,000 so they might as well have it at The Star for the novelty and Jurrah marketing machine.
  3. I'd rather face the Aggies than Louisville. Also, it'd be great for DFW bandwagon fans and recruiting if we could beat them once again, but this time in Omaha.
  4. Uh huh, you know what it is.
  5. We're supposed to get new uniforms this offseason, right? CC: gdu
  6. He's an Ohio guy, played at Iowa, and just bought a home in Chicago. I hope the accent follows him though.
  7. You heard it here first: A year in the booth, and then it's off to replace a fired Brian Kelly at Notre Dame.
  8. In summary, Houston man hates Dallas, once went to a Cubs game, and has strong opinions.
  9. The Ticket is very loyal to their advertisers. Getting in good with Dunham and Miller will only help. If Patterson can buddy up to them and make them feel special, they'll be all over TCU in the fall. It'd also help if we could schedule UNT instead of an FCS school one opening weekend. Some of you are too deep into the Fort Worth mentality that you forget that the majority of the DMA's population sits on the other side, which is only a 45-minute drive to the stadium. And The Ticket is very, very popular with the sports crowd in Dallas. If we can just barely tap into their massive audience, it'll show when this team gets hot and we're still trying to pack the house against KU, ISU, and other bottom feeders. Unfortunately we've learned thus far that there isn't enough of a crowd in Fort Worth alone to get the packed atmosphere that a lot of us expected when making the move to the Big 12. I see this as no different from paying for a "Thank You" ad in the NY and LA newspapers after the NIT and Rose Bowl. We're paying to get our brand in front of a new audience under the guise of something genuine. That's marketing, and CDC has a phenomenal track of record doing it.
  10. I'm sorry to disappoint. I have truly no standards though.
  11. Updated Patriots injury report: Aaron Hernandez, out indefinitely (sprained neck, sore throat, ruptured anus)