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  1. We’ve got Alli, Dele Alli I just don’t think you understand He only cost five mill He’s better than Ozil We’ve got Dele Alli
  2. You don't know 'bout me, but I'll bet you want to.
  3. What's your favorite TCU uniform?

    Favorite road uniform:
  4. What's your favorite TCU uniform?

  5. More evidence we have too many bowl games

    There's no way that game will draw more than 12,000 so they might as well have it at The Star for the novelty and Jurrah marketing machine.
  6. I'd rather face the Aggies than Louisville. Also, it'd be great for DFW bandwagon fans and recruiting if we could beat them once again, but this time in Omaha.
  7. Uh huh, you know what it is.
  8. We're supposed to get new uniforms this offseason, right? CC: gdu
  9. Bob Stoops Retires

    He's an Ohio guy, played at Iowa, and just bought a home in Chicago. I hope the accent follows him though.
  10. Bob Stoops Retires

    You heard it here first: A year in the booth, and then it's off to replace a fired Brian Kelly at Notre Dame.