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  1. I think it shows Dixon thinks next year is a compete now year with most pieces in place. You don't add a guy like that unless you like your roster otherwise. So is this the final scholarship class breakdown for next year? Seniors Brodziansky Willams Hamdy Juniors Robinson Miller Olden Pierce Sophomores Fisher Bane Freshmen Samuel Mayen Nemhard Noi Pretty good class mix. Will be interesting to see which of the 7 newcomers step up.
  2. I think you have to include Koehler's name in any description of the turnaround. I'm sure it wasn't just him, but for me, he symbolizes the change in philosophy of the school leadership in the mid '90s when the school was at a crossroads of accepting our banishment into the have-nots or investing in the college football arms race and waiting for an opening.
  3. I'd like to point out how 2014-15 was one of our better years according to SRS. Actually higher than all but 97-98, 16-17, 00-01 and 86-87, looks like to me. Also impressive how high 97-98 was. If I'm reading it right, only UH 67-68 and 83-84 are higher among Texas teams.
  4. Awesome data.
  5. Sessions probably shouldn't visit Hawaii any time soon.
  6. Back to politics, here is 538's (reasonable, IMO) take from the special election:
  7. Interesting discussion of what direction the mid terms could go: natesilver: Closing thought: My experience has been that people don’t adjust their expectations quickly enough to how bad the midterm/off-year environment usually is for the president’s party. They certainly didn’t in 2014, 2010, 2006. So, yes, there are absolutely some reasons for skepticism in terms of how many gains Democrats could make. They face a problematic map, Trump could get more popular, #theresistance could turn out to have more bark than bite, etc. But I think people are forgetting how rough these things usually are for the president’s party. The modal case at this point is that the House gets very interesting, Democrats pick up several governor’s seats, and the Senate is maybe a wash (because only because of the GOP’s very favorable map). That’s the default. So I’m looking for evidence to deviate from the default. A close race in Georgia 6 would actually be pretty consistent with the default. A close race in Kansas 4, on the other hand, would be more genuinely surprising and would suggest that Democrats had a lot of upside.
  8. Reps win first special election of the year, but closer than expected. I think these special election results can be overemphasized, but with Trump's low approval ratings and low Republican enthusiasm in general, probably not a surprise if Dems outperform expectations. Question is how much and for how long.
  9. No, not TCU grad.
  10. My neighbor across the street is a former killer B from that Dolphin team.
  11. Obviously you always need a great 3 PT shooter, but I think a guy like that could be key next year. We have several decent 3 PT shooters, but not really a great one.
  12. Seven Big 12 teams, including 3 (TCU, Tech, OU) who didn't make the tourney.
  13. 2015 was a clear step forward from the years around it. Yeah the nonconference schedule was weak, but not that much weaker than the years around it. NC SOS (Pomeroy) have been 307, 350, 284, 245 for 2014-2017. Not sure if the noncon SOS for this year includes the NIT games. It was a decent team with good guard play that would have challenged for a MWC crown- only SDSU and Boise were ahead of us that year- but lost its mojo in the gauntlet of Big 12 conference play. I don't think it is in the same level as this year's team, but it also wasn't that far off. Remember, we lose to OU in the tourney and our season finishes 17-15 (6-12). When you are in the flat part of the bell curve of team strength, slight improvements (or increased luck) can mean dramatic results. I think this is where Dixon makes a huge difference. If he is coaching, maybe we beat Baylor and WVU in OT or upset KU early in conference play and get some confidence.
  14. Finished 29 in Pomeroy, 30 in Sagarin, 26 in Massey and 36 in the Massey composite: Our Pomeroy rankings over time: 2002- 111 03- 171 04- 154 05- 96 06- 239 07- 171 08-177 09-126 10- 182 11- 170 12- 162 13- 266 14- 212 15- 56 16- 136 17- 29 2015 will probably be a little underrated team in fan's eyes. 18-15, ranked in the top 25 for the first time in a long time in late December. Ball bounces our way in a few games, especially the OT losses early in the conf season, and we might have made the NIT. Wore down at the end of the year, but didn't have enough in the bank to make the NIT like we did this year. Plus we played that year at Wilkerson Greines- who knows how much of a boost we would have had at home. But all in all, take away the NIT run, 2015 and 2017 are fairly similar seasons.
  15. I do think Dixon will go a little less with the two PG offense next year. You might see those guys average 5 minutes less a game or so.