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  1. I do think he SC upholding part of the travel ban is a pretty big win for him, despite many questions about the ban still being in the air. I think that other stuff is mostly small ball. And having to admit you lied all the time about there being "tapes" is a pretty big loss this week. Not to mention the mine field that is health care reform, especially since he campaigned that it will be "terrific", and it clearly won't be for most people. Also if this being spun as a "good week", it really shows how many bad weeks he's had.
  2. Does any one else still read "MTN" as the old conference network from the MWC?
  3. OTOH, here are the Director's cup standings with only baseball left: Surprisingly, we got no points from Men's and Women's track and field. With baseball we'll end up in the 50's which is a little worse than our average rank the last decade.
  4. Now that was a fun game to go to. Go Frogs!
  5. Listening on the road (not driving!) Radio guys thought it was close but safe. What did Tv say? I'm
  6. Nice win. No reason we can't come out of the losers bracket and win this.
  7. A couple gave me a chuckle
  8. I agree to an extent, although there are obviously grey areas in "killing for something you believe in"- wars, law enforcement, etc. I guess the "believe in" in those areas is more of a job/ service/ greater good "believe in" than ideological.
  9. Interestingly, our Director's cup rankings have been fairly consistent the last decade+, regardless of which conference we are in): MW years 2006-2006: 55 2007: 52 2008: 57 2009: 42 2010: 40 2011: 53 avg 49.3 B-12 years 2012:52 2013: 50 2014: 77 2015: 37 2016: 39 Avg 51 (current is 61, but no T&F or baseball, yet; we'll probably end up in the 40s somewhere) Of course these rankings weight all sports equally and the real minor sports like rifle and equestrian can give big boosts. Meanwhile our NIT win gets us no points in this formula.
  10. What about a 2.5 Mil lottery ticket?
  11. Likely all 3 gone, no?
  12. This sounds like a good movie plot.