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  1. Looked it up. Half a season. That was a stacked Blues team. Memories are a funny thing, I would have been 10 years old, I went through a weird Hockey phase. And I remember a commercial or something with Bret Hull and Gretzky with theme music to the "Odd Couple"... So weird that I remember that.
  2. Didn't Gretzky play on the Blues for a second? Why did Edmenton Trade Gretzky in his prime?
  3. This entire thing is just getting (and has been) frustrating. More and more shit comes out of that cesspool, and its looking like absolutely nothing will be done. Its sad really.
  4. lol... hate you... good call.
  5. I like Wekl... I was just making a light hearted comment about how we lost 3 somewhat "left" leaning posters after the Trump win... Pretty sure Hfrog, crunch, and myself would all still be posting here if Hill won. Or maybe their absence and the Trump victory are totally unrelated, IDK. Didn't mean it as a divisive dig.
  6. gotta save him for CWS
  7. Yeah I've been seeing them all over instagram the last few weeks... I truly don't understand
  8. Maybe a run in the conference tourney is what we need to get some swag back
  9. you so funny and we're glad you are!
  10. gawd dang. We lost all the liberals, didn't we?
  11. Wonder how they actually look in person... those are clearly photoshopped.
  12. So we finished above Baylor. That's a win in my book!
  13. can I get that on the fox sports go app?