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  1. Seniors playing big tonight.
  2. Antonio Davis was a really good NBA player.
  3. Fall is a monster
  4. I was up in NYC 2 years ago during the KU/ TCU game... went to the watch party. A TON of people showed up, it was a really good time.
  5. If anyone would cut him some slack though, its Sneaky Pete.
  6. Yeah this is the kind of thing that gets a backup QB cut and black listed. While his Instagram isn't the worst. He certainly doesn't seem like he's putting in a lot of offseason work.
  7. Ball is a really, really good player. But yeah his dad is a bit aggressive. Good for TV tho
  8. Any college football game without metal detectors... frisk all 45,000 people at AGS and I promise you'd find at least 100 guns... An armed society is a Polite society.
  9. I remember my ex saying she didn't step foot on the regular campus one time in her 3 years there.
  10. Didn't see the big deal... People already carry to games anyway and no one gets shot. You're naive to think otherwise.
  11. Stay strong buddy.
  12. Can't coach that quick first step.