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  1. That foul was utter horse shit
  2. The Rockets will get 80 a night from their 4 guards. But yeah. Draft picks are never a bad thing. Lets see if Magic can actually draft however.
  3. Rockets just Stealin Sweet Lou from the Lakers... DM saw fresh meat with Magic and attacked...
  4. cantwait.gif
  5. well that was disappointing...
  6. I wouldn't agree with that. It's just Tillman I don't like. And I'm not alone. Still think UH is better than SMU or BYU. Maybe cincy. Can't decide
  7. And he just all around isn't a nice guy... try getting paid by him if you did any contract work.
  8. Too many fuggin turnovers. We're young and it shows. Next year with a SR Vlad. JR Robinson. And Soph fisher and bane. We gon be really good.
  9. Did we win?
  10. The end of that stupid UCF ECU game took forever.
  11. A deep NIT run isn't near as good as an NCAA birth. It's just not. They get plenty of practice
  12. Turk, thoughts on grilled onions?
  13. Is it just me or does that Super Frog look to be 6'8"?
  14. Looks fun... regarding NIT. I disagree. Would rather have a shot at the entire thing. You never know what can happen.