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  1. TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    Golf needs to be noisier.
  2. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    http://www.gofrogs.com/sports/m-baskbl/sched/tcu-m-baskbl-sched.html Non conference schedule. One true road game. Not many 'names' but some decent mid major teams in the mix.
  3. Athletes in Trouble Thread

    Given that everything happened after the season was over playing under an assumed name is quite the interesting trick.
  4. God save us....

    yes, we did. But you have to re-read the entire thread to find it...
  5. God save us....

    More of those brilliant Trump tactics, I suppose....
  6. The Official 2017 TCU Horned Frogs Football Countdown

    Got nothing to do with the board. The picture in question was hotlinked from the website of a hotel near West Point.
  7. God save us....

  8. Athletes in Trouble Thread

    Clearly somebody needs training in how to cover up athletic indiscretions...
  9. The continuing saga of Baylor Athletics

    So you're a fan of biting humor.
  10. God save us....

    Now Trump pulls the plug on his infrastructure Council. It had a shelf life longer than The Mooch but not by much...
  11. The continuing saga of Baylor Athletics

    He's a carnivorous fish?
  12. God save us....

    And this point gets proved...
  13. Sciency stuff

    That. Is. Funny.
  14. The continuing saga of Baylor Athletics

    How about one that walked away with a 20 million dollar severance package?
  15. Too early to start a 2017 football thread?

    Certified letter turned out to be an impound notice on a car I don't own...