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  1. Subtle...
  2. Damn liberals...
  3. And patience.
  4. Ah.
  5. Thats an 'S'. As in South.
  6. Cute, but doesnt answer the question.
  7. Dont see where she suggested they did.
  8. Vin scully used to do that all the time. Pretty much sums up baseball in general.
  9. Andy Dalton's new tailback is....Joe Mixon.
  10. He wasnt on NFL Countdown or College GameDay. Thems the 1st string.
  11. Everybody who thought overwise was lying to themselves. Not sure how you get from the Cowboys approaching TCU to its TCUs idea. Both schools got money whipped. Welcome to the real world, chief.
  12. Most of the departed are field reporter and 2nd level analyst types. Those layoffs were across the board and it is ESPN admitting they were overstaffed in that arena. But their real issue - overpaying for rights - cannot be addressed for several yrs.
  13. The Chicago Bears are run by idiots.
  14. Some people seem.actually shocked to learn college athletics is a business. People are idiots.
  15. We're all just day-to-day...