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  1. Today is Monday. In case someone wants to dispute that... I would have posted earlier, but I just got back from the beach.
  2. Only 10 Mens and 10 Womens sports count in the Directors Cup. 4th is worth 80, so we'll up around 58th.
  3. Exactly. Nothing in DFW qualifies.
  4. Season over. Dont care who wins.
  5. No beach...
  6. Stop raining! I'm on vacation!
  7. Ive never counted outs. Not gonna start.
  8. Same time tomorrow, boys and girls...
  9. I like our chances right now.
  10. Ha - I dont think Brown actually touched 1st base...
  11. Remember when our bullpen sucked?
  12. Several changes in the field for Florida.
  13. Long game. These guys apparently dont realize I need to get up early tomorrow...
  14. Bad juju, Mr Ravech...