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  1. Depends on her Blue Book value.
  2. My car automatically changes directions if I get too close to a mall.
  3. I think the clinical term is epileptic seizure...
  4. The numbers: Record: 16-12/6-10 RPI: 60 (6th in the conference) SOS: 27 Predicted record: 18-12/8-10 (wins over KSU and OU) The next game vs Kansas State is predicted to be a 78-70 win. ESPN's Bracketology has us in the 'next 4 out' group along with KSU. CBS still has us in the play-in game, but we may need some help.
  5. Then she should/could leave. It's not like she would be lacking for job offers. She's a HOF caliber coach. And a HOF caliber ahole, apparently.
  6. PriceWaterhouseCoopers is doing my taxes this year...
  7. Had to laugh at this. I have a cousin who is a kool-aid Aggie, so I get to experience all the lame and semi-lame stuff the A&M athletic dept sends out on Facebook. So today it was about the Ags taking a home baseball series. It included this gem: #OlsenMagic Must apply to the regular season only.
  8. That tap dancing music you hear is coming from Kim Mulkey's office...
  9. And if that ticky tack bad call had happened in the 1st half, nobody notices. And saying that calls should be different depending on the time of game is bad. Believe that then you should never again complain about referees being inconsistent because you are saying you want them to be inconsistent.
  10. For those who care, in addition to FSSW+ todays game is also on FS North+ and FS Arizona.
  11. Eh, he was shit in that movie...
  12. What does smoked frog taste like?
  13. Nice hat you wore...