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  1. Do tell...
  2. I don't think that article matches your response.
  3. I bet UH would win more games in its first 14 seasons in the B12 than Baylor did. Baylor's success - in football, at least - is a mirage. It was built by and on despicable criminal activity, so whatever value they accrued by winning is meaningless and should be dismissed. And this isn't their first scandal as a B12 member... I think UH with Fertitta's money right now is more valuable than a tarnished Baylor.
  4. Interesting that there is no suitable replacement. Baylor is no more attractive than UH, Cincinnati or BYU, in my opinion. Give any of those schools B12 money and recruiting, and I bet they would easily fill the void. If Baylor was not already in the B12, I doubt they'd be any more desirable than SMU is right now - even without a rape scandal.
  5. Yes, the use of "leads" as opposed to "led" is, uh, misleading. But that's not the only thing that stands out about this story...
  7. Wouldn't I need need scientific proof before I could offer an opinion? Oh, and your sampling hardly meets the "consensus" standard. 😊
  8. Anybody else see season two of The Missing on Starz? Season one was ok. Season two? Wow! Outstanding.
  9. Show proof. 👍
  10. Remember when people complained about Obama's Executive Orders? What was the response -- by the national media, no less? Bush did a bunch, too!
  11. I would be thrilled to see Baylor kicked to the curb and have to spend the next couple of decades wandering from conference to conference trying to work their way back in... Justice.
  12. I could have complained about something Obama did every day, too. But it I didn't. Yabbit, yabbit, yabbit...
  13. They needed a year to figure this out?
  14. They control the weather now!
  15. Canned Heat, man.