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  1. Well, you're here, aren't you?
  2. Breaks my heart. From the outside, he's such a likeable person. He has great charisma. I hope he can overcome this.
  3. Wait, there's actually an uptown in Dallas? They buried the lede again.
  4. That's more than I ever get.
  5. A little too much dancing in the aisles on here for my taste over the discreditation of some random dude's internet meme that seemingly few on here endorsed. Some of you are acting downright giddy that this guy's meme blew up in his face. I had hoped these "gotcha" politics had disappeared with pcf, but sadly they didn't.
  6. Greetings from the South Regional in Memphis. UNC / Butler and UCLA / Kentucky. UNC is good.
  7. Just more of the hairy-legged, feminazi yankee lawyer, UT, ESPN conspiracy against Baylor.
  8. The other site is busy retracting this story this morning. As suspected, lots of false info.
  9. I have no inside info, but I'd let the dust settle a little on this one before we form opinions. Everything on that other site was pure speculation, or from hearsay.
  10. You didn't already?
  11. Sugar is really bad for you when you are sick, Sugar.
  12. You should read the book Go Like Hell by AJ Baime. It's the story of Fords quest to beat Ferrari in the 60s. It starts out with a good history of the tragedies at LeMans, including Levegh's wreck in 1955 that killed 82 people. You might have liked some of those old cars!
  13. Leaf springs, baby!
  14. Is it like the Challenger/Charger redux models? I respect what they've done with those.
  15. I'm due for a nice tart tatin. I think.