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  1. I wouldn't doubt it. He was a large man. He's evidently been in the hospital a few days though. I didn't realize he had gotten sick in any way. It'll be weird tomorrow to look out tomorrow and not see him sitting on the county road next to my house doing his storm spotting.
  2. I think all of the VFDs in the county sent trucks to escort our VFD's chief's body from Athens where he died to the funeral home in Palestine.
  3. Stay hard to my back door neighbor Tiny, the VFD Chief
  4. Axe 'em! until TCU comes back then GO FROGS!!!
  5. My mom was a prison nurse at one of the largest units in Texas for 20 years. Seasons of real life...
  6. I'm about to go to quite possibly the most redneck thing I've ever done:
  7. Depends on who you know
  8. Thats' her name. I misunderstood my wife saying baby's girl's in mom-eze. Thus, Mary Frances became baby squirel.
  9. The baby squirrel is 3 months today:
  10. From my family to yours!
  11. My picture of the picture taking of my adorable daughter and my sons too:
  12. Happy day after your birthday!
  13. TD Ameritrade in Omaha
  14. I need to come back in June.
  15. Following the damn bus instead of my GPS.
  16. It was the first place that we came to after Tulsa that seemingly had some form of civilization in it so that we could stop and let our students eat. Our final destination for the night was the Comfort Suites Speedway in Kansas City. Now we're headed to another crappy hotel and the convention center where the contest is in Council Bluffs.
  17. I'm driving the whole trip. It's on to Iowa tomorrow.
  18. We lost a lot of limbs at home today and supposedly a small tornado touched down a few miles from our house. There were trees downed on the highway and lots of people without power. Driving through it to Kansas City, it wasn't that bad.
  19. I just drove 12 hours in the most round about damn way to get to Olathe.
  20. From what I understand, she left work on Thursday because her blood sugar was messed up. She came in yesterday, but went to urgent care yesterday because it was still messed up. Some of the paras tried checking on her today by text and calling, but she didn't answer. They went to her apartment this afternoon and she was dead.
  21. Holy hell, I just found out that I'm driving the mini-bus or suburban for part of this trip to Iowa now. In other news, they found one our teachers dead in her apartment this afternoon.
  22. I'll be so glad when I go to class or anywhere, it won't be a 90 mile drive to get there in 3-4 months. I'm heading to FCC Irving this morning. I have leads in Lewisville, Arlington, Garland, and possibly Mesquite.
  23. Water damage is weird on that stuff. If it comes in sideways or up, it's covered differently sometimes than if it comes down.
  24. excepted or accepted
  25. I married a Baylor ('99) alumnae. My youngest son watches Baylor sports to piss me off.