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  1. Baylor is as Baptist as most Baptists I know and I'm absolutely surrounded by them.
  2. I'm still here. I just usually don't post a lot politically.
  3. Not that this won't be done, but isn't this illegal? 4. Please make sure you room is clean before turning in your checkout sheet. Please do not leave a mess in your room. They will hold your next check if the room is not cleaned. Also, it makes you feel good/dumb/used to see that there are three jobs posted to replace you. Sadly, there should be two more, but they don't want to pay to serve the students in that area.
  4. This is so weird. The superintendent he had just met with to resign his position was my former super. http://kfdm.com/news/local/suicide-reported-at-kirbyville-high-school
  5. So my new school makes me happy from afar. This is my new principal at my new school, soloing with one of the school orchestras.
  6. That's not what I wanted my children to experience, but it was still something different than normal for them. They didn't understand the kneeling, the sign of the cross, or why the bulletin was essentially a 10 page book they had to follow along and read from. All the candles were prelighted. There was no processional. I could totally be Episcopalian, but I want traditional mass. I wonder if the Anglican Saturday mass down the road was contemporary too.
  7. Worship last night was interesting. I've never been to a contemporary Episcopal liturgy.
  8. These are students at my new school:
  9. Ha ha, after my sermon today, I think the one man who gives me so much hell would vote to let me stop preaching and just pay me through the end of my time at the end of July. I just went from the New Testament through to a few centuries of mothers' of the church. The women who were patronesses, deacons, elders, widows, prophets, pastors, and the like in the early church.
  10. Holy hell I'm tired. We started with a soccer game at 8 in The Colony. Then, we went to the Meyerson for BOGO tickets to Mozart's Magnficent Journey. We came back for another soccer game in The Colony. After that we went to Highland Park to HPUMC. Next was to McKinney to see my wife's grandmother that is dying from cancer. Then it was on to Rockwall to see my mom. Now we're back in Frisco for more soccer tomorrow, or my wife and younger son are. I have to go preach tomorrow.
  11. I accepted a job offer today in the Metroplex. I'm not sure where I'm living yet since my wife has not been offered a job yet, but I know where I'll be.
  12. Happy belated birthday to the other East Texan on the board!