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  1. What else would you expect from the likes of Brietbart or Gohmert? This is considered real news now in the new republic.
  2. We'll be at the Mid-America Center. I'm not sure we're taking any white students. Even my son is Hispanic. My son's team is all Hispanic.
  3. We have a mobile cesspool to ride in:
  4. I'm evidently chaperoning the robotics trip to Iowa in April. I found out tonight. Woo hoo activity school bus trip with 10 students and multiple parents to Council Bluffs!
  5. I hate the burdens she bore for the rest of her life. Abortion is hard on most women. Being the face of it for most of your life has to be even worse. I hate abortion, but I know making abortion illegal works about as well as Prohibition did.
  6. I forgot to add that I'm taking any donations towards outfitting sweet baby girl in TCU gear.
  7. Oddly, no one bought us TCU, SFA, Baylor, or UT Tyler stuff for her. She does have an ETBU onsie from her uncle that played and works there.
  8. She is wearing what she wore to met her only living great-grandmother in earlier. She still hasn't made it through all of her newborn outfits people gave us, and this was the next on one the rack.
  9. My wife bought us a date night for Valentine's. https://www.mydso.com/buy/tickets/rachmaninoff-and-rachmaninoff I got her the girl charm for Mary Frances to go with the two boys charms for our sons on the necklace she wears: https://www.jamesavery.com/mobileProduct/Girl-Charm/156056.uts?keyword=Girl I also got her a photo music box that plays "Ode to Joy". She came down the aisle to a theme and variations arrangement of "Ode to Joy".
  10. We call him Grandpa at our house. We cheer for him in every game we watch, except TCU. We actually still cheer for him then, just not to win. He's someone I'd love to sit down and talk to. He seems to be one of the good guys.
  11. Not really not even within 20 miles in any direction
  12. My baby girl is almost newborn size.
  13. I watched them break my wife's water with a plastic stick and then refill the fluid about 14 or 15 hours later with a bag of saline.