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  1. http://m.kltv.com/kltv/db_330566/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=2zkP36Vl Another murder behind the Pine Curtain...
  2. I think my white Anglo ass is supposed to live somewhere with a more Anglo climate.
  3. We have a small window unit for upstairs in the parsonage. It cools the 300 sq ft up there well. We have central air, but with only one floor vent upstairs, it doesn't do a whole lot. The boys get it colder up there with the window unit than we keep it downstairs. We used to keep it at 65 until Mary Frances was born. Now we keep it at 68. Any warmer and my wife and I would melt away.
  4. Worst tropical storm ever... It's barely rained here.
  5. What about the Denton County part of Carrollton?
  6. What about Carrollton? Is that Dallas? I said I'd never live in Dallas damnit.
  7. I teach middle school now, but not in Kentucky.
  8. So, sodomy is still illegal in Kentucky, and SHE was charged with it...
  9. I wonder if Baylor is so low because they only report women who are raped as having committed alcohol violations, instead of as rapes.
  10. http://m.chron.com/news/local/article/Texas-colleges-with-the-most-liquor-and-drug-11200504.php?ipid=ntk#photo-5553178 A new report singled out Texas Christian University as the state's leader in liquor- and drug-related arrests on college campuses.
  11. I need a house for my family of 5. Were but lowly school teachers who attended TCU and Baylor. I have a mortgage worth of student loans from my time at TCU. Paying off my student loans would allow us to get a house and much more. Sincerely, SFA Frog