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  1. So maybe the Baylor women are just that irresistible...nope, never mind.
  2. Damn Millenial
  3. They would have to replace Incarnate Word with the Brooks Institute of Photography for the future football schedule.
  4. Sadly, I don't expect much. If there's any program that deserved massive penalties, it's Baylor - total lack of institutional control. As I've continued to say, Baylor has no right being involved in major college athletics. They've cheated for far too long.
  5. How Great Thou Art
  6. I keep waiting for him to hit his stride - probably the most athletic player on the team, should be much more aggressive in taking it to the rim.
  7. I say we have a March Against Baylor!
  8. It's in the lawsuit - coaches paying for drugs, alcohol, etc on recruiting trips
  9. I would love to experience the same outcome...probably the best atmosphere we've ever had at a game as well.
  10. I think they're talking about TCU's Stop Six satellite campus.
  11. 11:00 games are the new Thursday night game for us.
  12. Dalton remains undefeated against RGIII...looked like another fluke though.
  13. #TruthDontLie
  14. So basically, this will reveal the biggest scumbag. There are plenty of them involved with Baylor, so it's just a matter of seeing who's been worse. Baylor is going to be paying for this for a loooong time...have fun Matt Rhule
  15. James Penny is a legend in Mexico