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  1. At least he did actually get a dig on Baylor, so that makes up for it. I hate to admit it, but as far as everything else he's fairly right...although you could insert numerous schools that used NIT runs as the jumpstart to the program - UVA, etc. I'm elated for the seniors. I'm sure they were told coming in they would have a chance to be the group that was the resurgence of the program, and they went through some really tough times and now finally have a reason to have some pride. It doesn't hurt that they seem to be really great kids as well.
  2. They play a Princeton-style offense, tons of backdoor cuts.
  3. Art wouldn't touch a guy without 3-4 red flags...
  4. Surprised at the 4 seed - expected a 2 but happy we're playing in Ft Worth and the Fresno matchup was always fun back in the Tubbs-Tark days
  5. $10MM would go much further in Cincinnati
  6. That would be perfectly fine with me.
  7. It's those money hungry sluts that are trying destroy the program.
  8. Nope, her athletes fit right in:
  9. So maybe the Baylor women are just that irresistible...nope, never mind.
  10. Damn Millenial
  11. They would have to replace Incarnate Word with the Brooks Institute of Photography for the future football schedule.
  12. Sadly, I don't expect much. If there's any program that deserved massive penalties, it's Baylor - total lack of institutional control. As I've continued to say, Baylor has no right being involved in major college athletics. They've cheated for far too long.
  13. How Great Thou Art
  14. I keep waiting for him to hit his stride - probably the most athletic player on the team, should be much more aggressive in taking it to the rim.