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  1. Saw a commercial today, and really realized just how happy I am that the Frogs won the Rose Bowl. The past several years would have been unbearable here in Houston with JJ Watt always on TV had they lost to Wisconsin.
  2. Yes, I know Thursday, it was in my second post. Now I see the UCF date. I am not used to reading upwards.
  3. Great game frogs. Let's do it again on Thursday vs GT. Guess another night of dinner at Twin Peaks.
  4. The frogs play tomorrow?
  5. https://twitter.com/TCUMensTennis
  6. I have not heard of this before, but I know few people that partied that much without a safe driver. I wonder if he was just an ordinary guy that lived in he neighborhood if he would have been arrested or just told to get a ride home.
  7. Watching the games, following game tracker or just reading stats, the frogs do not seem to be a very good team at pitching or hitting. They seem to be really good at only one thing: winning. They play to win regardless of style or stats.
  8. I have a feeling we will be quite happy with the front 4 next year.
  9. I don't think we are lacking talent in that area though.
  10. Through three rounds: Big 12: 3-0 - TCU ACC: 4-2 - Georgia Tech B1G: 3-3 - out MWC: 2-3 - out SEC: 2-3 - out Pac 12: 0-3 - out Remaining seeds: 2 - 4 seeds 1 - 6 seeds 1 - 8 seed
  11. Saw that there were 5 Big 12 teams in the top 20 now. I thought 5 of 10 is pretty good, then looked it up and saw that only 6 schools have teams. So 5 of 6 teams in the top 20 - excellent conference for men's tennis.
  12. So will the team get to head to NY early or wait till last minute? There is NCAA tourney play there this weekend, they might enjoy seeing some in hopes of making it next year (even if BU is one of the teams).
  13. Watching the game, I was impressed with the Spiders hustle on the court. Cline was also impressive in his game for them. Sucks for them that they had to go out on a big loss as opposed to a tight game. Best of luck to them next year. A few on their boards seemed to think the frogs weren't that good since we only went 6-12 in conference play. We just had height on them as the only reason for doing well. Overall, most seemed pretty balanced on their boards with thoughts and basketball knowledge. As a side note to a conversation on their board and here - I am quite happy with a NIT run over a one and done in the NCAA tourney. This is more games for the fans to watch. More games for the seniors to play together. Plus a chance to go out with a win and tourney championship instead of going one and done to end your career. (PS. Yes, a long NCAA run would be better)
  14. Finally got a chance to see one of these games on TV and not just following a game thread or game tracker. Turned out to be a good one for the frogs. Great job by Williams on the triple double.
  15. Thanks for updating with the postponed vs cancelled and the to be finished date.