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  1. Can we use 6 of the extra runs from the earlier game. It is the same day still.
  2. Great for the team. I still want to see the 100M be listed with TCU runners like it used to be.
  3. What, a Baylor player that stretches the rules a little. I would have never guessed that. Congratulations to Stalder and Lopez, and good luck the rest of the way.
  4. Well, hoping OSU wins today, but not UT today
  5. I can see the night slot for TV, but I would guess they would keep the times for which ever teams were still playing. I think the 4 would be better in terms of fans being at the stadium and players getting the evening to rest. Though tougher on the TCU/UT game since it will be a short break between the two times. Edit: Saw elsewhere that if only 3 games, the third will be at 4 per Big 12 guidelines.
  6. Now maybe a little hamburger for lunch and a steak for dinner tomorrow maybe.
  7. Just score watching. We didn't want the RPI hit from Abilene Christian, but they have Oregon St in a 4-4 tie in the 10th. Not bad for them.
  8. Kinda wish Tech had won. Only because I would want to see TCU and Tech both make the finals and have TCU win to even the season series to 2-2. Then I would be happy with a co-championship in the regular season.
  9. How long after the Tech game ends before ours begins?
  10. Also would not mind UT Kansas going about 16 inning tonight.
  11. Just checked scores and it looks like OSU is trying to play their way into the tournament.
  12. Congrats to Norrie and good luck to all the players in the singles. It was a great run for the team.
  13. Sad Sad, I will be out at the park all day tomorrow (well, later today now). Hope someone is able to step up and take the keyboard. mmmm Whataburger
  14. Thanks for the play by play.
  15. Final 8 update: Big 12: 2 left with UT and TCU Pac 12: 1 left with UCLA ACC: 3 still in with Wake, Virginia and N Carolina SEC: 1 left with Georgia (home team and they upset USC. Guess no issues with any scandals) B1G: 1 left with Ohio St (OU gave them a good run though)