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  1. Was a good game, will have to go through some of the pics and see if they came out ok. It got a bit chilly towards the end of the game. When I got in my car leaving the parking lot, it registered 48 degrees outside.
  2. Congrats to the men, and better times in the next match for the women. Wish the Men's match didn't overlap the basketball game.
  3. Hope the conference and refs are happy. An extra team in the NCAAs means more money as well. There are always bad calls in a game, but there were just a couple today that seemed way more one-sided than usual. Esp. that one at the end. WVU may have won in overtime without it, but it would not have been decided by a bad call. That said. I really believe we should not have WVU back again as it was this time. Their fans wore yellow and we wore purple. I thought I went down I-10 instead of I-45 and ended up in Baton Rouge with all the purple and gold.
  4. Don't know if this was posted here, but saw it on Tigger Drippings. The TV schedule was released for the Houston series. All 9 games on FSN regional and streaming on Fox Go plus 2 are national on FS2 - TCU vs LSU and TCU vs A&M.
  5. Went to order a baseball ticket. Why is there a $5 delivery fee for will call?
  6. Isn't crazy a more fun way to go about life...
  7. Hit rep instead of quote, but all PD post should work that way right? I have a Lumia Icon running windows. So completely different from the iPhones. Perhaps something in the board coding, since I am not sure it happens on any other board, though I don't visit many places on my phone, or maybe the way certain quotes are done. It has no specific person that does it, just happens for most but not all twitter quotes (assume those were twitter you had earlier).
  8. As far as geography: UH - lose one Texas team, add another is a wash. Cincy - losing Baylor really doesn't diminish the Texas market by much and Cincy adds a team closer to WVU and a new market in Ohio, thus much better IMO. Recent success means little, they got most of their wins from bad OOC and by simple taking a few wins away in conference from others. UH could do the same, and Cincy might add a few wins to OU, K St, and UT making them look better thus improving conference perception. I think Cincy or UH would improve the conference as replacements for Baylor, just not as additional teams to the conference.
  9. For some reason that one did not mess it up. Don't know if it was the way the link was quoted or what. This was going on all through football season as well. If it is just my phone that it happens on, then carry on. No need to hold off quotes for everyone else on my account. But thanks for the concern.
  10. No problem, It may just be a very limited few who are affected by it since most have not mentioned it before. And congrats again frogs - had to stay off the thread since I was watching the TV.
  11. Congrats Frogs. PS. Those tweet quotes on page 7 made it absolutely impossible to read the rest of that page on my phone. Tweet quotes often make the page continuously jump and shift up and down many times per second.
  12. Update on Sunday. Looks like the game starts at 11am tomorrow. (Not affecting today's game) Looking at the listing on gofrogs, the game is an hour earlier, but the TV game will be shown at normal time on a tape delay with FSSW+.
  13. Hmm, a coach talking about values. Hope he has no plans to move to Waco for a job. Might be looking for a long time there. I hope he finds a better job quickly, sounds like a good example for young men based on the article.
  14. One day they will get all their stuff working where I can use it, then I can subscribe. What is with Penn St, do they not have any fans? I looked at some boards and all they have are football, basketball and wrestling. How do their other sports have any success with no fan support?
  15. I need audio, baseball is great on the radio while I am cooking dinner. Sucks that all that is coming through are the commercials and no game. Does it work on frogvision or are both the penn st feed and frogvision messed up?