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  1. God save us....

    We're still in reality tv mode. Another week, another contestant fired.
  2. God save us....

    That's one bad ass 5 year old. I'd name a school after a guy like that.
  3. Athletes in Trouble Thread

    Why would he be dismissed before being found guilty??? Waco taught me that you can't dismiss someone until after the verdict, and maybe the sentencing. Even then, there's appeals....
  4. God save us....

    This. I'm glad you get that option. But when a group of people don't want me or my children to live, I have to say something. I'm glad you get to play with your kids and not fear for their lives.
  5. God save us....

    well, yeah. but broadcasting it on social media is, realistically, a threat.
  6. God save us....

    If there were armored and armed groups protesting in your area, specifically your right to exist as a free person, would you go out there to counter-protest without any means of defending yourself? It's obvious the group that doesn't want you to be, is already prepped for battle. Going in hoping they'll be friendly is naive.
  7. God save us....

    This is the first I've heard of this part.
  8. Roster updates

    Good luck to the kid and his sick aunt (who raised him). I hope she can recover. This is a transfer reason I have no quarrels with; not selfish and helping people.
  9. Sciency stuff

    Great. I'm sure it's because I posted this, I got an order cancellation email. Their supplier didn't get them the glasses in time.
  10. Too early to start a 2017 football thread?

    Our dead time for decades before the Franchione/Patterson revival, wasn't as bad as I thought.
  11. Sciency stuff

    Makes me feel better about skipping amazon and finding a site off of the AAS list. Spent a little more, but I was worried about the authenticity of the ISO certificates on the amazon sales.