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  1. I get my money's worth for the free shipping. I hate shopping, so almost everything I need comes from there. The music and TV/movies are a nice bonus.
  2. The commute time might kill that deal
  3. $mooth. What? You thought this was an alias?
  4. I'm not clear on how this all works.
  5. It's like, they don't even consider the needs of others. downright selfish.
  6. Maybe, just maybe, the son of God could have had multiple modes of transportation....
  7. Living there would mean you're still paying for it somehow. reduced gas taxes, but higher everything else taxes and tolls. and you can't make left turns.
  8. We already established that he drove a Honda....
  9. Poor, poor Mrs. Duq.
  10. Lil' M? MH? MaF? MMFF? Little Juice?
  11. He was accused of not being a BU fan; since he isn't praising Baylor, he must be a Frog or an Aggie or has an agenda out for poor ol' baylor.
  12. He's saying there's a lot more shit Baylor was doing that has yet to be released. Recent releases are just the "tip of the iceberg" so to speak.
  13. I did that once. Woke up and the baby had slipped down in between cushions. Still sleeping and breathing just fine. Never made that mistake again.