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  1. I still leave a page of publications on my resume from my undergraduate research days. For most employers, it's a big deal. Would have never got that opportunity at most other strong engineering programs.
  2. So many things wrong with this post. Pax River is a terrible place I've been to way, way too many times. The super 80s are being phased out, but that should've happened a decade ago. What are the odds that you stay in first vs giving up the seat to the Misses? I've been talked out of the pre-check lane before since my travel partner didn't have it. And for a brown guy with a beard, that's a big sacrifice.
  3. Way to go Santee! That kid used to sleep on my couch in between classes. Great guy. .
  4. Obviously the Frisco Beach Bowl makes a lot more sense. I'll admit, I didn't even know there was a Miami Beach Bowl. I'm sure I watched some of it at one point or another, but had no idea.
  5. What in sam hill happened to the Flames? They were so hot. Ran into some trouble the first game. Got screwed in the second (that goal in the second period should have counted). Last night they were up 4-1 when I shut it off to work on taxes. I check this morning and they lost in OT. Unacceptable!
  6. You just don't get it. When bombing an ideaology, you have make a big spectacle so everyone knows.
  7. Ooohhh. say it again....
  8. The link is for a GBU-57. That is not a MOAB. The MOAB is the GBU-43. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GBU-43/B_Massive_Ordnance_Air_Blast
  9. I preface this with my armament experience is all Navy airborne and some Army airborne, not USAF, but the MOAB is not a ground penetration weapon. It is an air blast weapon, primarily for surface damage. Unless the tunnels were shallow, I can't see this having the effect we'd want. It does leave a crater from the kinetic impact of falling from a C-130, but JDAMs would have been much more effective of penetrating the ground prior to exploding. If it's used for a tunnels, it would have to detonate near an entrance so that the air blast would create a vacuum killing the individuals (but not sure it would cause a cave in to destroy the future use).
  10. wow. Do you know what happened? Was it expected?
  11. I don't think I know any of thsoe people. The only thing I know about Elizabeth Taylor is she has her name on White Diamonds, an old lady perfume.
  12. 6'8" Shooting Guard. Impressive.
  13. I often find head a little out of reach, as well.