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  1. She didn't happen to travel to Omaha with @Newbomb Turk, did she?
  2. What a frikkin disappointment. Only top 4? losers. Why even bother fielding a team if we don't win National Championships every year.
  3. I'll go ahead and repeat this one, as it was supposed to be the ARH-69 Arapaho before a particular 4 star redirected us, "We will not call my aircraft the 69 Hoe!" (Direct quote).
  4. I don't like this. I'm going to head back to the restaurant where we won the last two.
  5. Apparently I'm going to the wrong places. If don't think I was my server's type, but maybe Brad it's into hairy dudes.
  6. There was supposed to be heat? Always felt something was missing.
  7. my first work baby. ARH-70 Arapaho
  8. Wings again for me, too. I'll order them again tomorrow as well can't mesa with a win streak.
  9. This helped a good bit when my AC was broke last month. Can't replace AC, but it did make it so I could fall asleep at night. https://www.costco.com/Vornado-679-Medium-Panel-Whole-Room-Air-Circulator-Fan.product.100035162.html
  10. Don't know much about them, but 5 buildings downtown is going to be a big hit.
  11. Another beauty from my past. Although, my part was very very small.
  12. (Some mighty fine folks I've had the privilege of working for)
  13. Rick Hansen, of course.