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  1. It's basically Mexico.
  2. Mets win! 162-0
  3. Sure is
  4. I seriously hope parents are paying a lot of attention to this
  5. Savage And you're old
  6. That viewer is a total asshole
  7. My dad was a nudist
  8. That was the case in our day. The kids come from California now.
  9. Is that the K? Great stadium.
  10. Made from real polar bears
  11. I expect photos
  12. Texting instead of paying attention to your GPS?
  13. I took Isaac and Andrew to CEC last weekend with my ex-wife's mom (yes, that's normal for us). Isaac and I played the entire Transformers Human Alliance video game from start to finish, and I have to admit it was fun.
  14. This is more like what we expected from these players.
  15. Davey O'Brien would have been a rookie. I think he played a year in the NFL.