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  1. First episode was shown on CBS for free. The rest have to be through Amazon Fire box, XBox, a few more extra outside boxes, or streaming from CBS itself, at a fee. its not the money, just the principle. I could stream it on my iPad but won't give them a cent to do that.
  2. CBS wants to PAY to stream The Good Fight? Good show tonight, but they are out of their mind if they think I'm going to pay to watch it. Must have taken some notes from Disney. Greedy bastards.
  3. I laughed!
  4. Hope you have a great BD!
  5. Let me understand. You won't watch a great show due to his commercials? Oh, my.
  6. I've decided the next pet I get, I'm going to name him McConaughey, just for you, and due to the fact I like him.
  7. True Detective was not garbage. IMHO.
  8. Rumor out there of an ABBA reunion tour.
  9. My friend watched him sign it.
  10. Just looking for a value right now in case he does have to sell.
  11. Asking for a friend. He has a LT autograph in an unused ticket from the UTEP game where he broke the record. What do you think it's worth?
  12. So, if you get a strange package from FedEx, you might have a hint as to what is in it?
  13. I can agree with everything you said, and I officiated basketball for a long time as well, including some college WBB.
  14. I won't watch anything that Big O is involved with.