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  1. Welp. That ain't good.
  2. Terrific author, not so terrific a person.
  3. Can somebody post the unauthorized link to stream the video?
  4. This deserves accolades. Already clicked on green arrow.
  5. When at DFW last week, there were about 35 people in TSA line, and 1 in the general line. I went to general, showed my Pre-check boarding pass, and went right through, still leaving shoes on, etc. This is a little trick I learned last year. Coming back from Chicago, the lines were just the opposite. TSA line was the best option by far. I agree that the $85 spent for TSA was well worth it.
  6. Hope it was a good one. Sorry I'm a little late to the party.
  7. Jared and RSK, I'm in Chicago. It's May. It's cold here. Don't like cold. Ate some BBQ in Rosemont at a place called Bub's. Outstanding. Will come back next year. Pizza tomorrow, at noon, then meetings until Sat. Noon. Saturday night, it's Harry Carey's downtown. Back to the warmth of Texas on Sunday.
  8. When do the season ticket holders start bitching?
  9. It's nice you recognize that. 😀
  10. Heart attack?
  11. I thought it was a bad call as well. The next inning they showed a replay and the Ump got it right.
  12. But the big piece of 💩still on tv. I want the big piece of 💩doing nothing better than t-ball games.
  13. If a spare is second string, yes. I'm disappointed Mike Tirico wasn't cut loose.
  14. I'm not crazy about it, however, we are going to be paid $5M to move the game there. Since I get to go to so few home games anyhow, I probably wouldn't have been/won't be able to attend. CDC indicated it was a business decision he couldn't pass up.