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  1. And there was a good defensive stop at first base for the second out. :-)
  2. It's Louisiana. What do you expect, perfect English?
  3. Yes, yes she is. Why would anybody want to play for her?
  4. Hope you had a great BDay.
  5. Good news for my daughter's golden today. Thought her tumors had spread to her lungs as she was coughing very bad. Took her to the vet and turns out she had ingested some of their pool water into her lungs and they were infected. Plus, the tumors they thought she had aren't cancerous. And was heart worm negative. Sweetest dog you could own. Looks like she will be around a lot longer than they thought. Everybody relieved.
  6. Just sent you a PM. I can use them if you still have them.
  7. If I could find a "used" car, with huge discount, and it only had 500 miles on it, I could force myself to drive a stick shift. Good job, doc.
  8. If anybody is a season ticket holder and can't go, buy your tickets and I will buy them from you.
  9. Those are some purple-tinted glasses you have on this morning.
  10. Most of the time I would rather be sitting next to a service dog than people I get stuck with.
  11. Went to the game. A win is a win, but it was f-ugly.
  12. I can't imagine too many things worse than having crabs, either in season or not. i bet RSK thought of this also. 😀
  13. Couldn't agree more.
  14. I wouldn't trade Tex-Mex, chicken-fried-steak, and BBQ for all of the fresh food in the country. But, glad you like it. 😀