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  1. I certainly didn't mean to imply that you malcontents took it down. I meant the link I copied did, or at least that's what I assume.
  2. God save us....

    I think we need a change.org petition to tear down the Roman Colosseum and the Egyptian Pyramids.
  3. Interesting that the image I posted of Lee being a USMA 1829 grad has apparently been removed from the web.
  4. Ricky Martin had 17 hits?
  5. God save us....

    Ok. Its been fun chatting. Hopefully my view that the .0001% of the nuts in America do not speak for the remainder did not piss too many of you off. Back to the sports board for me for awhile.
  6. God save us....

    It doesn't help when the message from vocal portions of the other side argue: Trump is wrong. You voted for Trump. Therefore you are a racist, misogynist, white supremacist...etc., etc., etc.
  7. God save us....

    Yes, the problem is the authorities should have cordoned off the counter protesters from the permitted protesters and never allowed them to form human chains. It does not take a rocket surgeon to realize allowing these two groups to clash would lead to a bad result. So there is some blame on the city as well. But I guess separating groups of protesters is a new concept...or not:
  8. God save us....

    Ummm...so the counter protesters tried to block the marchers. Yeah, sounds like all the blame is on the marchers, who should have just said. "Well, I came all this way to have my dumb rally, but these guys are blocking the way. Let's pack 'em up boys." Again, seems like there is some blame that can be spread all around on this one. Edit: From your link, this is how a rational human counter-protests: Mary Esselman Writer My 13-year-old son and I stood by ourselves on the corner down the street from the synagogue, in front of the Catholic Church, trying to walk back home but interrupted by a stream of white extremist marchers, with their signs and firearms and crazy regalia. I felt like an idiot but tried to look each in the eye and said, “Peace,” and “Peace be with you,” with as much sincerity as I had in me, trying to reach some humanity in them, and they jeered and mocked me, called me what you might imagine, told my son, Luke, that his mom was a this and a that. And now I learn that my son and labradoodle and I, and our little “peace be with you”s are apparently “alt-left.” Our path home was blocked by them, and we had no choice but to face them. Just us alone on that street corner, and all of them menacing, streaming past us on their way to the rally. Later, when we were a block away from where everyone was clashing and considering going to the front steps of the public library, there was a big line of white supremacists, the leader wearing some kind of yellow spiked helmet, and as they tromped toward the rally, these lovely older women standing beside us wearing sky blue T-shirts that said “Quaker” kind of trotted alongside them gently, holding signs that said “Love.” Alt-left for sure. I was armed with my iPhone and my dog’s leash. Luke was armed with his acne and hormones.
  9. God save us....

    Nope. If some group was protesting in downtown FW advocating for killing white males, I would not really care, unless I happened to be walking through downtown. If that were the case, I would laugh off their ignorance and avoid that location, because I fought for their right to spout whatever ignorant crap they want. But under my hypothetical, if a bunch of counter protesters showed up looking for a fight, I would place blame on the escalation on them as well. Not all counter protesters, just the knuckleheads.
  10. God save us....

    Agree, I believe the proper response is: and of course this:
  11. God save us....

    Sorry, but I do not feel threatened by protesters, unless they try to show up on my street and actually threaten me. I detest what those POS's stand for, but it is not like they were on their way to go break into home or workplaces and attack people, nor were they on their way to pass laws that would affect anyone's lives. Instead, they were making asses of themselves by touting an outdated ideology. But you more or less, make my point in that some people seem to infer that because those protesters are shitty people with racists views, that alone should be enough to revoke their right to free speech because it is threatening to others. That is something I disagree with. Instead, I blame the escalation on the Charlottesville situation on the folks from both sides who showed up prepared for and looking for a fight.
  12. God save us....

    Nah. I would probably play with my kids or go to work, depending on the day of the week. But that's just me.
  13. Too early to start a 2017 football thread?

    WVU seems like the best best for your money. Texas seems like the worst.