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  1. I mean, go big or go home, right? kidding. This team surpassed how far I thought they would go. Even after losing our best player, they still kept fighting. This team took NEGU to heart and it showed. Very proud of this team. That being said, it still doesn't alleviate the kick in the cajones of being ONE GAME away from the championship series two years in a row.
  2. It's Monday, and it still hurts
  3. Patterson was very, VERY high on Wilson. I'm very excited about him. 16 TFL, 9 sacks, 2 ints
  4. BOOM. Commit #12!! Ben Wilson LB 6-2, 220 lbs Had 17 offers including UCLA, Zona, ASU, L'Ville, Oregon St, Utah, and Cal, among others. Was being heavily recruited by Oregon, Stanford and UWash. Huge pick up. This guy is a BEAST.
  5. Yeah it's kind of a shitty thing for her to do for those who have been there THAT long and established their family in Fort Worth. Plus I really don't get it as from a upstream business stand point. XTO is exclusively a shale producing company. So while moving to Houston does get you closer to the Eagle Ford, Fort Worth is much more centralized to the big shale plays they operate out of (Woodford in OK and some TX, what's left of the Barnett, Bossier in ETX, Wolfcamp in WTX, and Eagle Ford in STX). And as far as I know, they don't operate offshore. But yeah, I know the Fort Worth Transit (The T) already bought one of them. But still, XTO was a HUGEEEEE part of how downtown came back to life (security, more business for restaurants, parades, etc.). Exxon's new campus is state of the art and unbelievably nice. But that still wouldn't make me wan to move there if I had the choice. Houston sucks.
  6. Ouch. That's a huge hit to downtown, and really the whole city. XTO was such a large piece of the community. XTO will move into Exxon's new campus in Houston. This move comes from relatively new, and Houston based, ExxonMobile prez. I was wondering why they had no presence at Colonial this year. They aren't completely leaving, but out of ~2,000 employees, only 350 will remain. They are selling all 7 of their buildings (5 downtown).
  7. Willie Allen (OT who LSU blocked from transferring to TCU) will enroll at Tyler JUCO. Read into that however you like. That does allow him to come to TCU the following season and play immediately. If it does go down like that, he would have 3 to play 3. Would be a huge addition along with Connor Mayes to shore up the line the season after this one.
  8. Name this former Frog and his position.
  9. Underrated unis imo
  10. Yup I take it back. These are my favorite
  11. When will he be deciding? Would be a huge pick up after losing Pierce and Rafus.