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  1. Major case of 'sucks for him' with the Cowboys

    That blows
  2. Win $2.5M scratch off. What happens?

    I'm sure it's coming. They actually won money in Vegas.
  3. TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    Monday lunch at 2:40 in the afternoon and the Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, TX was half full. The Best BBQ I've had since Jimmys Rib-a-teria closed down in the 80's.
  4. Win $2.5M scratch off. What happens?

    They've packed up the Escalde and are on their way to Daytona, Florida (with their 3 kids)
  5. TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    Looks like a field trip on the school bus for the juniors and seniors
  6. 2017 Football Schedule

    First year at U Texas and a championship game??