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  1. And so Baylor continues pursuing its mission "to educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service."
  2. Baylor is an utter embarrassment to every decent human on this planet.
  3. WHY does basketball insist on using such an obnoxious-sounding buzzer/horn? My wife is watching the game and I'm the one getting a headache from the cacaphony!
  4. Tuned in, right here in beautiful sunny El Paso, Texas. RIFF RAM!
  5. I've always been crazy. It keeps me from going insane.
  6. I cannot even begin to imagine the horror of being a rape victim, and then having to describe the experience in detail in at least one but probably more than just a single interview. It is easy for those of us not affected to wonder why a rape goes unreported--but I believe it is impossible for us to understand how incredibly difficult it is to report and to be interrogated in depth (which, unfortunately, has to be done to establish a prosecutable case against the perpetrators). I suppose all that the rest of us can do is to encourage women to report rapes by being supportive before the crime as well as after. We must insist upon and support a reporting system that ensures timely, compassionate response for the brave women who do step forward. Men, we absolutely must take the time and make the effort to educate ourselves about something we can never fully understand. We must initiate uncomfortable conversations with the women we love about such things as prevention, about reporting, about how another man's criminal act will not change our love for those women. We must avoid and discourage thought, so-called humor and conversation about women as mere objects of sexual appetites. No amount of "manly-macho indignation" after the crime will help. We all must be men...women...human beings who genuinely do care about victims long before they become victims.
  7. Not too late to commit...#MashForMicah Edit: EndlessPurple, it just dawned on me that this kind of Twitter link might be the cause of the issue you menentioned earlier. If so, I apologize for messing up. If it does naughty things to your app please advise and I'll take it down and replace it with something friendlier.
  8. Yes, audio only. However, I did find the video link for the Baylor v. North Texas softball game...
  9. I can only dream. At my location I'm limited to whatever the Mexicans decided to carry, which usually means kickball.
  10. In theory, on the air at 1045