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  1. Boykin is demonstrating a lack of commitment to his craft and to his own well-being. The downward spiral will accelerate and he will never play another complete season in the NFL.
  2. I had to put this game on mute...these announcers would make James Naismith hate basketball.
  3. UCF preview from FOW
  4. FROGS Muppets^Take New York
  5. Horned Frogs are in the air to NYC...
  6. I was stunned when I read PD's post...and my heart still aches from the news. Please express to Tyler my promise to continue praying for him and his entire family...for comfort, for courage, for stamina, for peace...all those things needed from day to day to make the most of each precious 24 hours.
  7. Gee...if only we had a murder to cover up! Someone needs to wipe the drool off Mac's chin...
  8. One of the good things I hope we learned from Dennis Franchione is that winning becomes a habit. HCDF pared down our overly-ambitious football schedules for a year or two so our football team could learn how to win and how enjoyable winning could be if you followed the HC's plan. Granted, some of our wins were not against world-class programs, but we started learning how to win again, after too long a time of knowing only how to lose and lick our wounds. The NIT field contains some top-notch programs who didn't quite make the cut for the NCAA tourney, so it's not like we're going up against tomato cans...we are playing generally decent to good teams who, like ourselves, are not quite ready for the NCAA's biggest basketball stage. So far we are winning and it looks as if we're also learning to win...maturing...coming together as a team, on the floor and in the stands. The idea of an overnight success is almost invariably flawed. Although an individual or a program may suddenly be recognized as outstanding, the foundation for that sudden success is nearly always laid with hours, weeks and months of preparation, occasional failures and lots of hard work. HCJD is guiding this team through those weeks and months right now. A quick flash-and-exit on the grand stage will not be as valuable long-term as the hours, days and weeks spent building this team the old-fashioned way. This team is acquiring the habit of winning, and that's a good habit to develop.
  9. Will definitely continue to pray for Tyler and his family.