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  1. What the hell is it with Portland these days, PD? Need a new water supply or something?
  2. It's cold as a witch's left mammary gland again today with temps in the 30s F plus rain and winds coming off the icepack to the north. And, as well, Rosencrantz and Guildestern Are Dead with Daniel Radcliffe is playing live from London at the local cinema. So, instead of continuing to outfit my boat, I'm going to take a day off and take my daughter out to it. Seems the far superior option. She saw it live last month in London when she was there and really wanted to see it again. Still cold tomorrow but sunny and may reach 40s with low winds...much better day to mount sails, I think. These constant north winds this year are really starting to get to people. Usually winds now are easterly: chilly-ish and rainy, foggy too, but not this bitter, bitter weather flow we've been getting this year. Still lots of icebargs around, though, which do look pretty! Am still amazed my ancient radar set still works when I connected it up for the season yesterday. It's total cathode ray technology just like you see in old B-movies. CRT unit weighs about 25 pounds. Radome is another 20. But it clearly showed a pickup truck on the dock road aft and the boats with radar reflectors all around as well as land features. It's so old that some of the aluminum plugins on the back of the unit are corroding to white powder. It takes aluminum decades to "rust". The unit dates from about 1992. Probably cost about as much as the whole rest of the boat back then. If it ever does break, I doubt there's any Raytheon parts left. Hell Raytheon doesn't even exist as a consumer supplier any more except as Raymarine which is now a separate entity.
  3. None of the above is my "ideology". But it is most definitely the "idiotology" of some of the more extreme out there. I believe very much not you for most of the cited items. Nor do I believe publishing conspiracy theories about Seth Rich's murder for apparaent clicks and profit really contributes much to reality-based thinking either. Your reality may vary? I truly hope not.
  4. Fox News statement of May 23: On May 16, a story was posted on the Fox News website on the investigation into the 2016 murder of DNC Staffer Seth Rich. The article was not initially subjected to the high degree of editorial scrutiny we require for all our reporting. Upon appropriate review, the article was found not to meet those standards and has since been removed. We will continue to investigate this story and will provide updates as warranted.
  5. Well we now know what the proper response is when your wife publicly doesn't want to hold your hand, you publicly grab her by the butt instead! Of course when you're rich and famous they love it!
  6. Old joke. But there is a ring of truth. Putting a $12K engine in my $20K boat last year brings this aphorism into sharp relief! But in these waters, a reliable new engine is a real comforter. I also bought a new personal locator beacon this year. Relicensing my liferaft took another $2K. Every single part was expired as I found my 3 year certificate was actually applied to the tail end of everything in a 6 year old piece of equipment necessitating replacing every single flare, cookie, other food, lithium battery, water flask, radio, compressed gas cylinder, and light. I'm not happy with the original company but they are now out of the business...probably for good reason. Oh well, my life is probably worth more than $2K. Bought a personal locator beacon this year too. Great for back country hiking as well as sailing both of which I love too much.
  7. #boatownerproblems are very real! Ask any boat owner!
  8. Sorry to inform you, but in a decade or two you won't even think about it many, many times a day. Maybe only several times a day then. But as crunch says, you can always focus on the good. For example, I am very consciously making a dish my wife would have made tonight: Green lentils in home made lamb stock with chopped lamb, savoury or garam masala (haven't made a final choice on these 2) and onions and probably red peppers in the final product. Probably some lovage too as it is coming up and she loved to use spring lovage (wild celery flavor) in stocks of all sorts. If I use garam masala, I will also add 2 chipotles. Great after a day in the rain and cold and she would have made exactly that for the family on a day like this. She was a truly great cook. Knew Larousse Gastonomique and Escoffier on the back of her hand. Serious stuff. She would have used mung beans as a first choice, but we are out at the moment and green lentils take no soaking to cook just fine as well. She informs my cooking 24 days in 25. How can "chipotles" be considered a spelling error on this board???????????????????????????
  9. Needed to drill a 1/4" hole in a 1/4" thick case hardened, stainless deck fitting out to 7/16ths with hand tools in order to mate a tensioner that a previous owner had bought which was mismatched to the hole and therefore damaging to the fittings of the tensioner (a very expensive bit of equipment costing ~$1,000). One 5/16ths, 2 3/8s, one 13/32s, and four 7/16s supposedly hardened, titanium coated metal-cutting drill bits later I now have my 80 dollar f-in hole. A round file wouldn't even touch this metal. Just dulled the file. Took 2 extra 20 mile round trips to a rural hardware store and the weather was just above freezing and rain. Total job took 4 or 5 hours. The parts now match at least on the lower end. On the upper end there is strill a mismatch, but I cannot drill out the fitting there as it would not leave enough metal and taking out the backstay to press in a new sized fitting is a true financial and physical pain. I may have to get a stainless steel welder someday to fill in the hole on the tensioner and then drill out a smaller 3/16s hole in it. Probably cheaper no matter what the price. Sometimes I wonder about sailing in these waters. There's still some snow on the near 1,000' cliffs in the area. Bay right now with N winds is filled with dozens of bergs.
  10. Boat is in water. No mast yet.
  11. I was ribbing you historically: "Were" not "are". Mainstream thinking in American geology in general and the AAPG in particular was generally opposed to the "mobilism" proposed by "drifters" (both actual derogatory terms of the time) in the post WW1 era all the way up to the 60s. Rising and falling "land bridges"--the theory I was taught--explained everything for many. I actually learned and was tested on why drift could not be true in high school--power source considerations, mainly, as I remember. When I took science courses in the late 60s, tectonics was more of a grad course level idea than anything lower. As late as 1977 we get the pretty weak "a poll of geologists now would probably show a substantial majority who favor the idea of drift" in Davis' textbook Principles of Oceanography. As an aside, at TCU, the Dansereau group of which I was a member in the mid 70s studied cognitive learning strategies under an ARPA grant among other funding sources. We needed passages that were at the college survey/first year level, that were informationally dense, that were factual (so that reliable scoring was possible), but that were unlikely to be known in any detail by our subjects as prior knowledge was a considerable confounding variable. "Plate tectonics" was one of those passages and I used it in my dissertation research on mnemonics as it totally fit the required bill. Newfoundland, of course, was part of that passage because of Tuzo Wilson and Gros Morne. Oddly, behavioral research on gulls in Newfoundland was completely coincidentally the other passage. Life is strange.
  12. Maybe he was just too exhausted to know if he was. That was his defense over supposedly misspeaking in his speech in Saudi Arabia. Though one does have to ask how is it misspeaking when you're simply saying the same thing you've always said and even complained that others were afraid to say it? As for this latest leak being criminal...I find it doubtful that a conviction would be sustained in a case involving the transfer of (formerly) classified information to 2 known trained Soviet spies. Would be interesting to hear the arguments from the lawyers, though. Remember that Federal employees and officials swear an oath to the Constitution, NOT to the president. Here's a thought worthy of House of Cards: Could it be Pence???!!!
  13. Just another snowflake...
  14. And you know he did nothing illegal how, exactly? Be specific. I certainly don't know that. Neither do various investigators. Nor do I know that Obama never broke the law. Investigations of behavior are in no way illegal or even wrong. As I've mentioned before, your view of a president as a "boss" really isn't how the government, or even the Executive Branch, has functioned since at least Adams and probably since Washington.