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  1. Probably photoshopped, but wow.
  2. Change Islands are VERY remote. That said, a very small group of horse lovers in various parts of Newfoundland have literally brought the variety back from near extinction.
  3. Fire, police, and the military would do well under your model as well and save us tons of money while still covering everyone as well or better, too. NOT. I'm not at all agreeing the global data support your sloganeering if one's goal is to basically cover everyone. In fact it pretty much directly contradicts it by a large factor on any sort of per capita basis. Covering a subgroup super well, sure. You got it. But show me the willing buyes and sellers negotiating freely to mutually acceptable goals in cancer care, or pretty much any other serious health area. Or in maintaining a military (though ours is probably way oversize for pure defense for, you guessed it, political reasons.) There's just no such thing as a willing buyer and a willing seller negotiating freely to a mutually acceptable goal for both in the areas mentioned. When the assumptions of a model aren't met, there is no reason to assume the deductions from the model apply.
  4. Nor are you looking for one outside your "political" biases.
  5. I'm curious as to what the "politics" of running a 66 year old black guy through with an 18" blade are? Anyone care to elaborate? To my mind "politics" is just too easy and pat an "explanation" for way too many acts.
  6. Plus Iran, plus Russia, plus Iraq still for that matter, plus a couple of others. That's not to say there isn't a whole lot of right on the Kurdish side, it's just that there isn't a lot of available space in the area that isn't strongly claimed by powerful interests. Good ol' colonial-era line drawing strikes again.
  7. Well then I think it's fairly clear the originator's "politics" are not all that based on a full examination of anything real as became clear. And perhaps a little sick. (I'm speaking of the media originator. You simply got taken in which I guess could maybe be somewhat political as we've seen with this election. Sortof a Willie Horton moment.)
  8. I would think that any random civilized *person* regardless of party affiliation would be appalled at buddy's attempted meme and be glad it blew up. ESPECIALLY if it was an attempted political point as opposed to a jerk point. Is that wrong to think?
  9. Given that most districts in the House both ways are heavily weighted one way or the other your hope is unlikely to be realized given the present primary system. Changing the system to be party free with a runoff of the top two or forcing a more random as opposed to picked districts could be huge helps, but these are highly unlikely as well. The Senate and the Presidency are more free of the bias that extreme districting makes.
  10. This makes you a member of the 3%, apparently...
  11. Sure I am. I note you didn't suggest you deserved a lollipop shipment!
  12. I hear you, but I think I would say they own Nothingcare as they have nothing as a viable, working proposal.
  13. Don't be ridiculous. If you can show me a competent user of the English language who says the government is directing--or in particular the president acting feloniously is directing--a wiretapping operation at you when you call up a gangster or spy who is the subject of a legal warrant while you are not the subject of a wiretapping operation at the time I will send you 5 lollipops. That's just not what the concept "to wiretap a person" means, and you know it.
  14. I think that the definition of white male according to some. At least that's what I've been told a time or two.
  15. That's just ridiculous. I never moved any goalposts. Trump went from "I was tapped by Obama" to possibly something very different else now. It's ridiculous to say that if you call a gangster or Russian spy or terrorist with a legal tap in place the FBI should somehow know in advance and not listen. Of course they listen. It's both legal and correct and no violation of anything at all. Not even an ethical violation. It moves no goalposts whatever unless your goalposts are defined goalposts must remain in front of anything at all that makes my guy look bad. (In that respect I would agree there is goalpost moving going on: by Trump and his apologists,that is.)