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  1. Looking back on the mid-to-late '60's, Arlington State University (or whatever it was called; I'm not sure and far too lazy to look it up) became the University of Texas at Arlington, suddenly there was an institution with decent or better-than-just-decent academics (or academic reputation, anyway) right down the street, that was a hell of a lot cheaper than TCU, And if that wasn't enough, TCCC cranked up some time during those years. UT-A (and later, TCCC) suddenly became the commuter school of choice for local students that were too timid or facing too much economic hardship to leave home for college, and TCU enrollment dropped in an era when tuition revenue was even more important to make the budget work than it is recently and today. Back in them days, the TCU endowment was a tiny fraction of what it is today, as was the money raised by the Annual Fund. An enrollment drop really pinched TCU financially. IIRC, there was a extended period of time in which TCU could not fill its freshman classes. And unlike Baylol that went to "conditional admittance" in their more recent enrollment crisis (Baylor 2012), to my understanding TCU never admitted "conditional" students whose literacy only had to rise to the level of being able to write a check that would clear so that the University could pay its bills. So-- if the adults in the room (Sadler, Moudy, and the Trustees that were their bosses, primarily I suspect)-- thought TCU didn't have the money to complete with Okie and Arkie and UTx, etc., that would tend to make them appear slow to figure out that a lot of investment was called for, and tend to make them seem to not care about something that they thought they couldn't fix and wouldn't dare publicly admit for fear of hurting the university even more. This is my Rise of UT-A Hurt TCU Football as Bad as the Rise of TTech Theory. Maybe I have a future as a political blogger or radio personality.
  2. I won't click "like" because I do not like the content of the message. I think, however, that the message is in all things true. Maybe some enormous scandal will loosen the SEC's grip on big media. Like Cam Newton telling his whole sordid story, or someone telling the whole sordid story of Ole Miss recruiting under Coach Friese. HaHaHaHaHa. That or a complete collapse of ESPN's cable business model. I think at least one of those (or something else as sensational as one of those) is what it would take, to prize the SEC out of the mythical national championship tournament. I ain't holding my breath.
  3. "96 queers and a dog" From the day.
  4. would add to "late 1990's": Big Buck donors finally figure out how to spend on supporting TCU athletics (perhaps with some instruction from TCU's first truly professional athletic director), and various business booms (mostly energy, but other areas, too) gives Heavy Donors (and TCU's own income stream) the ability to kick 9-figures worth of "start" into the program. Opportunity met preparation, and TCU was finally playing major-college football in the MWC9. Moving to power conferences, TCU can finally afford to play big-boy college sports in general, not just football (likely all that could be afforded in the MWC9) but in basketball, baseball, country-club sports, and the whole ball-o-wax. Frogs ain't all the way there yet, but on the way. It will be interesting to see how TCU fares with energy prices at stable, lower levels, when and if the TV money-pot pulls back. As much as I dislike ESPiN, that network drove the train to big payouts to power conferences. As folks drop networks, sports entertainment peeps may or may not be able to keep the gravy train running. Here's hoping. I would really like for TCU success to outlast my time on this Earth.
  5. Those aren't on his leg; they're coming out of his . . .
  6. Way to go TCU, recognizing Col. Sandusky.
  7. Chuck's right.
  8. Thanks for posting. Where did this did this chart come from?
  9. After the miserable performance of the Kingsbury staff, It is plausible that TTech would try to grasp the brass ring. And beginning with Kingsbury, or even with Tuberville, TTech's deciders have been seriously overpaying football coaches-- Briles' cuppa tea.
  10. This is great? Why?
  11. At least he wasn't behind you, making his noises right into your ear.
  12. This proves that players are criminals everywhere, and that Art Briles is a Christian gentleman.
  13. Getting a new trial does not always lead to wild rejoicing at the end of the process, on the defense side. I doubt they would ask for one if they didn't think getting one might at least give them some leverage for a better result. Sometimes they get a better result; often they do not (unless they can cut a deal; plea-bargain). One of the serious tactical advantages a criminal defense has over the prosecution is that the defense can effectively surprise the prosecutor at trial. The State does not get anything like the discovery the defense does, or that a civil litigant can in a civil trial. So unless the defense has something new, it plays the new-trial poker game with its hand shown, so to speak. I predict some serious plea bargaining. This is where "the fix" could come in, if Baylor has influence left in the prosecutor's office. I doubt either side wants another high-publicity trial, and certainly Baylor doesn't (although BU seems to be remarkably without litigation savvy, particularly for an institution that sponsors an excellent law school).
  14. The band had problems getting in and out of Arkie's stadiums. In my experience, War Memorial in Little Rock was dicey. So much so that girls (the smaller the band member were, the more at risk for an assault) were moved to the inside of the parade formation. Prof Jacobson tended to move drummers whose sticks and particularly cymbals were effective weapons, and other men with attitude to the edge of the formation. Not realizing the full story of what Arkie leaving the conference meant, I was delighted to see them go. A typical comment of the day was that Arkie switching conferences instantly raised the collective IQs of the fan bases in both the SWC and the SEC.