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  1. How the hell do you know he didn't do anything illegal? Is it because he's too f'ing stupid to realize he's committing obstruction of justice? Stupidity is not a defense. By the time Mueller is done with his investigation, I feel reasonably sure there will be more than enough to prove obstruction. Then you've got Flynn who appears to be toast on several charges and Manafort who appears to the definition of a money launderer. If either of those guys flip on the Toddler, then who knows what will come out. I'm sorry you got conned into voting for a the guy but I think the facts will eventually come out that show he's a really bad dude.
  2. Being elected means you deserve respect even if you are committing obstruction of justice? There are a lot of bad guys throughout history who were duly elected before they became tyrants. You don't have to dip back to pre-WWII Europe for examples. You've got Erdogan, Putin, Chavez, Morsi (Egypt) and a host of right and left wing South American and Asian presidents to use as examples. Trump is a wannabe tinpot dictator who needs to be checked. Americans pledge loyalty to their nation and the Constitution, not any single individual. If the president is acting stupidly or breaking the law, it is patriotic to inform the public. If Trump doesn't want his stupid or illegal antics leaked then he can either not do stupid shit or resign.
  3. I'm going to have to put that statement into context for you.
  4. The leakers and the media are the patriots here. The elected Republicans who won't stand up to a potential despot are the Benedict Arnolds of our time. In fact, the media, absent Fox News, appears to be the one element of our society that is doing what needs to be done. If the leakers had any balls they would come out in public and say what needs to be said about the toddler in chief. Although, they may just be worried that if they resign, Trump will replace them with bunch of Stephen Millers or Richard Spencer acolytes. Maybe they think if they quit, there will be no one to stop Trump from starting a war or rounding up Muslims.
  5. There was something wrong with him. I thought he was playing like he was distracted by some personal problem but stoned would explain it too. By the way, the Spurs broke the game open with a lineup of David Lee, Kyle Anderson, Jonathan Simmons, Patty Mills and Dejounte Murray on the floor. That's five guys that probably couldn't start for 90% of the league. Pop just has Dantoni's number.
  6. Looks like firing Comey ain't gonna stop the train.
  7. That's okay. Put all your faith in the con man if you want. I'll put mine in the constitution. I'm sure there were those who justified the end of the Weimar Republic with something akin to draining the swamp.
  8. Where Trump dies alone in a cell in Supermax . . . .
  9. Trump laughing with his Russian handlers this morning:
  10. This is the best piece of writing I have seen on our Tin Pot President. Unfortunately, I didn't get to copy the whole thing because my free preview apparently expired after I copied this section and then took a phone call before going back to get the excellent conclusion as well. We are in danger of losing our Republic over this wannabe dictator and the enabling party first, nation second congressional majority. As Popovich said last fall, we have become Rome. My guess is that Trump will lob some missiles at someone before the end of the month just to redirect people's attention away from his criminal actions.
  11. It's not all about race but the numbers don't lie. Well over 80% of blacks usually vote Dem and about 2/3 of Mexican Americans usually vote Dem. There are geographic pockets like West Texas where there are exceptions because you have more conservative hispanics and GW Bush and Rick Perry both did better than most Rep candidates among Hispanics but my guess is that urban Mexican Americans follow the general pattern of voting and most Reps don't have the crossover appeal of Bush and Perry.
  12. Just scanning the various districts over lunch and it looks like Kay would probably be fairly safe. Her district is 58% white. Joe Barton, however, could be in trouble. His district is only 43% white.
  13. Former Baylor and Tennessee Titan linebacker Colin Allred is going to challenge Pete Sessions for Congress. Hillary carried Pete's district. That could be an interesting race. Sessions has been in Congress forever and those are the guys who are usually more vulnerable. I wonder how many other Reps there are in districts that Hillary carried? Kay Granger might even get a credible opponent. I'm sure her district will be a lot more diverse in 2018 than it was in 2010 when they drew it up.
  14. I agree. Carbon offsets is just another way for Goldman Sachs et al to screw the rest of us over.
  15. I flew to Redding, CA recently for work. Talk about your podunk town airports. No restaurant, no bar, not even a gift shop where you could buy snacks and a drink. Just vending machines. If you get there over an hour before your flight, you have the whole airport to yourself and I'm not kidding. If there was anyone there, they were hiding back in an office and being very quiet. No one even manning the car rental counter. It makes the airports in Lubbock, San Angelo, Amarillo and Midland look like O'Hare. Speaking of Midland, I'm never flying AA to Midland again. They subcontract with Mesa for some of their flights and Mesa's planes are shit. I think I flew on an old decrepit MD-80. The plane rattled and squeaked like a 75 Chevy Vega. I had visions of the thing just coming apart in mid-air it was so noisy. I'll drive 30 minutes farther and give up the Aadvantage miles for SWA.