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  1. That's Bram walking him out of the jail.
  2. Here's a story about Wilson from before his junior year. Look at his numbers as a sophomore. By the way, he liked his visit. When the 2018 recruiting class rolls around, Sumner (Wash.) LB Ben Wilson will likely be one of the top athletes in the Pacific Northwest. Wilson had a huge sophomore season while helping lead the Spartans to a 10-1 record. He finished with 181 tackles, 12 tackles-for-loss and three sacks from his middle linebacker spot. “For a sophomore, that was a pretty big deal for me to be the starter at middle linebacker,” Wilson admitted recently. “I made all of the defensive calls, so there was a lot or responsibility for me to understand what defense we were in, see what the offense was going to do and then make adjustments before the play. “I just enjoy contact and hitting people. It’s what I do best and it’s why I love to play the position I play. “I am probably at my best stopping the run just because of how I read stuff and also my physicality, but I can also get sideline-to-sideline and make plays against the pass too.” This offseason, Wilson, who is also a very good baseball player, has been hard at work adding more muscle and getting as strong as he can before baseball and spring football take up most of his time. “I’m doing a lot of lifting and work in the weight room just to get stronger and I’ve also been doing a lot of speed work to help me be more explosive,” Wilson noted. As far as recruiting is concerned, Wilson has yet to grab an offer, but he has received some interest from a handful of schools. “Washington, Montana State and Idaho have all been in contact with me, but it’s so early, it’s really only letters and they stopped by and talked to me during January,” Wilson said. With camp season fast approaching, Wilson has started to work out his schedule although with baseball as well, he’s got a full docket already. “I attended the Northwest Stars camp, but right now I am undecided on which college camps I will hit, but Eastern Washington and Washington are both camps that I would like to hit,” Wilson said. At 6-foot-1 and 205 pounds, Wilson doesn’t currently have ideal middle linebacker size, however, with his frame, he can easily add another 10 to 15 pounds and not lose any of his speed or flexibility. If you’re looking for a cerebral linebacker with solid leadership skills and the physicality to set the tone, Wilson fits that mold perfectly. At this early stage in his recruitment, Wilson is just starting to become a prospect that coaches are keeping an eye on, but by the time his junior season is complete, he could widely be considered the top linebacker in the state and likely the Pacific Northwest and he should have plenty of offers before it’s all said and done.
  3. It's a pattern of bad decisions now. It's time to grow up.
  4. Found this for Newf: looks beautiful. I'm sure it's no picnic in the winter though.
  5. He isn't committed yet. He visited last weekend and got an offer though. Tech is after him too. He looked like an Arky commit around signing day but something fell through for him there. Not sure what happened there.
  6. I'm sorry, I don't speak jive.
  7. This could be really bad for him if he gets his probation revoked from the Alamo Bowl deal. I would strongly suggest to Tre that he give up partying. He has an opportunity to make enough money for him and his family to be comfortable for the rest of their lives if he keeps working and stays out of trouble. Even a lifetime backup QB can make that kind of money. Or, he can become the drunk has been at the end of the bar filled with regret about what might have been. The choice is his.
  8. I don't think he was a choir boy but at least he kept it on the down low.
  9. I just did. Wow! When I first saw 201 tackles on his stat sheet, I thought that had to be inflated but after after watching the tape, maybe not. That film is as good as I've ever seen for a linebacker.
  10. Ben Wilson, LB from Washington. This kid visited and Gary retweeted it. 201 tackles, 16 for a loss, 9 sacks, 2 ints.
  11. That would be Baylor. I met a ton of very nice Baylor people in the law school but had almost no interaction with the undergrads. The Law School is it's own little kingdom down there and the admins at the university steer clear of it. They don't want to risk pissing off some of their biggest donors who are trial lawyers.
  12. They probably realized that this was going to hurt their ability to schedule home games.
  13. May God provide comfort and strength to Tyler and his family.
  14. Yeah, I was thinking those two would not mix well. Pretty much polar opposites except for the fact that both can be a pain in the butt.
  15. I have heard that the vice-chancellor for finance is kind of difficult. He has to approve all non-cash donations.