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  1. There's an old saying, if you keep running into assholes, you might need to look in the mirror. You can probably modify that to apply to your experiences with attorneys.
  2. This just reminded me of the purpose of the original post. I've actually donated money to Jane Nelson's campaign in the past and voted in every freaking Republican primary in Tarrant County for the last 20 years. It's time I put some of that political capital to use. Lord knows I've paid for those votes and contributions by having to put up with incessant phone calls even after the election is over. Once you get on a donor list, you're marked for life for every Tom, Dick and Harry with their hand out for contributions calling you.
  3. Is that supposed to represent Louie Gohmert's vagina?
  4. Is Trump a board member? yeah, and then there's this:
  5. A lawyer with a brain fart. You never have one of those?
  6. Okay. We will agree to disagree on that but here's an example. My secretary who was born and raised here in Fort Worth was told to go back to Mexico last week by her new white trash neighbor. Ironically, the white lady and her husband both have criminal records and have no means of support since both stay home all day and don't go to work while my secretary works 9-5 and goes to TCC at night to get her associates degree. I don't think you would have heard that lady say "go back to Mexico" if Trump hadn't been peddling his cynical anti-immigrant agenda the last 12 months. These people are emboldened by what they see and hear from that cheeto faced baboon.
  7. No. Where did I say 100% of Trump supporters are racists or sexists? I work with several guys I like and respect who voted for him only because of the Supreme Court appointments and nothing else. However, you can't deny that we haven't had anyone tap into racist vein of the American electorate like Trump has since George Wallace. Like you, I was going to vote for Gary Johnson but after making myself watch one of the debates I decided that couldn't in good conscience vote for anyone that didn't have a chance of beating Trump because I think everything Ted Cruz said about him is true. Trump is a pathological liar and a narcissist and probably the greatest danger to the Republic to ever sit in the White House.
  8. I don't think it works that way because Trump and the useful idiots at his rallies make fools of themselves every time they open their mouths and Trump still won with the Three 'Isms -- Racism, Sexism and Protectionism. I called this election as soon as he won the primaries. My buddy who was a huge Cruz supporter was convinced the Republicans were doomed and told him to watch because Trump was going to go hard on protectionism and immigration and win the Rust Belt and with it the election.
  9. People can scoff all they want about Putin and conspiracy theories but we know he tried to influence our election with fake news and hacking and there is ample evidence he's interfering in European elections as well. Russian linked twitter accounts have started a blitz of fake news in the by-elections about to occur in the UK and there are Russian fingerprints on the rumors that one of the candidates for the French presidency is gay. Putin wants to destroy the EU by fermenting nationalist movements across Europe and he supported Trump to position the U.S. in a nationalist position adverse to it's western allies. An isolationist and protectionist U.S. and a fragmented Europe benefit Russia.
  10. In my opinion, a convention of the states would open up the issue of secession. If they rewrite the constitution radically enough, what's to keep some states from saying that's not what we signed up for and we're out? For example, as far as I can tell, each state gets one vote so this is even less democratic than the electoral college. North Dakota has the same vote as California and Texas. What if the southern, mountain and plains states vote override the Northeast and Pacific states and change the constitution to such an extent that California, Oregon and Washington say we're out. Same for New York, New Jersey and New England? Then, you've got a real constitutional crisis. Call me a conspiracy theorist but I wouldn't put it past Putin to be pushing some of this shit. Russia would love to destroy the United States as we know it.
  11. He ought to feel right at home in the midst of a pack of nutjobs.
  12. He's hiding behind Gabby Gifford's skirt as a reason to avoid town halls. I've always known he was a #$%@ idiot but now we can add goddamn pussy to the list of his personal attributes.
  13. Dallas isn't getting a draft pick. They're giving it up but it could convert to two 2nd round picks.