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    This board is a joke. I mean C'mon now. Seriously! I could not be more unimpressed. All of these tl/dr posts and not one person has even addressed the most important issue. Can crunch's unsuspension process be expedited? Low hanging fruit, people!
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    TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Oops, let me try that again: I don't know where Dixon learned to coach but we need get him an couple highly regarded, defensive experts as assistants and it needs to happen now. This team dares to go out on the floor every game and play defense like that? Or should I say "not play defense like that?" Look, I'm sure they are trying really, really hard but maybe TJ's guys just don't have the drive to win for JD and it's time to move on. I mean, this team can't defend, can't shoot, misses too many free throws, haircuts are terrible, some of their names are hard to pronounce, they appear to be good kids that go to class - Seriously, that's not what this program needs to win. The worst part? I took time out of my day yesterday to occasionally check the score of the game while walking around the FWSSR. If I'm going to make that kind of effort to be a fan, this team needs to go out and win for me. EVERY. DAMN. TIME. It is time to call the Dixon Experiment the failure that it is. As a frog fan I expect, no, I demand, that we would have won a national championship by now. What are we paying for? Also, so the whole football +4 thing is ridiculous. I deserve the best seats in the stadium because I cheer harder than some donor that all he did was pay for the stadium. He probably doesn't even try to enter the Boot Scooting Boogie contest every week and I damn sure know he doesn't chase down the T shirt pickle shooter dude. I have an entire wardrobe of ill fitting pickle shirts. Give me my seats. And no more day games when it is hot. Patterson should know better than to schedule 2pm games when it's hot. What's wrong with that guy? Truly, what has he ever done for me? I ain't got no rings on my fingers. And dont get get me started on Schloss. Pathetic that we haven't even come close to winning a championship yet. That's all I'm going to say about that. Otherwise I might burn my season ticket. This may may seem overly critical but this is what TCU needs to start thinking about. We have done nothing as a program since CDC left. Nothing. No conference championships. No tourney championships. We haven't even gotten into the NCAA tourney in any sport since Jeremy Donuthole, or whatever his name is, took over. Im seriously reconsidering renewing my season ticket. I'm just not being personally rewarded enough for all the effort I put into this. These coaches, and definitely these players, are personally letting me down.
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    Boston Frog

    TCU #9 AP poll

    Top-10 finishes since the breakup of the SWC TCU: 6 (7 if you count 9/11 in Coaches'/AP in 2005) Texas: 6 A&M: 1 Baylor: 1 Tech: LOL Top 5 Texas: 5 TCU: 2 A&M: 1 Baylor: 0 Tech: 0 I guess we recovered from the breakup of the SWC
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    To the Alamo Bowl we go

    Really fun read from Frogs o' War about our last visit to the Alamo Bowl as told by players in the game, a former Frog-now-NFL Network-analyst, two Fo'W staffers, and an Oregon homer. Oh, and Football Jesus thrown in for good measure. Long live #Bramtastic! Marc Istook: The win is amazing, and I am riding that high, and I show up to work at the NFL Network, wearing my TCU shirt loud and proud repping the Horned Frogs, and LaDainian Tomlinson walks through the studio. And as he’s walking through the studio, he sees me with my TCU shirt on and he gives me the biggest smile and throws up the biggest Frog sign. And for me, as a TCU fan, there are few moments more enjoyable than to share a win with LaDainian Tomlinson. https://www.frogsowar.com/2017/12/22/16805680/remembering-the-alamo-bowl-an-oral-history?utm_campaign=frogsowar&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
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    The TCU Variety Thread

    She got in! Found out last night. Class of 2022
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    TCU applications hit 20,000

    Lil Frisky was one of those 20,000. She tried for the early admittance deadline and was deferred to the regular admittance timeline, so by the time she was accepted she had already moved along with other schools. She will be studying theater design at OU. It’s a top 10 drama school in the country and they only take four costume designers a year so it’s a pretty big opportunity for her.
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    So here's the deal.... First of all, I speak only for myself right now. Some of what I am about to say some of you may be aware of, some of it you may not. When The Founders – of which I am one – formed this board, it was with very modest expectations. Just some place where we could talk. About TCU, sports, whatever. Over time, others came along for the ride. It has, more or less, worked. One way it has not worked, probably unsurprisingly, is the management of conflicts, and the people seeking those conflicts. And over time, the ranks of The Founders have shrunk for that very reason. And once again, we have reached one of those points. Recently, there has been a lot of internal angst over how to handle a well-known poster, one who seems to enjoy formenting board conflict in the opinion of many. Shockingly, politics are involved. And its occurring mainly on the General Board, which is why some of you have that question mark forming over your head. This conflict has reached a boiling point, so much so that 2 of our Founders have sought to do damage to TheFroghorn. Ironically, these 2 come from diametrically opposing viewpoints on the current imbroglio. But both have attempted to peddle a story that only vaguely resembles the truth. I wont go public at this time with who they are at this time because, frankly, I for one hope they cool off. A few additional thoughts: Yes, we talk about things, and people, in private. When you have a dozen people with their hand on the steering wheel, ya gotten have someplace to go. And since, obstensibly, we're supposed to be neutral as possible, we need a place to vent, too. We have our own opinions on things, too. While we, as individuals, have varying levels of concern over what your opinion may be, collectively how that opinion is presented is of greater concern. That’s why this board was conceived in the 1st place. Respect for differing viewpoints. Worked for a good long time, but somewhere along the way that got lost, for whatever reason. Time to get back to it. Personally, if you’re being a jackass, I’m going to let you know. Sometimes subtlely, sometimes not. God knows the reverse has always been true…. If you have a thin skin, then an Internet message board is a bad place for you to hang out. Being anonymous brings the filter down on all of us to an extent, but simple disagreement is not a personal attack. Some need to learn the difference. But going too far is still going too far. And here’s a crazy thought…..tell The Founders what they are doing right, and what’s wrong. Publically, privately, it doesn’t really matter. And now is a good time to do it. Maybe we can do something about it, maybe we cant. But we’re not mindreaders. That’s what wives are for. I still believe that, overall, this a good place to hang. It's a family of sorts. But all families are dysfunctional in their own way. This is ours. Dennis
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    So I want to apologize to everyone here because I know I'm at the center of some of this. I enjoy political debate, especially as it relates to policy development. That's been a huge chunk of my professional life. So I like reading political threads. But some policy has gotten extremely personal for me over the last several years, as many of you know. And I have a lot of anger right now that I'm trying to deal with. So when folks were less than diplomatic in their replies to me, I didn't take the high road as I should have. I apologize for that. I don't want anyone banned because of an interaction with me. I'm taking some time away from the board (especially the political stuff) because it pains me to think I contributed in any way to unrest here. I'll be back, and focus on TCU sports, as we all should here. I'm sorry I reacted negatively to some replies, I'm just struggling with my emotions right now. Not an excuse, but just what it is. Anyway, I hope that we can put this behind us. But also, I hope we can focus on just being kind to each other. Life so damn short and so not fair. I have so many friends with different political, religious, and every other kind of views than mine. But we all love each other and they were there for me during my darkest days. In ways I can't even begin to explain. Perhaps we need to just step away from politics and just remember to be kind to others, regardless of what they believe or whether their views are consistent with ours.
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    People are saying (HeHeHe) that you can't go home again. I'm not so sure. Obviously the clock can't be unwound, but one can re-think past thoughts and activity, and try to move towards a better place using the past as example. I support muting clear obvious agents provocateurs on this board. To decline to ever do so could turn this forum into one like that other one. In this day of internet conspiracy theories, who would be shocked if agents of a competing board, particularly a for-profit one, didn't try to make people uncomfortable reading and posting here? I also support the idea that suspending posting rights should be done slowly, and rarely if at all. And with lots of prior warning. Politically, my points of view are decidedly out of the main stream, particularly on an internet board peopled by TCU sports fans. Even so, I have never failed to appreciate principled discussion with and from people who don't agree with me. I don't like name-calling or other ad hominem attacks. l don't have time for gossip repeated as fact (unless TIC, or pointed at a politician I really dislike-- Craig James, for example). That's why I don't read much "general board" anywhere, except maybe once in a blue moon or when I ask a really off-the-wall question. Anonymous speakers tend to say things that even the near-sane would not say face-to-face, to people that were aware of who they are and where they live. All that being said, for a reader/poster like me, The Founders have done an awesome job by and large. I hope the estranged Founders can forgive or ignore. May all be well going forward.
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    TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    I made the front page of the San Salvador newspaper. I went with Austin Smiles to help with cleft lip and palate repairs.
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    Luke Chisolm

    The Athletic- boom or bust?

    If I can't link to "Why Hollywood Won't Hire Val Kilmer Anymore," I'm not interested.
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    To be fair, he did bring the Baylor tradition of losing to UCF to Auburn.
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    Vlade Divac

    Rooting Interests

    I usually put these into the weekly TV schedule recaps, but with the field narrowing, I felt it'd be better to get a recurring thread going. Below is the Week 11 breakdown of key matchups that will impact our CFP and Big 12 CCG chances. Friday Night #9 Washington @ Stanford (ESPN): We need UW to lose one more to get the Pac-12 completely out of the mix. After Stanford they have Utah and WSU at home, and likely USC in the CCG. Go Trees. 11:00 Window #12 Oklahoma State @ #24 Iowa State (ABC): The committee has shown that they value who you beat more than who you lost to, so we cheer for OSU to win out and get back into the top 8-10. Also, in the event that we end up in a tiebreaker situation for the #2 seed in the CCG, we need that to be with OSU, not ISU, given the H2H. Go Pokes. #13 Michigan State @ #11 Ohio State (FOX): This one isn't so clear cut. My initial thought was to root for MSU to completely get tOSU out of the mix, but you also have to think about what this means for Wisconsin. If MSU wins, they'll have H2H on both tOSU and PSU, which pretty much secures the East for them since Maryland and Rutgers are all that remain. I think Wisconsin stands a good chance to beat MSU and thus secure a Playoff spot, so I'm inclined to pull for tOSU or PSU to win the East and eventually knock Wisconsin out. Go Bucks. But kill me now for typing that. 2:30 Window #1 Georgia @ #10 Auburn (CBS): This could be the year that the SEC gets two in, unless either Alabama or Georgia drop one before the CCG. Kentucky and @ Georgia Tech are all that remain for the Dawgs after this. War Eagle. Florida State @ #4 Clemson (ESPN): Yes, I'm aware that FSU sucks this year. But maybe they've been saving it all for this. One can dream. Go Noles. Iowa @ #8 Wisconsin (ABC): Let's hope Iowa can pull off back-to-back upsets and kill the Big Ten's best hope. Go Hawks. Primetime #2 Alabama @ #16 Mississippi State (ESPN): See above. Mercer and @ Auburn are all that remain after this. Alabama hasn't looked like world beaters against A&M and LSU, so it's possible. Cowbell. More Cowbell. #3 Notre Dame @ #7 Miami (ABC): After this Notre Dame only has Navy and @ Stanford. Sure, they could lose one of those, but I think Notre Dame is more than legit and is on their way to stealing a spot from one of the conferences. So I'm pulling for Miami to keep as many slots open for the conferences, and because a win likely puts them into a play-in game with Clemson anyway. Go Canes. We need to win out, and get at least one break to get into the CFP, IMO. Here's how I think the Committee would prioritize a few scenarios: Alabama/Georgia winner Notre Dame if they win out Wisconsin if they go unbeaten Clemson/Miami winner Oklahoma/TCU winner if they win out Washington if they win out Alabama/Georgia loser if that's their only loss 2-loss Big Ten Champion Based on that and what's ahead, if you put a gun to my head, I'd guess the 4 will be: Alabama/Georgia Notre Dame Clemson Ohio State, Penn State, or Michigan State I just don't think either OU or TCU can beat the other team twice like it will require. Also including a link to 538's model so you can play out your own scenarios: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2017-college-football-predictions/
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    I doth accept your prestigious award. Dilly dilly! But really, thanks. I'm glad to do what I can to contribute and TRY to keep everybody in the loop on prospective and future Frogs. Signing day is always a big event IMO.
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    Newbomb Turk

    Sonny Dykes to SMU

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that discussion went something like: SMU: Okay, Sonny, now that you're our head coach, give us all the intel on TCU. Dykes: They're gonna be kicking your ass for a long time. SMU: Is that all? Dykes: Nope. In basketball, too.
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    Radio Shack Killa

    CDC gone to Austin

    He wasnt married to us. It was a job. And he's taking another job. He's not emotionally invested like we are. And for that job and his particular skill set, frankly the UT job is right in his wheelhouse. He's a master schmoozer and people person and that's what they need in that job. Look at it this way.... there's two big dogs in the conference - OU and Texas. And I'm not talking between the lines. The guy now running the show at Texas is someone who might be more of a supporter of us than most. Something to consider in the next several years if the next shakeup occurs. I wish you well, CDC. You did well by us.
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    Boston Frog

    The Coaching Carousel Thread

    What an absolute miracle we have in Gary Patterson
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    Boston Frog

    The Coaching Carousel Thread

    How the conversation actually went: Customer wearing TCU hat: So, I'm here to pick up the ring I was having clean- Aggie roommate: OMG, are you the president of TCU? Customer: Uh, well, no ... (chuckles) I do go to a game now and then ... But I'm here to - Aggie: Your honor sir president, we are TOTALLY stealing your coach! We're going to money whip him! He won't be able to resist the lure of College Station! Whooooop! Customer: I'm sorry, what? I'm here to pick up a - Aggie: I'll bet we've called him already and he's negotiating right now! SEC! SEC! Whoop, 12th man, don't walk on the grass, tu, bonfire, traditions! Customer: Yeah, I don't really ... I had dropped off a - Aggie: YOUR SILENCE SPEAKS VOLUMES Customer: I'm not actually being silent. I was just asking for ... Hello? Aggie: *texting former college roommate*
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    Newbomb Turk

    Teams to root for

    Also, be sure to root for Kansas over Baylor. Just because.
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    Football spring game

    Sorry for the lack of updates, my gloves weren't working with my phone and I sure as hell wasn't taking them off. Both him and Collins looked alright. I wasn't overly impressed with either, granted it was cold and the spring game. Ringdahl came in for a few plays at the end. Didn't throw much but ran the ball up the middle and took a hard hit or 2. #39, Jacques Guillot, was in the backfield with Collins most of the game. Kid showed alot of hustle and ran the ball hard. Offense was very meh overall. From the stands I thought are o-line looked small until I saw them on the field. That was when I realized Collins was 6-5, bigger than some of the line man. Niang is an absolute monster. I was impressed with our D, especially the secondary. A few picks and Small was a ball hawk out there. All forms of kicking were meh, made both extra points but missed the long field goal and the punts left something to be desired.
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    Vlade Divac

    Gonzaga to MWC?

    They're really only a national school when they schedule high-profile non-conference games, play Saint Mary's, or reach the tournament. The rest of their conference competition includes Pepperdine, San Francisco, San Diego, Pacific, Loyola Marymount, Santa Clara, Portland, and BYU. They fall into a void from Christmas until tourney time. The MWC is a solid conference and with matchups against Nevada, UNLV, New Mexico, San Diego State, and an emerging Boise State team, they'll stay in the news all season. I think this move makes tons of sense for them. But mostly I want to see it happen just to screw BYU. I'd also like to see the MWC add a few from Texas, like UTEP, UTSA, Rice, or UNT.
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    Rooting Interests

    I have not mentioned this to a lot of people because I didn't want to jinx it. Before the season I put a $100 bet at the Mirage in Vegas for TCU to win the National Championship this season. The odds were 75-1. That means if I won, I'd get $7,600. I was trapped in Vegas due to Hurricane Harvey and I couldn't make it home because of the storm damage. When I placed the bet they guy asked me why I was throwing away $100. He didn't think TCU had a chance in hell to win, or even make the playoffs. He unfortunately was right. However, he thought TCU would be 4,5, or 6 in the Big 12, not #2. If I won I would have donated the money to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. I'm disappointed because TCU will not make the playoffs and I didn't win the bet. However, I am not disappointed in this team or this season. This team was 75-1 before the season! This team was 1 game away from the playoffs ( yes there was still a statistical chance if they won today.) I am super proud to be a Horned Frog and the way this team played all season.
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    Roy Moore

    can't we just agree that it clearly happens on Both sides and that its pretty effing disgusting?