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    Prayers requested

    I want to thank everyone for their love and support over the last several years. I thought I had prepared myself for this moment but I hadn't. I guess you really can't. The last several weeks were very tough and I try to remind myself that he is no longer suffering. He was so incredibly strong and brave. So I am trying to be strong like he was. Tyler participated in the Rapid Autopsy program through Johns Hopkins University so they were able to gather cancer tissue for multiple research entities, to include Hopkins, the Children's Oncology Group, NIH, and others (including one at Texas Tech). Tyler said repeatedly that he was given a chance because of others who went before him, so it was important to do whatever he could to help others. He told us he wanted to do this as soon as he learned his diagnosis was terminal. So he met with the pathologist at Hopkins to discuss his wishes and to make arrangements in advance to identify where the tissue samples would go. Dr. Reynolds at Texas Tech said the Navy Seals have a saying: "You are never out of the fight." He said that with Tyler's multiple donations to science, he will continue his brave fight against this terrible disease. His memorial will be next Saturday, 10/21. I didn't want to have a memorial because I don't want to have to grieve publically. But my brave and beautiful son deserves to be honored and remembered, so that is what we will do. I want to sincerely thank everyone here for their support, PMs, and donations to the Children's hospital. Trust me, that money is needed, especially in a place like Baltimore. Know that you are joining Tyler in his continued fight against cancer. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with such a kind, caring group. I wish I had better words to express my gratitude.
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    Army Frog Fan

    AP Top 25

    Yep. UCF even had to settle for Baylor one year.
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    Duquesne Frog

    AP Top 25

    Wisconsin drew the short straw in 2010 too ...
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    The TCU Variety Thread

    She got in! Found out last night. Class of 2022
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    Zebra Frog

    New 2017 NCAA rule changes

    Being an "odd" number year, the only "rules" that can be changed are those that apply to player safety. There are very few changes in the actual rules this year. KNEE PADS Rule 1-4-4-d (FR-21) Knee Pads. Knee pads must be covered by pants. TO TAKE EFFECT IN 2018: Furthermore, the pants and knee pads must cover the knees. Wont be enforce this year, however, extreme cases of pants that are more like biker shorts will not be allowed. LEAPING AND HURDLING Rule 9-1-11-b (FR-91) No defensive player who runs forward from beyond the neutral zone may leap or hurdle in an obvious attempt to block a field goal or try. It is not a foul if the player was aligned in a stationary position within one yard of the line of scrimmage when the ball was snapped. HORSE COLLAR TACKLE Rule 9-1-15 (FR-92) All players are prohibited from grabbing the inside back collar of the shoulder pads or jersey, the nameplate area, or the inside collar of the side of the shoulder pads or jersey, and immediately pulling the ball carrier down. The following is not an actual rule change, but has been instituted for 2017. End-of-Half Procedures: The halftime intermission shall be a maximum of 20 minutes for all regular season games with no exceptions. (By rule, exceptions to the length of halftime are permitted for conference championship games and other post-season games.) Following the last play of the first half, the Referee will ensure that there are no penalties to administer, no injured players or other delays and will also ensure that there is no Instant Replay stoppage or coach challenge. If there are no issues, the Referee will declare the period ended. Note: in the past, the Referee would wait until both teams have cleared the field to start the clock on the halftime. This year, as soon as he is satisfied that there are no administrative duties he needs to take care of, he will wind the clock. Also, when the clock hits 0:00, both teams should be ready for the signal to kick off. This means that bands must have cleared the field, warmups completed, and both teams must be on the field and lined up ready to go. Television networks have been told that they are NOT to try and squeeze a couple of minutes of commercials/interviews in prior to the 0:00 mark. There won't be a lot of time for the fans to head to the lot for their beer and get back in their seats prior to kickoff. There are a couple of changes in Replay regarding inadvertent whistle rule. This was brought on by the incorrect administration of the punt play in the Belk Bowl between Arkansas and Virginia Tech by the Big 12 crew. The play in the 2017 Replay Case Book reads: Team A punts on fourth and 15 at the A-30. B44 is in position to receive the kick. In attempting to catch the ball, B44 muffs it at the B-35. The Back Judge blows his whistle when it appears that B44 is catching the ball, but it rolls along the ground after B44 muffs it. A88 chases the ball, and in the immediate continuing football action he recovers it while grounded at the B-30. B22 is flagged for holding during the kick. RULING: Inadvertent whistle. Rule 12-3-3-l applies. Team A declines the penalty and will have the ball at the B-30, first and 10. Team A punts on fourth and 15 at the A-30. B44 is in position to receive the kick. In attempting to catch the ball, B44 muffs it at the B-25. The Back Judge blows his whistle when it appears that B44 is catching the ball, but it rolls along the ground after B44 muffs it. The ball disappears into a pile of players. B22 is flagged for holding during the kick. RULING: Inadvertent whistle. Rule 12-3-3-l applies. Since the Instant Replay Official does not have indisputable video evidence as to which team recovers, the ruling of the dead ball stands. The holding penalty is enforced at the B-35, under postscrimmage kick rules. Team B's ball, first and 10 at the B-25. Again, during the year, if you have a question about a rule, post it here and I will try and explain what happened on the play and why it was applied the way it was.
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    Vlade Divac

    Rooting Interests

    I usually put these into the weekly TV schedule recaps, but with the field narrowing, I felt it'd be better to get a recurring thread going. Below is the Week 11 breakdown of key matchups that will impact our CFP and Big 12 CCG chances. Friday Night #9 Washington @ Stanford (ESPN): We need UW to lose one more to get the Pac-12 completely out of the mix. After Stanford they have Utah and WSU at home, and likely USC in the CCG. Go Trees. 11:00 Window #12 Oklahoma State @ #24 Iowa State (ABC): The committee has shown that they value who you beat more than who you lost to, so we cheer for OSU to win out and get back into the top 8-10. Also, in the event that we end up in a tiebreaker situation for the #2 seed in the CCG, we need that to be with OSU, not ISU, given the H2H. Go Pokes. #13 Michigan State @ #11 Ohio State (FOX): This one isn't so clear cut. My initial thought was to root for MSU to completely get tOSU out of the mix, but you also have to think about what this means for Wisconsin. If MSU wins, they'll have H2H on both tOSU and PSU, which pretty much secures the East for them since Maryland and Rutgers are all that remain. I think Wisconsin stands a good chance to beat MSU and thus secure a Playoff spot, so I'm inclined to pull for tOSU or PSU to win the East and eventually knock Wisconsin out. Go Bucks. But kill me now for typing that. 2:30 Window #1 Georgia @ #10 Auburn (CBS): This could be the year that the SEC gets two in, unless either Alabama or Georgia drop one before the CCG. Kentucky and @ Georgia Tech are all that remain for the Dawgs after this. War Eagle. Florida State @ #4 Clemson (ESPN): Yes, I'm aware that FSU sucks this year. But maybe they've been saving it all for this. One can dream. Go Noles. Iowa @ #8 Wisconsin (ABC): Let's hope Iowa can pull off back-to-back upsets and kill the Big Ten's best hope. Go Hawks. Primetime #2 Alabama @ #16 Mississippi State (ESPN): See above. Mercer and @ Auburn are all that remain after this. Alabama hasn't looked like world beaters against A&M and LSU, so it's possible. Cowbell. More Cowbell. #3 Notre Dame @ #7 Miami (ABC): After this Notre Dame only has Navy and @ Stanford. Sure, they could lose one of those, but I think Notre Dame is more than legit and is on their way to stealing a spot from one of the conferences. So I'm pulling for Miami to keep as many slots open for the conferences, and because a win likely puts them into a play-in game with Clemson anyway. Go Canes. We need to win out, and get at least one break to get into the CFP, IMO. Here's how I think the Committee would prioritize a few scenarios: Alabama/Georgia winner Notre Dame if they win out Wisconsin if they go unbeaten Clemson/Miami winner Oklahoma/TCU winner if they win out Washington if they win out Alabama/Georgia loser if that's their only loss 2-loss Big Ten Champion Based on that and what's ahead, if you put a gun to my head, I'd guess the 4 will be: Alabama/Georgia Notre Dame Clemson Ohio State, Penn State, or Michigan State I just don't think either OU or TCU can beat the other team twice like it will require. Also including a link to 538's model so you can play out your own scenarios: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2017-college-football-predictions/
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    I doth accept your prestigious award. Dilly dilly! But really, thanks. I'm glad to do what I can to contribute and TRY to keep everybody in the loop on prospective and future Frogs. Signing day is always a big event IMO.
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    Newbomb Turk

    Sonny Dykes to SMU

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that discussion went something like: SMU: Okay, Sonny, now that you're our head coach, give us all the intel on TCU. Dykes: They're gonna be kicking your ass for a long time. SMU: Is that all? Dykes: Nope. In basketball, too.
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    Radio Shack Killa

    CDC gone to Austin

    He wasnt married to us. It was a job. And he's taking another job. He's not emotionally invested like we are. And for that job and his particular skill set, frankly the UT job is right in his wheelhouse. He's a master schmoozer and people person and that's what they need in that job. Look at it this way.... there's two big dogs in the conference - OU and Texas. And I'm not talking between the lines. The guy now running the show at Texas is someone who might be more of a supporter of us than most. Something to consider in the next several years if the next shakeup occurs. I wish you well, CDC. You did well by us.
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    Boston Frog

    The Coaching Carousel Thread

    What an absolute miracle we have in Gary Patterson
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    Boston Frog

    The Coaching Carousel Thread

    How the conversation actually went: Customer wearing TCU hat: So, I'm here to pick up the ring I was having clean- Aggie roommate: OMG, are you the president of TCU? Customer: Uh, well, no ... (chuckles) I do go to a game now and then ... But I'm here to - Aggie: Your honor sir president, we are TOTALLY stealing your coach! We're going to money whip him! He won't be able to resist the lure of College Station! Whooooop! Customer: I'm sorry, what? I'm here to pick up a - Aggie: I'll bet we've called him already and he's negotiating right now! SEC! SEC! Whoop, 12th man, don't walk on the grass, tu, bonfire, traditions! Customer: Yeah, I don't really ... I had dropped off a - Aggie: YOUR SILENCE SPEAKS VOLUMES Customer: I'm not actually being silent. I was just asking for ... Hello? Aggie: *texting former college roommate*
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    Newbomb Turk

    Teams to root for

    Also, be sure to root for Kansas over Baylor. Just because.
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    Disagree. ^Best. Damn. Helmet. Ever. ^
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    Those are my two flags just above the purple guy.
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    I was in Chicago for a wedding. Sat at the bar while the rest of the fam shopped Michigan Ave. Ended up next to another TCU fan at ESPN Zone whose family was doing the same. Turned out to be Buddy Dike who is #38 in this photo:
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    We really need a ball control offense.
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    Newbomb Turk

    Change at Killerfrogs

    So to expand on my "KF.c poster-as-product" rant, I realize that the monetization of browsing histories is a massive and pretty much irreversible trend. Google, Facebook, and most "free" sites use cookies and sell browsing history to advertisers. (Check out the "Adam Ruins Everything" episode entitled "Adam Ruins the Internet" for an informative discussion on this.) So when I log on to the Shagg or other free sites with ads, I understand why I keep seeing ads for Honda 2000i generators, Yeti ice chests, Swedish penis-enlargement pumps, and other things I've been browsing recently. I accept that loss of privacy without too much angst. But if my personal browsing history is going to benefit someone monetarily, then in return, that beneficiary should at least provide me a pleasant experience when I'm on their site. And that beneficiary had damned well better not take a high-handed, authoritarian tone toward me and treat me as if I am some kind of "subordinate." IMHO, THAT is what Scott and Wes missed and THAT'S why I don't go there anymore. In other words, you can screw me, but you gotta at least buy me a nice dinner first. But you know what? KF.c is doing just fine without me, so maybe they didn't miss anything after all. Of course, I'm doing just fine without KF.c, too.
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    Thor healthy

    Already done. Not by me
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    Change at Killerfrogs

    I owe Roddog a debt. He drove me to this board.
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    2017 Week 1 Games Thread

    Texas: "Let's embarrass the conference." Baylor: "Hold my Dr. Pepper."
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    New Endzones

    Somebody else who thinks our colors include black. ^. It's PURPLE AND WHITE, dammit!
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    Q: Do you regret taking the (A&M AD) job? A: There are some things that I felt because of my ethical standards I was not a good fit. Ouch...