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    Perspective that probably only those in the over 40 set will appreciate .... all three of the major men's sports went to the post-season and yet all three fell well short of expectations. There was a long period in TCUs history when ANY post season in ANY sport was a rare occasion to be celebrated. While we've fallen a bit from peak Frogs a few years ago, things are still pretty good.
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    Mark Cohen better stay in the dugout. #justsayin
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    Jerry Lopez (o Gerardo Lopez Villasenor si prefiere espanol) won the first set in the finals in Cancun 6-1 over the Trojan and is looking good for his 2nd ever pro singles title. This tourney is a $15,000 ITF Futures tourney, so he wouldn't earn that much money, but at least it's not just a transition tourney. 2-1 in the 2nd set. 3-1. Up a break. 4-1! Jerry gets another break! (As Rafa beats Thiem at Roland Garros - Rafa's 12th French title). 5-1! After multiple deuces. 6-1! Jerry takes the title with a dominant 6-1, 6-1 W! He's worked his way up to an ATP #548 ranking and this should really help move him up further.
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    Wow...I'd given up looking at this thread after the last loss in the tournament! Then I saw the title change!!!
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    A few memorable 74s: Big V Bob Schobel Abe Martin won 74 games as TCU's head coach from 1953 to 1966 Josh Boyce scored on a 74-yard TD reception from Casey Pachall against Boise State in 2011 ...and a few bonus 74s: 1974 American League MVP, Jeff Burroughs What is now "The Tower" in downtown Fort Worth - long before it's current use as condos, it's near demolition in 2001 and being ravaged by a tornado in 2000, was built in 1974 Blazing Saddles hit theaters February 7, 1974 Nixon, in a speech in which he says he isn't a quitter, quits. August 8, 1974.
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    My high school ride, 1975 Ford F-150. “Old Yeller”
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    Our current 79: Esteban Avila A few memorable 79s: Nic Richmond Weldon "Scratch" Edwards Jaden Oberkrom kicked a school-record 79 field goals in his time at TCU, none bigger than the game-winner in Morgantown in 2014 Josh Doctson hauled in a school-record 79 receptions in 2015, including this rather momentous TD in the comeback against K-State LaDainian Tramayne Tomlinson was born June 23, 1979 ...and a few bonus 79s: Harvey Martin Erik Williams Alien hit theaters May 25, 1979 The video for "1979" Jason Isbell was born February 1, 1979
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    Leon Clay’s towel from that game is in a box somewhere over at my parent’s house.
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    Our current 87: Travontae Hights A few memorable 87s: Stephen Shipley Jamie Dixon in his playing days, helping lead the Frogs to the 1987 SWC title October 29, 1987: Andrew Gregory Dalton is born ...and a few bonus 87s: OMG yes, put it straight into my veins Raising Arizona hit theaters on March 6, 1987
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    So you’re telling me that, yesterday: 1) TCU won 2) aggy and Baylor lost
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    The answer to any question that starts with this is always no.
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    TCU headed to Fayetteville. Playing Cal on Friday night.
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    Melissa at Frogs O'War has a good rundown on who is transferring out and a list of the known new additions for the 2020 baseball team. Lots of changes, lots of positions up for grabs this fall. https://www.frogsowar.com/2019/6/24/18714725/monday-morning-manager-tcu-baseball-roster-taking-shape-after-more-transfers
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    Our current 70: Cordel Iwuagwu A few memorable 70s: Marshall Newhouse J.T. Aughinbaugh Darius Anderson broke out with a 70-yard TD against Texas in Austin as a freshman in 2016 Deante Gray broke out with a 70-yard punt return touchdown on his first career touch in the 2012 season opener against Grambling ...and a few bonus 70s: Rayfield Wright Dennis Rodman, during his short stint playing for his hometown team The astronauts of Apollo 13 safely splashed down in the Pacific on April 17, 1970 ABC's Monday Night Football debuted September 21, 1970
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    Our current 72: Kris Dike A few memorable 72s: Bob Lilly Jeff Millican Michael Toudouze Kyle Dooley Jalen Reagor's 72 receptions last year was the second-highest single-season total in school history ...and a few bonus 72s: Too Tall Jones The Cowboys beat the Dolphins, 24-3 in Super Bowl VI on January 16, 1972 Semi-Tough was published in 1972
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    Louisville beat Auburn in the other brackets first elimination game. First two teams going home are SEC ...
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    Catching up since I played hooky from work yesterday ... Michael Toudouze, 2007-11 Colts Don Floyd, King of Midlothian, 1960-67 Oilers Herb Taylor, 2008 Chiefs Guy Morriss, 1984-87 Patriots Charlie Davis, mean-lookin' man and final appearance in the countdown, 1984 Houston Gamblers
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    This board and it's members are true greatness! Thank you founders for all you do!
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    Our current 80: Al'Dontrae Davis A few memorable 80s: Dan Sharp from his playing days Chris Kaylakie Buck Jones Game Day ventured to Provo for the Frogs' blowout of BYU in 2009. It was GP's 80th win at TCU. ...and a few bonus 80s: Alvin Harper The Empire Strikes Back hit theaters May 17, 1980 The Mavericks' first game was played October 11, 1980 - a win over the Spurs.
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    Curing cancer and prosecuting Trump both sound expensive. Let's get Mexico to pay for it!
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    Seeing as he is about the only person who referred to TCU-Baylor as the Revivalry, I support his move away from covering the Frogs.
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    Two Frogs are currently in action this morning. Eduardo Roldan is playing in the qualies at yet another tourney in Cancun - he's into the 3rd set against Luis Patino after winning the first set 6-4 and losing the 2nd set 3-6 and is currently leading 2-0 over Patino. Reese Stalder is playing Ponwith in Wichita and just lost the 1st set 4-6. Eduardo now up 4-3 (up a break) in his 3rd set; Reese is at 3-all in his 2nd. Eduardito 5-3; Widow 4-3 (barely). Roldan advances 6-4, 3-6, 6-3! Patino is ranked at ATP#574, so this is a very good W for Eduardo. Widow still at 4-3 on serve in his 2nd. Stalder 5-3! He gets a key break! Widow takes the 2nd set 6-3!! On to the 3rd and deciding set. 0-1. Ponwith serving first this set. I'm trying to get used to regular scoring with deuces and ads. (I suspect Widow is too). Strike that! It's not regular scoring - they're playing a pro-set tie-breaker. (First to 10 points wins - I think). Reese trailing 1-3. 2-3. 3-all. 4-all. 5-4! Reese takes his first lead in the breaker. 5-all. This is moving quickly. 5-7. (sigh). 5-8. Not looking good. 5-9. Quadruple match point. 6-9. Triple match point. Stalder falls 4-6, 6-3, 6-10. His doubles match will be later this afternoon.
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    I apologize for missing yesterday - that storm was a doozy in our 'hood. Our current 82: Jason D'Armore, a walk-on WR from New Jersey A few memorable 82s: Josh Boyce, in one of the many moments that made him one of the most clutch players in the history of this program. Bryan Engram Charlie Reid We ran out of fireworks ...and a few bonus 82s: Jason Witten Blade Runner hit theaters June 25, 1982
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    Jeremy Kerley briefly wore 85 before switching to 11 for the 2011 Jets As promised 4 days ago, 1982-88 Packers Linzy Cole, 1974 Philadelphia Bell
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    As of today, we are two-thirds of the way through the offseason.
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    Jacob Meador tweeted out this morning thanking the Mariners organization for drafting him...but also announcing that he'll be pitching at TCU!
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    Marshall Newhouse signed with New Orleans. The guy has had a very under the radar lengthy NFL career. 72 starts over 8 full seasons in the league. https://whodatdish.com/2019/05/23/saints-add-three-including-t-marshall-newhouse-cut-three/
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    Our current 89 is a walk-on from Dallas named Hayden Fox. GoFrogs.com doesn't have a photo of him with the official roster, so I did a quick Google Images search: A few memorable 89s: Kyle Clifton Vincent Pryor O'Day Williams LT had an 89-yard TD run against UTEP in 2000, as part of a "disappointing" 305 yard day after having set the NCAA single-game record with 406 against the Miners in '99 -No photo that I could find, but Jimmy Oliver had an 89-yard TD reception from Max Knake in the win over Tech in 1994. ...and a few bonus 89s: August 23, 1989: Nolan Ryan's 5,000th strikeout November 9, 1989: The Berlin Wall starts to come down
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    -Arrieta gave up 5 runs and 10 hits in 5 IP last time out, against the Dodgers in LA, to drop to 5-5 on the year. His ERA ticked up to 3.96. Next scheduled start is Wednesday afternoon against the Padres in San Diego. -Cashner gave up 6 runs in 5 IP last time out...but got the W against the Giants. He's now 6-2 on the year with a 5.04 ERA. Next scheduled start is Thursday evening against the Rangers out at The Temple. -Carpenter has a three-game hit streak going for the Cardinals, including a walk-off home run over the weekend against the Cubs. He's hitting .220 for the year with 8 HR and 20 RBI. -Holaday hit his first home run of the season over the weekend out in San Diego. In 4 games since the Marlins called him up, he's 1-for-9 with that 2-run HR. -Cron, who must be dizzy from the Diamondbacks' inability to make up their minds on him, is 4-for-14 (.286) in 9 big league games. All four of those hits are doubles. -Crichton is scoreless through his first 4 relief appearances for the D'Backs, with 3 K's, 1 hit and 0 BB across 2.2 total IP.
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    Tadeas and Ondrej Styler won the doubles championship at Most this morning with a solid 7-5, 6-1 victory over Safranek/Satral! This is his 3rd ever ITF doubles championship - he won one last year in Turkey and one in Slovakia. He doesn't currently have an ATP doubles ranking (his career high is #766) but his ITF doubles ranking is #281 and because the ITF and the ATP last week agreed on a new system to award ATP points to ITF champs, this title should move him back into the ATP rankings. This is huge - to have a doubles specialist as a recruit scheduled to arrive in September is a very good sign for next year's Frog team.
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    Our current 92: Benedict Brafi A few memorable 92s: Chad McCarty Ray Burns November 7, 1992: Back when beating UT was still a big deal Deante Gray's 92-yard TD reception from Boykin against Tech in 2014 Michael Reeder hit 92% of his FG attempts in 1995 ...and a few bonus 92s: My man, DeShawn Stevenson
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    This is my favorite thread since the one about a lottery winner.
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    Cron's first three base hits for the D'Backs have been doubles, and Crichton's first two relief outings for them have been scoreless.
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    The final ITA singles and doubles rankings were released yesterday. The Top 10 singles players for 2018-2019 were: 1. Nuno Borges (Mississippi State - NCAA runner-up) 2. J.J. Wolf (Ohio State) 3. Paul Jubb (South Carolina - NCAA champ) 4. Alex Rybakov (TCU - semi-finalist) 5. Carl Soderlund (Virginia) 6. Christian Sigsgaard (Texas) 7. Oliver Crawford (Florida) 8. Yuya Ito (Texas) 9. Brandon Holt (USC) 10. Petros Chrysochos (Wake Forest) 33. Alastair Gray (TCU). Looking ahead to next year, Borges, Wolf, Rybo, Soderlund, Sigsgaard and Chrysochos were seniors and will be departing; Gray will need to move up in the rankings for TCU to be competitive amongst the elite players, but he'll probably be moving up to the #1 slot which will help facilitate that. In doubles, Gray and Rybo were 15th; Kruger and Stalder 31st.
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    Norrie and Evans won their Round of 32 match this morning over Johnson/Kudla 4-6, 6-4, 6-3 (at Slams, they play best 3 of 5 even in doubles) and are now scheduled to play veterans Robin Haase (Netherlands) and Frederik Nielsen (Denmark) tomorrow in the Round of 16. It'd be better if he were still alive in singles, but this is better than nothing. Tadeas Paroulek is playing in an ITF tourney in Most (Czech Republic) and he won his first round over Zdenek Derkas (6-1, 6-2) today and will face Jan Satral in the Round of 16 tomorrow. He's also in the doubles; teaming with Ondrej Styler - all players mentioned are Czechs. "Most" means "bridge" in Czech and the town was named for having, well, the most bridges... They all act very bohemian there because it's in Bohemia. Tadeas' current ATP ranking is #643.
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    Not trying to start any official prediction here as its still way early- but I'm procrastinating at work and was getting excited for football. Depending on QB play (which when is it never depending on it?) There is a VERY real chance we could be heading into the UT weekend sitting at 6-0. Ark. PB- Come on @ Purdue- could be tough, but weather shouldn't be an issue and we have an extra week to prep. I like our odds. SMU- We always play down. But this aint the year. KU- They don't beat us twice in a row, and its at home. @ ISU- First test of the year. They lost a few guys. I like us. @KSU- Always tough, but again. They aren't beating us. Also, the bye before this one helps too. Past that, our schedule gets dicey. But we could be in for a fun season. Again, assuming we get some decent QB play (my guess is Rogers). UT has a much tougher first 8 weeks, but they will likely be ranked. Especially if they can beat 1 of LSU or OU and win the rest. Anyway, I CAN'T wait!
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    I was a pretty big card collector as a kid, starting in the late-80s and into the mid-90s. Almost entirely baseball, but several complete sets ... a Carlton Fisk rookie probably the crown jewel. I was a huge baseball nerd, reading every baseball book I could get my hands on. I destroyed countless trees playing simulated seasons on the generically named Computer Baseball game on my Commodore 64 and printing out the statistics onto my parents' dot matrix printer. When I was collecting, my mother revealed to me that she was a collector at a similar age, back in the mid-to-late 50's. Then she told me a tale that traumatized me to my soul. As a girl in Fort Worth in the 1950's, the Texas Rangers did not exist and so as kids west of the Mississippi did, she adopted a team. From what I understand, a lot of westerners adopted the Cardinals as the closest team, but my mom, a front-runner, adopted the Yankees. So she told me she would buy a pack of cards, open it, keep all the Yankees, and throw the rest in the trash. So I'm envisioning my yet-to-be mother, opening a pack of cards ... Bob Cerv, keep ... Stan Musial, trash ... Tom Sturdivant, keep ... Jackie Robinson, trash ... Bobby Shantz, keep ... Willie Mays, trash ... hundreds of 1987 dollars unwittingly sent to the landfill back in 1958. But despite this atrocity, at least my dear mother must have saved for me a treasure trove of Mantles, Berras, and Fords, right? Alas, no ... they were ultimately thrown into the same landfill, once puberty and boys came into the picture and she cast aside her childish things in pursuit of adulthood. So I swore to myself then that I would not do to my children what my mother did to me. And in my attic right this very minute sits thousands of baseball cards that I saved for my children ... who could not give two shits about professional baseball or the cards that I lovingly saved for them, not even knowing who they would be. Maybe, one day, my grandchildren will want them ...
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    If (BIG if) Janczak's tournament performance is sustainable, that gives us a 3-man starting rotation (Lodolo, King, Janczak) you can kinda, sorta hang your hat on. Then we just have to hope they can go deep enough and get enough run support to hold on when the bullpen comes in ...
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    Today ... Bo Schobel, 2004-05 Titans. He also wore 95 for the 2007 Cardinals, but I couldn't find a pic. #95, Mitchell Benson, 1989-1990 Colts ... ... and the 1991 Chargers L.J. Collier, 2019- Seahawks Shawn Worthen, 2001 Vikings
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