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    That is disappointing. I sent a raven to the Citadel to get his QHS stats, and Archmaester Ch'Vyalthan replied that although he wouldn't go so far as to say Atanza was "the prince who was promised" or that R+L=AV, that he thought AV was probably the "greatest safety that ever was or will be."
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    And not to steal from Lyle's Countdown bit, but ...
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    My all time favorite YouTube video. I'd love to buy the TCU fan a beer
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    Gotta love the massive Surrender Cobra in Lubbock that night:
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    A few memorable Frog 22s: Aaron Green. "ARE YOU KIDDIN' ME?!?!" Darrell Lester I.B. Hale Logo Tevaseu Chudi Chinweze ("Chinweze Fo-Sheezy!") LT scored a TCU record 22 rushing touchdowns his senior year. ...and a bonus 22: I know there'd already been an Emmitt post this morning. But really, is one post enough for a Hall of Famer that won three championships, an MVP, a Super Bowl MVP, Rookie of the Year, was selected All-Pro 5 times, selected to the Pro Bowl 8 times, led the league in rushing and rushing touchdowns 4 times apiece and has rushed for the more yards and touchdowns than anyone else who has ever played in the NFL? Nah - in fact, here's a few more:
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    While Swink is still the apex 23, there have been quite a few memorable ones through the years: Marvin Godbolt on one of the worst covers DCTF has ever had Aaron Brown Mike Lutrell BJ Catalon Alex Young Jamie Dixon Kenneth Davis, seen here with Jim Wacker on one of the best covers DCTF ever had, ended his TCU career with 23 rushing touchdowns - before going on to wear #23 for the Buffalo Bills ...and a bonus 23:
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    Frogs on ESPN Classic

    I just turned it on but it looks like it is a marathon all night. Northwestern game of 2004 on now. Later it looks like 2005 OU, Houston Bowl against Iowa State, Poinsetta Bowl against Boise, Rose Bowl and Poinsetta against La Tech.
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    Frogs on ESPN Classic

    Cool! TCU leads OU right now, 10-7 in the 3rd quarter and Adrian Peterson just went down with an injury. I predict a Frog victory! And later, I hope we blow Boise out in the Poinsettia Bowl!
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    A few memorable Frog 21s: Kyle Hicks Bo Schobel Clayton Jerome Matt Vern Brian Trieglaff Lance Broadway ...and a bonus 21:
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    One of the best in game calls from Brian Estridge: https://m.soundcloud.com/img-audio/tcu-img-brian-estridge-boykin-green-4yd-gw-td-55-52-4q-9-26-15
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    Whattttt? I loved this one. Will always have a special place in my heart. If you go to the waaaayyyyyy back, you'll find a little blurb about DTF and my gridiron exploits under "Players to watch". I always remember thinking TCU's uni's were much cooler than everyone else.
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    Kenneth Davis I'm pretty sure this is Swink in his TCU uniform (since the Texans wore red) but he did wear #23 in 5 games in 1960. Curtis Fuller Jim Busby wore #23 for the 1957 Orioles Warwick wore #23 in 1965 for the O's and in 1966 for the Cubs
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    -Kevin Cron has a 7-game hit streak going for Triple-A Reno (D'Backs), where he's now hitting .331 and up to 20 HR & 85 RBI -Jantzen WItte has been promoted back to Triple-A Pawtucket by the Red Sox organization, and is 8-for-22 (.364) with a HR and 6 RBI in his first six games back there. -Preston Morrison has extended his scoreless streak to 7 appearances/9 and a third innings. In that span, he's given up just 1 base hit, has 9 K's against 1 walk and has lowered his ERA from 5.85 to 4.74 -Durbin Feltman's first three appearances for Advanced-A Salem (Red Sox) have produced three scoreless innings. -Austen Wade is now 7-for-23 (.304) in his first 8 games for Advanced-A Lynchburg (Indians), with two doubles in that span. -Luken Baker has 6 hits across his last 4 games for Peoria (Cardinals), where he's now hitting .286 with 5 doubles, 1 HR, 8 RBI in 15 games since his promotion
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    The Sports Dump

    And, pushing them physically until they become seriously ill or, God forbid, even die warrants extremely harsh consequences.
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    I just love the screen shot you get for the video. She looks like a Muppet going ape shit.
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    FROGS in the NFL 2018

    The Eagles O-line coach loves Matt Pryor. https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/sports/csn/eagles/Jeff_Stoutland_praises_Matt_Pryor__Jordan_Mailata_after_1st_preseason_game-490627181.html
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    Getting this out a few hours ahead of Saturday ... Aaron Brown Taylor Featherston, Tampa Bay And I think that's it. No one else I can think of who wore 21. Let me check my list again to make sure .... Oh yeah, there's one more ...
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    I am calling your bluff on that one. That is clearly a Game of Thrones character. I think he shows up in Qarth ...
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    I can't remember if this has been posted but Bill Connelly like us. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/6/13/17434332/tcu-football-2018-preview-schedule-roster
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    TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Nick Chappell beat Aziz Dougaz 4 and 4 yesterday and has advanced to the Round of 16 at Edwardsville where he will play Nicolas Alvarez later today. But Trevor Johnson/Alex Knight lost in doubles to Zhu/Meister 4 and 2 in the Round of 16. So, Nick is still alive, but not Trevor.
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    That was one of my favorite all-time TCU games to have attended. Such a gritty, hard-fought win over an extremely tough opponent. Will never regret my last-minute decision to fly out for it. Beyond Turner, a few other memorable Frog 24s: Darrell Browder Mike Jones Josh Elander Mike Settle Trevorris Johnson Greg McCoy races to a 99-yard kickoff return touchdown as part of TCU's 56-9 dismantling of UNLV at home in November of 2011. This was TCU's final game as members of the Mountain West, and their 24th consecutive conference victory on their way out the door with their 3rd straight conference title. ...and one bonus 24 that keeps it with the Frogs!
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    Urban in trouble...

    And people don't understand that a cool winter night in Honolulu means you wake up at 5:00am in a house that is 59 degrees. We have no heat and no insulation and my windows are frozen open by rust that results from salt air blowing in from the sea. If it gets down to 58 degrees during the night, it gets down to 59 degrees inside. That is a cold house. I think everyone should grieve for Boston and me.