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    Prayers requested

    I want to thank everyone for their love and support over the last several years. I thought I had prepared myself for this moment but I hadn't. I guess you really can't. The last several weeks were very tough and I try to remind myself that he is no longer suffering. He was so incredibly strong and brave. So I am trying to be strong like he was. Tyler participated in the Rapid Autopsy program through Johns Hopkins University so they were able to gather cancer tissue for multiple research entities, to include Hopkins, the Children's Oncology Group, NIH, and others (including one at Texas Tech). Tyler said repeatedly that he was given a chance because of others who went before him, so it was important to do whatever he could to help others. He told us he wanted to do this as soon as he learned his diagnosis was terminal. So he met with the pathologist at Hopkins to discuss his wishes and to make arrangements in advance to identify where the tissue samples would go. Dr. Reynolds at Texas Tech said the Navy Seals have a saying: "You are never out of the fight." He said that with Tyler's multiple donations to science, he will continue his brave fight against this terrible disease. His memorial will be next Saturday, 10/21. I didn't want to have a memorial because I don't want to have to grieve publically. But my brave and beautiful son deserves to be honored and remembered, so that is what we will do. I want to sincerely thank everyone here for their support, PMs, and donations to the Children's hospital. Trust me, that money is needed, especially in a place like Baltimore. Know that you are joining Tyler in his continued fight against cancer. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with such a kind, caring group. I wish I had better words to express my gratitude.
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    That was a great game. Tyler can no longer get out of bed so we moved the 55 inch TV into his bedroom and watched it there. He managed to stay awake for the entire game which is quite a feat right now. He was swinging the foam "sword of defense" throughout the game. Think he might have been our lucky charm today.
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    Army Frog Fan

    AP Top 25

    Yep. UCF even had to settle for Baylor one year.
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    Duquesne Frog

    AP Top 25

    Wisconsin drew the short straw in 2010 too ...
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    Those are my two flags just above the purple guy.
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    Game Day signs, strategies and ideas

    Funny all, but making this about Baylor would be so Baylor.
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    Newbomb Turk

    This is a fun read

    The problem with espousing realism about the 2014 season on BF (or 365, or whatever it’s called now) is that 2014 was their apex. To be precise, the final field goal to get the win over TCU marked the exact moment that was the high point of the Art Briles era. No win over UT or OU or was so gratifying. It was the payoff for all the moral compromises that they made. If you take moment away from them by saying that TCU “won the season,” then you’ve truly said that it all amounted to nothing. You’re bound to get some irrational pushback from those idiots. There was a mouthy fan wearing BU gear walking out of the WVU game. I yelled, “YOU’LL ALWAYS HAVE 61-58!” He had nothing... There ISN’T a response to that, because it’s simply true. All the devastation is the price for a fricking last-minute field goal to win a game where they didn’t even cover the spread. Karma’s a bitch, indeed.
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    The TCU Variety Thread

    There was a storm brewing in Kansas yesterday.
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    Disagree. ^Best. Damn. Helmet. Ever. ^
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    Seeing a The Frog Horn flag waving! Bad ass @frogtwang!!!
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    Vlade Divac


    Kirk knows this is the last thing Kenny needs. He's just trying to sabotage TCU again. First he talks the CFP into putting Ohio State in over us, and now he's trying to take the chip off our shoulder. Eff you ESPN!
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    In honor of the last gameday I went to at WVU
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    I was in Chicago for a wedding. Sat at the bar while the rest of the fam shopped Michigan Ave. Ended up next to another TCU fan at ESPN Zone whose family was doing the same. Turned out to be Buddy Dike who is #38 in this photo:
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    We really need a ball control offense.
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    Q: Do you regret taking the (A&M AD) job? A: There are some things that I felt because of my ethical standards I was not a good fit. Ouch...
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    Newbomb Turk


    Someone named OSUJeff97 posted this on the Shagg. It summarizes my feelings eloquently:
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    Are you able to raise your arm today? You were waving that thing like a madman. My pole was heavy, but I was able to rest it on the ground. That's right, I was able to rest my pole on the ground.
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    Yes. And she was right behind me for a little while.
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    TCU 41 WVU 27 The Newest Ground Attack is revealed: Sewo, Hicks, and Anderson combine like Voltron to form one giant running back known only as Sewyleius Maximus and he runs for 400 yards before his batteries run out The Defense introduces the "Yeti Formation" which involves an actual Yeti in a TCU uniform (walk-on). Also something involving Dippin' Dots, the Ice Cream of the Future Turpin conspires with the Showgirls to use a new dance routine that hypnotizes WVU into actually kicking the ball to him. He takes one to the house.
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    Army Frog Fan

    Las Vegas Shooting

    I guess I should caveat my post with my usual rant. Those pushing gun control now under the "we need to do something mantra" will do nothing to save lives, but rather pat themselves on the back and try to elevate their stature for their upcoming re-election. Key points on what frustrates me with the typical politician: 1. They don't know jack squat about firearms. Most don't understand that fully automatic weapon have been illegal for 30 years. They equate the AR-15 with fully automatic. 2. The features that have been pushed for designating a firearm as an "assault rifle" which would fall under the typically proposed bans have no bearing on the functionality of a firearm, but rather the aesthetics of the weapon. 3. Those trumpeting bans on "high capacity" magazines do not realize that with minimal practice, it takes less than swap magazines. Which leads me to... 4. They are magazines, not clips. 5. The "assault rifle" ban would not have stopped many of these attacks. In a lot of these attacks (Columbine, Virginia Tech, etc.) the crazies used pistols, shotguns, or rifles that would not have been classified as "assault rifle." I could go on and on, but my point is this: I don't want to see new laws just for the sake of making laws. If someone wants to propose laws that would actually curtail violence (i.e. a ban on all firearms, a ban on all semi-automatic firearms, etc.) then I am happy to be engaged in that discussion. But if Congress really cared about saving lives, they would mandate a breathalyzer on every automobile. That law would save many more lives than banning certain rifles that look scary. OK, end of my "gun control" rant.
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    Signs I made for 2009.
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    It's nice that the guy was trying to protect his girlfriend.....
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    From now on, when I'm watching a game with a group of people, I am going to be sure to indignantly scream "THAT'S ILLEGAL TOUCHING!!!!" every time that happens.
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    When the ball bounced into the belly of the TCU player ar about the 3. It went out to about the 7 where the Ok? St. player tried to pick it up, but didn't and a TCU player recovered. The BJ signaled TCU's ball which was totally wrong and Replay could have easily changed that, which I'm sure they would have, but was no need due to the foul. no member of the kicking team can touch a scrimmage kick that has crossed the line of scrimmage until it touches a member of the receiving team. There isn't a yardage penalty since it's not a foul, only a violation. If he gains possession of the ball (downing it), the ball is DRT (dead right there). A good special teams teams coach will instruct his punt returners that if the kicking team player touches it and walks away to pick it up and run as they can still get the ball back at the spot of touching. On the other hand, the kicking team is instructed to not just touch it, but should pick it up, thus gaining possession and ball is DRT. One more thing on scrimmage kicks. The goal line is treated differently than in the NFL.
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    Oh, you never know when one will show up. First, on a scrimmage kick, just because the kicking team illegally touches it, the ball is NOT dead. It can be advanced by the receiving team and they can even score. Suppose he gets hit and fumbles and it's recovered by the kicking team. No big deal, they can retain possession back at the spot of illegal touching. Now, on the play in question. Yes, TCU had an illegal touching. If TCU had fouled, post-scrimmage kick spot would be the enforcement spot, which it normally is. However, since Okla. St. fouled, there is no PSK spot and the illegal touching is, basically, ignored. This leaves the previous spot as the only place the foul against OSU can be enforced from. Since it gave TCU a first down, the retained possession. OR, they could have declined the penalty and had it enforced from the spot of illegal touching. That would have been half the distance and first down for Ok. St. Bottom line is the crew got it right. Now on the play that cost A&M a TD when the official ruled the QB OB at the 10 and he went on to score, it's not reviewable, no matter how many on TexAgs think it was. Lots of wrong being spouted over there.
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    Week 4 Games

    Got a msg: Son just qualified marksman! Now back to football.
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    It was clear that Hyman had it in for A&M when his family rooted for TCU in the 2010 Rose Bowl (even though he was still at South Carolina). Then, when he failed to bully the NCAA into forcing TCU to go to A&M for that baseball super-regional, it became even more clear that he hated A&M. But then, when he imposed a rule that third basemen transfers had to wear gigantic class rings and that forced Boomer to boot that grounder that caused the Aggies to lose the next super-regional, it was crystal clear that he and A&M weren't a good fit.
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    Did they buy Big Tex?
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    Boston Frog

    This is a fun read

    There's no way an actual Baylor fan wrote that. It makes way too much sense.
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    Newbomb Turk

    Kansas U @ TCU

    The fact that we almost lose to them on a regular basis could have something to do with it.
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    Vlade Divac

    Week 8 TV (10/21)

    TCU's rooting interest analysis of key Week 8 games: 11:00 Window ISU @ TTU (FS1): ISU is getting some AP votes (#28), so it'd be nice for them to get a win in Lubbock and break into the Top 25 for our Week 9 matchup in Ames. CFP votes after Week 9, so a win in Ames would give us wins over 3 Top 25 teams (OSU, WVU, and ISU). #10 OSU @ UT (ABC): I think we have to pull for OSU in order to keep it as a high-quality win on our resume. Then again, they may be the team I'm least wanting to rematch against in the Big 12 CCG. 2:30/3:00 Window Syracuse @ #8 Miami (ESPN): Need 'Cuse to knock them off and weaken the ACC's reputation. #8 Oklahoma @ KSU (FOX): Need OU to keep rolling into our showdown in Norman. Primetime Window #19 Michigan @ #2 Penn State (ABC): It'd be nice for Michigan to get a win or at least beat them up a bit before Penn State goes to the Horseshoe the following week. #11 USC @ #13 Notre Dame (NBC): With both having 1 loss already, this is a CFP elimination game. But it's a toss-up, IMO, in terms of who we root for given that either team gets in if they win out (CFP Blue Blood Factor). Notre Dame still has NCST, Miami, and Stanford on their schedule, while USC only has the weakass Pac-12 South and Pac-12 CCG. #23 West Virginia @ Baylor (FS2): At least it's not on Fox Business. Movin' on up, Baylol.
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    Week 7 - Other Games

    “No kicker on a top 5 team has missed 2 field goals from 30 yards or closer since 2010(Kyle Brotzman)”
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    She ever win the lottery?
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    I hope she wins another scratch off before she runs out of money. I don't want this thread to die.
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    SFA Frog


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    Thank God for bamboo! It was very lightweight, but I did drop it once due to loss of feeling in my fingers. I waved that thing for 2 and 1/2 hours! Worth it!
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    Prayers requested

    My heart aches for 152 and the whole Farmer family. Life can be horribly cruel sometimes, and there are few words of comfort to offer beyond “you are not alone.” May they feel our love with them as they make their way through the difficult days and months ahead. And the tears of all the angels up in heaven Make a river where we can wash our pain Even in the middle of the thunder Dont let go of the love inside the rain
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    TCU @ KSU

    I'm not. This is just another stop on the CGP revenge tour. Arky, OSU, and WVU down and 3 to go. Then we can deal with UGa in the playoff.
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    The Frog Horn Tailgate

    Ok Frog fans, join us Saturday after GameDay for The FrogHorn Tailgate! The FrogPit will be fired up serving the best BBQ you've ever had. We'll be set up in the grassy area just South of Lot 7. https://imgur.com/a/zvfvn RIFF RAM BAH ZOO LICKETY LICKETY BBQ WHO WAH WAH WHO GIVE EM HELL TCU!
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    That was fun! I was next to Twang with The Froghorn flag for a bit, moved directly behind Corso. The waving TCU flag...surrounded by friends and family. At Frog Alley now. God Bless America.
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    Why would we wear purple? It's not like that's OUR SCHOOL COLOR!!!!!! Might as well just switch the promo to Go Black Friday, too. Not like anyone really cares about tradition anymore. Oh, and we'll just be the TCU Crows from now on to go with all that black. Horned Frogs is such an old fashioned mascot. Harumpf!
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    Newbomb Turk

    Week 5 Games

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    Army Frog Fan

    The Coaching Carousel Thread

    Similarly, I have decided I don't want Scarlett Johansson or Jennifer Lawrence anymore.
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    AP Top 25

    Good thing the B12 has a championship game this year otherwise we'd have to be ranked Number One and beat Baylor by 52 points in our last game and then dropped down to 4th to make the playoffs.
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    That was a big time win! A top 10 all time TCU win!