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  2. God save us....

    Thinking back to my teen years and the stupid and dangerous things I did many of which could have killed others--street racing for one--I'm not sure I totally agree with you that all teens are so mature. But thanks for the reply.
  3. Weather Thread

    I'll bite.
  4. God save us....

    Yes, I feel bad for the kid. But can you honestly tell me a 9 year old kid has a full understanding of mortality and what guns actually do in reality? Was the 9 year old's ultimate goal to kill his sister? Theres a huge difference between a 9 year old accidentally killing his sister over a feud, and a developed teen/adult going into a school to knowingly cause death.
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  6. God save us....

    Just asking (and just already went to the bathroom): Do you feel sorry about the 9 year old? https://www.clarionledger.com/story/news/local/2018/03/18/video-game-argument-shooting/436364002/ That seems almost surely a public health problem having to do with access.
  7. God save us....

    You're right that we should wait until we hear the whole story before playing blame game. But that's not what I was doing. And besides, no, I won't be sad about a person who was shooting children dying unless a reason later revealed permits me to, which I'm 99% sure there won't be. All I'm saying is, given the situation where someone did have a gun in a school shooting at students, an armed officer did his duty and took action to prevent any further injuries and possible deaths. I'm not trying to make any other point than that. Once we learn of the motivations and possible parenting or institutional failures, then we can have a pissing match on who's "solution" to preventing this from happening in the first place is 'better'.
  8. Weather Thread

    People who have left Crete are excretions
  9. Weather Thread

    What's a Cretan earn?
  10. Weather Thread

    No. But I like to imagine that it refers to somebody from Crete because its funny to imagine that someone has bigotry toward a random Greek isle ...
  11. God save us....

    We don't know the whole story yet. For example, where did he get the gun? Did his parents, for example, leave it lying around like the parents in Mississippi did for the 9 year old who shot and killed his sister this week over a game console? Should the 9 year old have been "neutralized"? Do you feel sad for the 9 year old? Is it possible there are other ways of dealing with this whole system? Yeah, I think it's possible to be sad when a teen is dead. They are not known for complete control and are often impulsive. Having access to deadly machines when out of control and impulsive often ends up kind of sad. When a teen jumps off a ledge I feel a bit sad there too, for example. That's why looking at the whole system as a public health problem is perhaps one reasonable idea. There are probably other good ideas as well. Anyway, all I'm saying is it is barely possible this whole situation could have been thwarted farther back in the system such that no one got wounded or killed.
  12. Weather Thread

    Does cretin refer to a particular group?
  13. Weather Thread

    I know hebe is considered slur-ish, but I didn't think it was in the full on slur category. Kinda like dago or cretin. I'm sure my white privilege is showing ...
  14. God save us....

    Praying for a strong and speedy recovery for those teens.
  15. God save us....

    Am I suppose to be sad the gunman is dead? Had the officer not intervened, we would likely be hearing about many more wounded and likely killed. So yeah, I would say the presence of armed security at this school saved lives today.
  16. Weather Thread

    Typed it and deleted it ...
  17. Weather Thread

    Or he's Jewish ...
  18. TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Eh, it's hard to compare across eras, but there is an argument that Federer hasn't faced the kind of rivals that Borg, Connors and McEnroe did in their day. Even the Agassi-Courier-Sampras era was more competitive. Nadal has really been Federer's only nemesis. As for the pre-open guys, it's a little like pre-Super Bowl. It's kind of prehistory, although Rod Laver was amazing. He was my dad's favorite player.
  19. Weather Thread

    He just really likes the grocery store
  20. God save us....

    That's one way of characterizing 2 critically wounded teens and one dead one. There are perhaps others.
  21. God save us....

    The Weinstein company has announced that all NDAs are lifted. http://money.cnn.com/2018/03/20/media/harvey-weinstein-nondisclosure-agreements/index.html
  22. TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Cam v. Kypson has started in Miami and Norrie trails 3-5 in the 1st set. 4-5. Cam needs to break the Aggie to level the set. Yes!! The Boer/Kiwi/Welsh/Scot/Frog gets the break over the hated Aggie!! 5-5! 6-all. Into a 1st set breaker. Aw man. Kypson takes the breaker 7-6. 1-1 in the 2nd set. Cam came close to getting the break but couldn't convert. 2-all. Cam gets the break and goes up 5-2! Norrie wins the 2nd set 6-3! 2-0 in the 3rd! 4-1!! Cam takes the first match in the Aggie-Frog doubleheader! He whips the lugie hocker 6-7, 6-3, 6-1!
  23. Fantasy Baseball 2018

    Okay, I'll do it if you absolutely need someone to fill the slot. But I'm terrible at it and will undoubtedly finish last yet again in an embarrassing way.
  24. TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Agreed, but with tennis, you always have to put the qualifier "in the Open era" in there. We'll just never know how many majors Laver, Talbert, Tilden, Rosewall or even Lacoste would have won if they had been eligible to play at those "strictly amateur" events. Personally, I think Frog Fan Fed would wallop Laver because the game has evolved so much and the equipment just isn't the same, but we'll just never know. And I'd go with Martina for the women. The new ITA rankings are just out and TCU jumped 21 spots(!) and are now ranked 11th!! Which just shows how completely transformed the season has become because of our hot play. Here they are: 1. Wake Forest 2. Ohio State 3. Stanford 4. UCLA 5. North Carolina 6. Texas A&M 7. Illinois 8, Michigan 9. Florida 10. USC 11. TCU 12. Texas 13. Missisippi State 14. Georgia 15. Oklahoma State 16. Oklahoma 17. Columbia 18. Duke 24. Baylor 29. Tech 30. California 32. Tulane 34. Arizona State 48. San Diego 49. Louisville The Frogs are once again tops in the Big12. Rybakov has leaped up to 12th; Gray is 33rd; Johnson is 64th; Nunez debuts at 114th. In doubles, Rybo/Nunez are 21st; Rybo/Gray are 26th; Kruger/Stalder debut at 42nd. Needless to say, the rankings are reflecting our hot play. Beating the Aggies will surely move us into the Top 10 and hopefully, Cam will also beat Kypson in Miami. 11th!!!!
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