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  2. Florida wins game 1, 4-3 ...
  3. Nope. Saying Comey better hope there are no tapes is a far cry from stating " there are tapes". You should know that. Small ball wins lots of games! Healthcare is definitely a minefield...where do you get your 'most people" assertion? I think you are wrong. President Donald Trump (and his millions of stalwart supporters) has had a pretty good first 5 months, considering the 'vast media/leftist/Establishment conspiracy' arrayed against us. You didn't mention the Investigations. Hahaha!
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  5. Orcas, the Jack the Rippers of the animal kingdom ... Another Great White Shark Found Dead With Liver, Stomach, And Testes Surgically Removed
  6. I do think he SC upholding part of the travel ban is a pretty big win for him, despite many questions about the ban still being in the air. I think that other stuff is mostly small ball. And having to admit you lied all the time about there being "tapes" is a pretty big loss this week. Not to mention the mine field that is health care reform, especially since he campaigned that it will be "terrific", and it clearly won't be for most people. Also if this being spun as a "good week", it really shows how many bad weeks he's had.
  7. And here comes Kansas football. People ask how they are beginning to pull in recruits , alot starts here.
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  9. I don't know about Galveston recently, as the last time I was there was over three decades ago. I'm going solely off the old (and probably hazy) memory of it. Padre (both North and South) are much more recent and vivid memories. I love spending time on Amistad (and the entire Trans-Pecos region of Texas in general), and the San Marcos/Guadalupe, however to me the only similarity with what I personally think of as a "beach" is that there is a body of water and an area of land that meets the edge of it. I do agree fully; both absolutely have their pros and cons.
  10. Today is Monday. In case someone wants to dispute that... I would have posted earlier, but I just got back from the beach.
  11. No animal seemed to get hurt in that video. I found it very interesting, the tenacity of that encounter. Wild animals can be a bitch.
  12. True, though idk if Galveston has had that 'wonderfulness' aroma in years. The echoes of it are there. Of course, there are some that prefer woods and freshwater, a nice stretch of lake or river beach and the watersports that generally come with that environment. Both have their pro's and con's.
  13. May not break ground but they'll seal the deal
  14. So, that island that you own… is it near the beach? -Kelly Bundy
  15. How can they possibly start building a house that quickly? This has to be a world record.
  16. She didn't happen to travel to Omaha with @Newbomb Turk, did she?
  17. Got the latest scoop today. Neice got a 2014 Accord (not a new car) and she just turned 17 not 16. Last week bimbo also bought a pontoon boat and a travel trailer. Construction on a new house on the lake should be under way this week. I told my step daughter about the taxes they'll owe next April. She says "dont tell my mom, she would tell my brother and stop the train wreck" It's going to get good!
  18. To me, the big difference is the smell of the air coming off a saltwater bay or Gulf (speaking strictly for Texas) beach versus the smell of the air on a freshwater beach. Inland beaches on lakes lack the salty wonderfulness of a coastal beach. Both Galveston and South Padre have that, and the rest is just a matter of the size of the dunes and the surroundings on the sand (which can - and certainly does - change; drop dead gorgeous and fugly aren't permanent fixtures to a beach). The turn of this thread has made me miss living within a 10 minute walk from the coast.
  19. Not too shabby. When would Cam's match be?
  20. I don't like that video, crunch, but it doesn't break any posting rules. Just use spoiler tags with it and give a heads up about what it is.
  21. True, and Galveston is not the same as South Padre. Similar, but not the same. Likewise any other two beaches we can think of.
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