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  2. Why not PayPal? It's super safe.
  3. Any of you young whipper snappers use venmo? My fantasy league wants to do our payments through it. Don't love linking my bank account to an app I'm going to use once.
  4. What a night. One of my dogs puking, the other one pooping. PD is sleep deprived this morning.
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  6. This is the second time the Texas Rangers have been asked to launch an investigation of the Baylor scandal. I posted about the first time, but now can't remember who called for it. (Getting older sucks.) Anyway, I don't think it will happen.
  7. Yes, hosted on a third party site. You can copy the url for the pic and paste it here. That will usually make the picture appear like magic, that is, as long as the board software isn't being ornery.
  8. Not sure how most do their pics on here. Are they hosted on a pic site somewhere or does this site have places to upload?
  9. Looking at this weekend in Houston. I wonder if they have ever had such a top list of teams in one weekend. Currently the 6 teams are a combined 42-4 with a potential to be as high as 48-4 by the time Friday gets here. Curious how far back you would have to go for any weekend tourney to have that good of results going in.
  10. Yes. But I was afraid I would have been excoriated by the more sensitive among us.
  11. "AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - A Texas lawmaker wants the state's top law enforcement agency to look into Baylor's sexual assault scandal and whether school officials worked to cover up crimes. Rep. Roland Gutierrez, a San Antonio Democrat, called on the Texas Rangers on Monday to probe the nation's largest Baptist school. Baylor fired football coach Art Briles and pushed out former President Ken Starr in 2016 after an internal report found the Waco school mishandled sexual or physical assault allegations for years. Baylor officials have acknowledged that at least 17 women reported being raped by 19 football players since 2011. Lawsuits against the school put the number of alleged sexual assaults at more than 50 over a four-year period. Baylor officials say federal civil rights investigators will be on campus this week."
  12. Is that like Boogie Fever?
  13. Ask Mulkey.
  14. I want to ask about the forged sonogram date, the nurse who first said Mary Frances was breech but was ignored for three days, or that no one saw the amniotic fold. This is not to mention the four days of inducing labor, the hospital acquired infection in my wife's incision, nor going back with the infection the first time to the ER and being told that it was just "milk fever".
  15. Depends on her Blue Book value.
  16. My car automatically changes directions if I get too close to a mall.
  17. I like shopping in the mall I never buy anything, I just like browsing.
  18. The lack of self-awareness is staggering, almost comical
  19. Will you have to sell her to pay the bill?
  20. It really is the only way to go
  21. Mary Frances' delivery week cost $71,596.71.
  22. Goat milk will have a funky taste if male goats are kept on the premises with the girls, which happens at nearly all large goat dairies. That's how you keep the ladies in milk, through breeding and then prolonging the milking period after the babies are weaned. If you can get your milk from a small dairy that only brings in the boys to breed in the driveway with the girls (common for closed herds who are careful about bio security), you normally don't get the funky taste in the milk. Pasteurization vs raw consumption also alters the taste. When the milk is heated to make it "safer", all the good nutrients and taste is taken out, IMO. Drink it raw if you can find it.
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  24. How is pig milk?
  25. Big fan of almond milk. Make my protein shakes with it. Can't do soy milk. Don't want the estrogen
  26. We've had his dance before, no? Of course we are all biased by our experiences and where we get information. You, me, everyone. That doesn't make our opinions and concerns invalid. No need to bring that up in every discussion. My concern with Trump isn't that he isn't a detail guy. It's that he doesn't even listen (read?) to the ones that are. I think that is why he is so wont to conspiracy theories and alternative facts. And speak about "the media you watch". He gets his info from Fox news and Breitbart. And then tweets about it. Talk about brainwashing. "Scary!" or "SAD!" (or whatever word our juvenile President would end a tweet with). Anyway as as far as healthcare I do think there are some good ideas in the Republican plan. I wish the Republican and Democrat detail wonks would get together though. I think the best option would be to come up with a bipartisan plan that incorporates some of the Obamacare principles and some of the Republican ones. Because if the Republicans go it alone, they will either fail to get it passed or be saddled with the unpopularity of whatever replace ends up being. Because people are going to lose insurance or have crappy insurance. And one party can't take that on alone. A bipartisan solution is the only way out of this.
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