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  2. So do they drive, like, really nice minivans?
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  4. I was thinking Tampa Bay, but Chicago is definitely an option.
  5. “The mainlanders who have relocatedare not quite Forbes-list billionaires, who have access to more complex tax strategies than leaving town; they belong to the middle class of the ultra-rich. They are new-money people who might not have their congressman's cell-phone number back home but who wield influence here in Puerto Rico.”
  6. I'll give you my thoughts. GMFP will pick apart the films from the OU/KSU and OU/ISU to no end. If those two teams can do what they did to OU, GMFP can too! OU will be coming off a thumping of Baylor (let down) while TCU will be coming off a win at Sand Aggie. TCU wins 34-31. Side Note: I love purple Kool Aid
  7. Thanks for all the feedback Jared, I'll start reading more! 🙂
  8. How is Indiana ranked? Wins over... 4-5 Ball State 1-9 E Illinois 2-8 Connecticut 2-7 Rutgers 3-7 Maryland 4-5 Nebraska 1-8 Northwestern Losses to... 4-5 Michigan State 9-0 OSU No wins against teams .500 or better. 1-1 against 4-5 Big Ten teams.
  9. Dalton will be in Chicago next season...
  10. https://www.gq.com/story/how-puerto-rico-became-tax-haven-for-super-rich
  11. Well, this is hardly scenic, but it has nerd appeal. I replaced the original 12v battery with two 6v’s hooked in series, which gives me considerably more battery life. To make room for the extra battery, I had to downsize the propane tank from a 20 lb to a 10 lb, but considering that we’ve had the thing for 2 1/2 years and haven’t emptied the propane tank yet, I think we’ll have plenty. Since this pic was taken in September, I’ve added a fancy-schmancy battery monitor and a solar charge controller, which will come in handy when I finally get around to buying solar panels...
  12. For those of you who drink Widmer, I'm sorry that you're now drinking Bud. Anheuser-Busch bought out Portland’s pioneering Craft Brew Alliance for $220 million Monday, three months after the macrobrewer rejected a much pricier deal. The transaction cements Anheuser-Busch’s ownership of the Portland company that makes Widmer... https://www.oregonlive.com/business/2019/11/anheuser-busch-buys-total-control-of-portlands-craft-brew-alliance-for-220-million.html
  13. Hey @Newbomb Turk...just reminding you this is here and waiting for updates. 😁
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  15. The good thing is he gets to do it all again next year...and the next...and the next, until there are no more uber-wealthy to pay for everything.
  16. Did you intentionally find a bard GIF with white shirt and green pants?
  17. He needs to be in the Top 56 on June 8, 2020, he needs to have been nominated for the British Davis Cup team twice between 2016-2010, he needs to be in the Top 6 of all British men players and the Brits are limited to 4 total men players and he needs to be in good standing with the Olympic Committee. He's 54th currently, he's already been on the British Davis Cup team twice and he's #2 of all male Brits right now. I'd say the chances are good so long as he stays ranked high enough.
  18. Hey Jared - what are Cam's chances to qualify for the Olympics next year?
  19. FSU is certainly higher-profile, but Norvell has ties to Arkansas (the state, not necessarily the University), so that might factor into the equation for him. Drinkwitz is interesting - certainly a rising star, but not yet with the skins on the wall that U of A might want/need in this hiring cycle.
  20. Indeed. During the game on Saturday, they played the songs for each branch of the armed forces and asked veterans of them to stand up. Hard to imagine the ways in which my life would be different if it weren't for the service of the men & women I saw standing around me. I hope that any criticism I have for American foreign policy is never confused with a lack of deep gratitude for those who have served. It's a debt I'll never be able to repay. Thank you.
  21. We appreciate your service and sacrifice and that of your families and loved ones. You actually do make America great. 🇺🇸
  22. Football and basketball players receive full scholarships covering all tuition, room and board. A partial scholarship only covers part of that. Unless you're Cam Norrie, though, college tennis players rarely receive full scholarships because of the scholie limitations. There are no standings in the Fall - that only starts in the Spring. The ITA preseason rankings won't come out until January but the TCU team has generally been picked about 10th in the nation so far by the various prognosticators for the Spring season.. We made the Elite 8 last year. The defending national champion is Texas; we'll probably be picked to finish 3rd in the Big12. Our Spring schedule is listed on the first page of this thread - it'll be a tough one. Here are the current individual singles rankings for the Frogs: Cameron Norrie - 54th best player in the world. Alex Rybakov - 531. May be in Champaign-Urbana for the Challenger this week. Gerardo Lopez Villasenor - 544. Nick Chappell - 571 (will be in Houston this week - he's playing Sebastian Fanselow (ATP#394) this afternoon). Tomas Jirousek - 774 (will be in Milovice, Czechia this week - he's playing Petr Hajek (ATP#994) tomorrow morning). Tadeas Paroulek - 785 Alastair Gray - 1076 Reese Stalder - 1159 Jacob Fearnley - 1323 Eduardo Roldan - 1799 Bertus Kruger - NR Luc Fomba - NR Sander Jong - NR Juan Martin - NR Max Kurzban- NR
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