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  2. 19 tackles for Wallow.
  3. And we don’t want that rusty ol skillet.
  4. San Jose just beat Arky 31-24. That $EC grind is legit.
  5. Damn, wish I would have thought of that come back!
  6. Today
  7. I don't think this offense works with GP. It did for one year - the first, and that was with a freak of a QB and WR. Otherwise, it's just not working. Oh yeah - no in and out sucks, period.
  8. The winningest program in history?
  9. Depending on how we react, this game could make us Big 12 champions. Grow up, get focused and come to play every game. Take care of the ball. Call plays that fit your talent.
  10. TCU up on the pole 2019?
  11. La gente está llamando a TCU el "Michigan de los Big 12". ¿No es una torcedura en la ingle? People are calling TCU the "Michigan of the Big 12". Ain't that a kick in the groin?
  12. I’m not sure he should be fired, but perhaps it’s time for GP to take more of a hand in the offense. Like yelling “rundadamble” a lot.
  13. Also: The milkshake was good, although not on the happy hour half price menu. No matter how old I get, college girls stay the same age. Tha Fat Shack in the Grand Marc makes a good sandwich.
  14. Also: Niang kept going to the training table to have his left leg massaged and stretched. It didn’t look like anything broken or torn but he eventually left the game with Myers coming in.
  15. In and out, just like a Shaq free throw...
  16. We are a rifle school anyway...
  17. My observations: outplayed and out coached. No excuses. SMU is a legit good team. I was hoping to see Collins in the second half. He is our best passer. Duggan played like a freshman most of the game. He didn’t do progressions, just threw to the primary receiver whether the guy was open or not. In the 4th quarter he grew up some and did better. Fade to a 6-4 tight end, touchdown. Fade to a 5-9 wideout, incomplete. You’d think someone could figure that out. Half the “crowd” deserted at halftime. The AD may have to rethink this no in and out. Hights was wearing a boot. I didn’t see Scott at all, Washington and Reed played weak safety. Lewis dressed but didn’t play. I didn’t see Barkley. It’s not a conference game.
  18. Cumbie didn’t call a great game. But execution was very poor
  19. Yesterday
  20. SMU is better than the public gives them credit for, but no poll until we hit 10 wins.
  21. I am now officially in the fire Cumbie boat. Get rid of him. I heard Meachum is looking for work, or see if we can bring the OC from Army, and just not pass the rest of the year.
  22. Probably. But if we beat KU, ISU, and KSU we may sneak back in there
  23. See. I thought he played horrible. Over threw guys left and right. Made horrible choices. We’ve got true freshman QBs all over the country playing much better. Color me not impressed.
  24. You guys can flame me, but I’m actually optimistic. I REALLY like Duggan’s development game by game. He reminds me of Andy Dalton (who had a horrendous freshman season.) So we’re not making the playoffs or a New Years Six, but the future holds promise.
  25. Hemos terminado con cualquier encuesta Top 25 para 2019 We're done with any Top 25 poll for 2019
  26. Después de esa pérdida a SMU esperaba encontrar algo bueno aquí para aliviar el dolor After that loss to SMU I was hoping to find something good here to ease the pain
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