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  2. Dewey defeats Truman: They DID get it right on page 1B
  3. This is an interesting substitution. No CF and 5 infielders.
  4. THE FROGS BEAT THE LONGHORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Bottom of the ninth, Parte the Seconde. Oviedo at bat with frogs on 2nd & 3rd with no outs and a tie ballgame.
  6. I'm amazed that this baseball match thing is going on 3 hours - is that normal? How can the players run around like that for so long? Time for a little Friedman magic! Wild pitch!! Both runners in scoring position with nobody out! Wild pitch2!! 2-1!!
  7. In the other big matches today, Texas beat Columbia 6-1 (like TCU), the Tarheels beat OU 4-1, Virginia beat Georgia Tech 4-1; Wake beat the Irish, A&M beat Arkansas and Mississippi State won a 4-3 thriller over Tennessee. But down in Waco, the match was delayed for the Baylor women to finish v. Incarnate Word, and they've only recently started and ASU just won the doubles point by beating the Bendeck/Lah Baylor team (who had just advanced to be the #1 doubles team in college tennis). The Sun Devils now only need 3 singles matches to pull off the upset. And, according to College Tennis Ranks, that, coupled with a TCU win over ASU, would move us to 7th in the nation! We need to get to the Top 8, and we could do that this weekend if things break our way! Sadly, Baylor staged a comeback and won 4-2 over ASU.
  8. Alex Isola leads off B9. HBP. Apparently, I missed the UT pitching change in the 8th. But it hardly matters as the Horns go to the pen. Guenther. Walk. Bases 67% reptilian w/ no outs. Brad Smith pinch running for Guenther at 1st. Austin Henry. Wild pitch - runners advance to 2nd & 3rd. WILD PITCH 2-1, Frog on 3rd, no outs. Henry walks, Frogs on the corners, no outs. Johnny Rocket. Double, 2-2.
  9. Marcelo Perez on the mound for TCU in T9. Lead off walk. Wild pitch, runner advances to 2nd. Ground out to 1B, runner advances to 3rd, one out. Sac fly, 2-0 Horns, two away, bases empty. Walk. Sarloos to the mound. Fly out to CF. Do or die time for the Frogs two runs down.
  10. The Clapper leads off B8. Ground out on a “swinging bunt” to 3B. Keefer. Ground out to 3B. Wolf Hunter. Walks. Air Mail. Wild pitch, Wolfe advances to 2nd. Conference on the mound. He stays in. Josh flies out to LF. To the ninth we go with a 1-0 UT lead.
  11. Boooo. But, Chuck and Obi-Wan think he's safe on review.
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