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  2. People north of here are much more authoritarian, tis true...
  3. Schools here asked for opinions, but ultimately they are going to make the call whether it is on campus or at home ...
  4. He didnt mention the blog he writes under an alias.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Case by case if things chg. But yes, our choice. Thats how a democracy is supposed to work.
  7. He hosts the Bachelor/Bachelorette and related shows. So the fact that you have never heard of him increases my respect for you.
  8. They're leaving it to you to make the choice? And you cant change based on circumstances?
  9. So we officially have 2 weeks to decide if the kid will be doing 1st semester of 8th grade from the school or our kitchen table.
  10. Hello Mr weklfrog. I've never heard of Chris Harrison and will take your word for it.
  11. Way more than we would like to.
  12. Pretty much my experience so far as well.
  13. I’m no overwhelmed by it, but it’s worth my time. Yellowstone, on the other hand, I won’t miss an episode.
  14. Homemade 3 cheese-stuffed raviolis with toasted pine nuts, brown butter, and chopped parsley is very good!
  15. Never thought I'd see the day when Republicans were celebrating 11% unemployment. While I'm genuinely happy for the families who are regaining income streams, the attempt to spin this as a victory is pretty pathetic. This is like spiking the ball after scoring a garbage-time TD to cut the opponents lead to 56-7.
  16. What a libbie. He's trying to stifle the freedoms of all Texans.
  17. Governor Abbott has now instituted a statewide mask mandate, which goes into effect at noon on Friday. If you're wondering about enforcement: First-time offenders of Abbott's order will receive a written or verbal warning. Those who violate the order a second time will receive a fine of up to $250. Every subsequent violation is punishable also by a fine of up to $250. The order specifics that no one can get jail time for a violation.
  18. I'm irritated that this thing has blocked my view of the jumbotron. I mean, the pros are that I'm now in the shade and I can still see all the field, but I'm discovering how much that giganto screen actually plays a part in the gameday experience.
  19. Allegedly, Leslie Nielsen had no sense of humor and didn't understand why the things he said were funny. Looking around online, others say he did have a good sense of humor, although he still didn't really understand why the things he said were funny. His deadpan schtick was so weird that it confuses everybody about why it works. I mean, people get it, it's that he stays so incredibly serious in the face of absolute absurdity, but why Nielsen's deadpan was so effective...
  20. Hillary didn’t tweet that, of course. It’s fake.
  21. The Eagles will be featured on ESPN this weekend, but it's not the Eagles you'd expect. Here's how much the lack of live sports has affected the Worldwide Leader: ESPN will air an Eagles concert—the Eagles with Don Henley, not the Eagles with Carson Wentz—Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET. And it's not even a live concert! The show, Live from The Forum MMXVIII, was recorded in September 2018 and will feature 26 songs. The concert will be introduced by Eagles superfan Chris Berman.
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