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  2. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    The Sports Dump

    Nasty eurotrash are way ahead of the 🇺🇸 plus 🇨🇦 curlers in the Continental Cup of curling. Possible to win still but win is unlikely.
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  4. I hope they put him with a strong roommate to help him settle in. It can be tough moving to a new school and making new friends. Best of luck to him!
  5. Looking forward to Blacklock and Blackshear doing some damage in 2019.
  6. A couple of other articles about Blackshear's issues. He's seems to be a guy in need of, and really wanting, a fresh start: https://www.postandcourier.com/sports/south-carolina-s-shameik-blackshear-back-on-track-after-football/article_651785e8-2d1c-11e8-a195-67bddc050352.html https://southcarolina.rivals.com/news/after-being-saved-by-god-blackshear-ready-to-live-up-to-expectations
  7. Let’s hope Blackshear is coming to TCU to distance himself from what he might’ve been caught up in and truly start a new chapter. https://www.thestate.com/news/local/article50276270.html
  8. Jared

    TCU Tennis 2018-19

    Terrible news all around this weekend - Cam and Fritz got knocked out of the Aussie in doubles 6-7 (6-8), 6-3, 6-7 (8-10) on Saturday. But the worst news is that TCU lost its Opening Day match to Tulsa 2-4 and got off yet again to an awful beginning to the Spring season. Alex Rybakov (4-6, 7-5, 6-2) and Alastair Gray (6-4, 6-2) were the only victors in singles, but the Frogs lost the doubles point (Rybakov/Gray won 6-3, but Stalder/Kruger lost 5-7 and Jong/Fomba lost 4-6) and then Stalder, Kruger and Roldan all lost and Fomba was in the third set (and could have pulled out the 4-3 W) when the match concluded. Roditi said that it just wasn't our day and that "we'd learn from our mistakes" but it's a terrible start to the season. Rybo and Ali played well, but if we can't beat unranked Tulsa, how are we gonna beat ranked teams? Tulsa moves to 3-1 and we're 0-1. Tempe made me wildly optimistic - now, I'm very pessimistic. Next up will be the ITA Kickoff on Saturday at home - we'll host Loyola Marymount and then, if we win, either Arizona State or Oklahoma State. Under Paul Westhead and with Bo Kimble, Loyola Marymount has a run and gun offense (oh wait, that's basketball from 3 decades ago)...
  9. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    Weather Thread

    Got a few inches this morning. Cleared up everything in 25 minutes as the temps rose through freezing and it started to rain. The danger here of not immediately clearing the snow/plow slush immediately is that if you don't, the next morning you have a wall of ice that you can't drive over very well.
  10. PurpleDawg

    Weather Thread

    I wondered about you this morning when I read that your governor had issued an emergency warning thingy. I hope your kids get at least a little bit of snow for playing.
  11. Duquesne Frog

    Weather Thread

    Nothing but rain for us so far. Looks like if you are 30 miles north of here, you are getting blasted with snow ...
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  13. Feeling Froggy

    The Gameday Media Links Thread - Index in Post #1

    TCU Horned Frogs (13-4, 2-3) vs Texas Longhorns (10-7, 2-3?) 6:00pm Central Wednesday, January 23, 2019 Ed & Rae Schollmaier Arena Fort Worth, Texas Final Score B12 GameWatcher Live Sports Stats GameTracker (TCU) ESPN Box Score FoxSports.com Box Score TurkVision Post #1 FrogVision Pirate Radio Stream Watch ESPN  TCU Men's Basketball Facebook TCU Men's Basketball Twitter
  14. After the last few years, this makes me worry about the shoe dropping when I open the daily blat in the Startlegram or on the webwidenetworldinter thingies....
  15. PurpleDawg

    Too early to start a 2018-19 Basketball thread?

    65-55 KSU final. bleh
  16. Also, about a week late on this, but Catalon chose Arkie over TCU and UT. Was thought to be a TCU lean until his GF accepted her offer to Arkie.
  17. Yeah, with Workman and Blackshear we are in much better shape at DE than we were with just Mathis and Bowen.
  18. PurpleDawg

    Too early to start a 2018-19 Basketball thread?

    37-30 KSU at the half. Frogs shooting badly. Barlow playing a lot in the first half. Desmond already with 3 fouls.
  19. Whoop! This is the number one guy I wanted in this class. If healthy, he should restore the pass rush we have become accustomed to, and could make a difference of two or three additional wins next season. Has had some off-field issues, but multiple sources have indicated he has turned his life around and really dedicated himself for the last couple of years.
  20. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/college/article224811350.html
  21. Pretty nice grad transfer pickup for DE next year, whether that's at starter or backup.
  22. PurpleDawg

    Frog Pets

    No deaths or illness has been reported to date, according to an excellent source that I follow, TruthAboutPetFood.com. And, that new information about salmonella was just added a couple of days ago, so they're still working at the FDA to keep us safe. 😉
  23. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    Frog Pets

    Or at least were last November. Have many deaths been reported? or was in more caught in the inspection stage?
  24. PurpleDawg

    Coaching Carousel Thread 2018

    Wish I had a subscription to The Athletic just for this article...(It's 50% off right now if anyone else is interested.) ‘Where’s Dan?’: The story of Alabama football’s rampant coaching staff turnover A blowout national championship loss to Clemson may not have been the biggest shock Nick Saban got last week. Four days later in Tuscaloosa, Alabama was about to have its regular morning football staff meeting when Saban noticed someone was missing. “Hey, where’s Dan?” Saban asked staffers, according to people with knowledge of the meeting, in reference to Dan Enos, the Tide’s quarterbacks coach who had just been promoted to become Alabama’s new offensive coordinator. The offensive coordinator vacancy had been created by Mike Locksley leaving to become the head coach at Maryland. Much of the staff was on the road recruiting, but Saban and Enos were supposed to interview offensive line coaching candidates to replace Brent Key, who had taken a job at his alma mater Georgia Tech after three years with the Crimson Tide. “Where’s Dan?” Enos had done a terrific job as the Alabama quarterbacks coach in his first season in the... https://theathletic.com/773433/2019/01/17/alabama-football-coaching-staff-turnover-nick-saban-dan-enos-tosh-lupoi/
  25. PurpleDawg

    Frog Pets

    At least somebody's still at work.
  26. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    Frog Pets

    Damned government interference!!!
  27. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    I remember the name but all else is lost in the haze of time. Those were the days with my 2400 and 4800 baud modems! I thought I'd never get over how fast 9600 baud was!
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