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  2. NFL Frogs Thread 2017

    Yes he did. Snatched it right out of the corner's hands.
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  5. God save us....

    I remember him! He was the dork with Daisy Fuentes on Americas Funniest Home Videos! He's still alive?
  6. God save us....

    Sacrifices and deeds of the past can earn undying respect for those actions. That does not preclude anyone from responding or making opposing statements on current actions.
  7. God save us....

    You know what's actually pretty disrespectful to the American flag? -the confederate flag -the nazi flag -demeaning a POW - degrading Gold Star Families
  8. NFL Frogs Thread 2017

    Josh just made a siiick TD catch for the Redskins
  9. God save us....

    John Fugelsang ✔@JohnFugelsang I like when people who told me to respect the Confederate Flag last month scream about respecting the US Flag this month. #TakeTheKnee 9:31 AM - Sep 24, 2017 675675 Replies 16,02116,021 Retweets 44,37144,371 likes
  10. AP Top 25

  11. Pool parties in late September are pretty rare around here
  12. AP Top 25

    Y'all are getting way too worked up about this. The real rankings don't come out for another four or five weeks
  13. Pool parties at birthday time are definitely more important than a football game, as much as I enjoy watching a game and chatting with PD, knowing her toes are painted purple.
  14. I just went to a wake for a friend's dad today. My dad died four years ago. I want to make every moment count.
  15. God save us....

  16. Your early efforts will pay off later. When they're in their 20s, they'll regret the bad attitude of their teens and wish they had those years back to enjoy with their parents. I speak from experience. I buried both my parents in my 30s. (Heavy smokers both and they left too young.) Glad I had my 20s.
  17. AP Top 25

    Anybody notice that LSU is ranked ahead of Mississippi State in the coaches poll? I guess beating a team convincingly doesn't make you better because LSU is a blue blood and Mississippi State is not. Makes sense to me.
  18. Yeah, I'm really trying to enjoy them at 7 and 4. I know it won't last.
  19. You're a good dad. Eventually, they won't want to be seen in public with you. Then they'll grow up and love you again. Life is strange but very predictable.
  20. They go out and play, but they want me to go with them. They won't be little forever.
  21. Nebraska is about to go into a decades-long period of decline and mediocrity as only Big 10 programs can. Looking at you, Minnesota, Indiana, Purdue, Illinois, Iowa ... The Texas and Oklahoma kids Nebraska used to recruit don't want to play in the Big 10. And what's the appeal of Lincoln, anyway? It probably doesn't even have a Pappadeaux's
  22. Do like my parents did and tell them to go out, play, and be home for dinner at 6:30.
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