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  2. I've stayed off this thread for a while but I had to pop in to say these impeachment witnesses are crushing it. I'm not sure how Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes sleep at night. I know it's probably a pointless exercise because the Senate will never convict but at least the truth is being told and cockroach in chief has been exposed to the sunlight. Now you can carry on and I'll pop back in in 6 months.
  3. GP complimented Thomsen on the job he was doing with all the injuries they've had. He said Thomsen was down to his 4th string RT with Coker which makes me think Bolisomi was dinged up. Myers is cleared to play this week though. The fact that we played on Saturday without Niang, Myers and Wes Harris and still played as well as we did is astounding. I thought those guys could be 3 of our 5 starters this season.
  4. This is pretty impressive for TCU to have 3 finalists in six years. That shows how far the school has come recently. It's a huge honor to be a finalist even if you don't get chosen. The daughter of a friend of mine was a finalist a few years ago. As best as I can recall, they have something like 12-16 regions of the US and pick 2-3 Rhodes Scholars in each region from around 15-20 finalists. It's an all weekend affair with dinners, interviews and the public announcement.
  5. The truth plainly stated is never an excuse in my opinion. The truth whined about and hedged about may be. Can't say I've heard much whining and hedging here.
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  7. If Barlow can't get a little playing time this year, I have a feeling he won't be back next season with the big guy we have coming in.
  8. OUinsider is reporting their tight end Grant Calcaterra is out and star WR CeeDee Lam is "up in the air". My guess is Lamb plays, OU threw a smoke screen all last week against Baylol. Had Lamb warming up in fill uniform and pads, only to come out at kickoff in street clothes.
  9. The fact that Gladney is out the first half has me pretty bearish on the Frogs this week. We generally cant slow OK Boomer down when we are fully staffed at corner. We win the 2nd half, tho. There's my bold prediction ...
  10. I can't remember if he wore the sleeve that he had on his left lower leg last night in the first two games. I wonder if whatever that's about was causing some of his trouble.
  11. My quick thoughts. Not sure what the ceiling of this team is, but don't think we are close to it. Was impressed with Farabello- true freshman with a ton of poise. Hit some open threes. Plays good defense. Samuel had a great game. No one in his league. Bane struggled, and more concerning looked a bit rigid and awkward. Thought he was much more fluid first two games. Rembhard much improved, but doesn't look like a go to guy yet. And in that regard, we struggled a bit as the shot clock was winding down. That could be an issue moving forward. Bane really isn't the kind of player that can create for himself. Dixon is going to have to have set plays with the shot clock winding down they can go to. Not hard to see the basic rotation: 1. Farabello and Dennis 2-4. Bane most of the game with Rembhard, Fuller, Grayer and Smith splitting two positions. 5. Samuel, Ledee and Barlow (may get squeezed out of minutes now) With regard to end of game situations, I wonder if Dennis could be the answer. Not a lot to go on, but he seems like a guy that can create his own shots and power to the basket and either finish or kick it out to an open three. Farabello just doesn't command enough respect heading to the hoop to really draw defenders when the shot clock is winding down.
  12. I watched the Tech game video last night, and I think our offensive line had its best game since Purdue. Tech was blitzing all day but usually they only got through by bringing more rushers than we had blockers. And the running backs had some creases to use. Quazzell White played right guard and did well. Coach Patterson said yesterday he thinks Austin Myers will be back for OU. Andy Coker played the fourth quarter at right tackle, he did well except for a foolish holding penalty when the play was going the other way. Don't know if David Bolisomi was hurt or what. The defensive line also was improved, but had trouble tackling the QB when they got to him. That could be big trouble this week. Colt Ellison seems to be an upgrade at defensive end.
  13. Not looking for a big crowd for WVU, but it's not an a.m. game. Kickoff now set at 3:15.
  14. Next year we have an open date the first weekend, probably the worst time. What I didn't like about this year's schedule was Baylor playing on Thursday the week before our game, giving them a couple extra days to prepare. Quality of opponents is evening up a bit as Texas and Baylor are now teams I'd rather play at home.
  15. It's not often you see somebody win with just 1 pair
  16. Really liked the ball movement last night - several players tallying multiple assists, and seemingly all of them with a highlight reel-worthy lob for Kevin Samuel to slam home. Nembhard really impressed again - doing all of the little things this team is going to need. Gotta see Bane bounce back on Thursday. If his shot isn't falling, he still needs to be driving into the paint to score at closer range - or get himself some FTs. All in all, I'm encouraged by what I've seen so far.
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  18. What movie is that gif from? It’s kind of mesmerizing.
  19. The WHISTLEBLOWER!!! He should go on to the stage. At the turn of the last century a Moulin Rouge performer "Le Petomane" (roughly "the fartomaniac") made a stage career as a flatulist. Few recordings exist. Here's one: I've heard a later recording of him by I think Edison himself as well but cannot find it. There was also another guy who used a 3 foot rubber hose stuck up his ass to sound quite amazingly literally like a French horn. Forget his name. I have always been interested in music and sound.
  20. Swalwell: I neither smelt it, nor dealt it. 🤣 #fartgate
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