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  2. I think for retail, measures similar to those in place for hardware and grocery stores, although I would require places to offer purrell every couple of aisles I think we could implement a reasonable dine-in plan as well, similar to Betsy Price's original one. Max Capacity, minimum spacing. The technology already exists to allow people to order on their phones, to minimize interaction with the wait staff, you could even take the wait staff out of the equation all together and have a pickup counter. Tables wiped down with disinfectant after each use, etc. But I just cannot support shutting down the economy in the name of saving a hypothetical number of lives, or in some cases, just to spread out when those lives are taken. We lose ~37,000 people annually due to car crashes. Can we justify shutting down the economy to save those lives? What about the tens of thousands each year that get the flu? There has to be some middle ground.
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  4. Jokes? This may come as a surprise to those of you not living in Las Vegas. But there are more Catholic churches than casinos. Not surprisingly, some worshipers at Sunday services will drop in casino chips rather than cash when the offering plate is passed. Since they get chips from many different casinos, the churches have devised a method to collect the offerings. The churches send all their collected chips to a nearby Franciscan monastery for sorting and then the chips are taken to the casinos of origin and cashed in and then distributed. This is done by the chip monks. 🙂 I apologize.
  5. Hypothetical, @Army Frog Fan - let's say you're in charge of the decisions for Tarrant County. What do you put in place?
  6. April Fool's prank for your kiddos...
  7. It is not fair to cite nationwide statistics when the vast majority of cases are in a small area around NYC. If you charted the NY/NJ line, I suspect it would actually look a bit worse than the blue line above, but the other 48 states' line would be the same as, or better than, the other countries charted above. Look at it this way: On 3/10, NY had 178 cases. By 3/31, NY had 76049 (42,624% increase, with a max single day increase of 8,664 cases and an average increase of 3,612 per day). NY Shelter-in-place order: 3/20 On 3/10, NJ had 15 cases. By 3/31, NY had 18997 (126,546% increase, with a max single day increase of 3,089 cases and an average increase of 903 per day). NJ Shelter-in-place order: 3/21 In comparison, the hardest states hit at first were Washington and California: On 3/10, WA had 273 cases (53% more) By 3/31, WA had 5,455 cases (1,890% increase, with a max single day increase of 1,260 cases and an average increase of 246 per day). WA Shelter-in-place order: 3/23 On 3/10, CA had 155 cases By 3/31, CA had 8,658 cases (5,485% increase, with a max single day increase of 607 cases and an average increase of 404 per day). CA Shelter-in-place order: 3/18 Look at Texas and Florida, whose Governors were criticized for not going far enough: On 3/10, TX had 21 cases. By 3/31, TX had 3934 (18,633% increase, with a max single day increase of 572 cases and an average increase of 186 per day). TX Shelter-in-place order: 3/31 On 3/10, FL had 27 cases. By 3/31, FL had 6741 (24,866% increase, with a max single day increase of 1,004 cases and an average increase of 319 per day). FL Shelter-in-place order: 4/3 But somehow, the Country is using essentially the greater NYC area's numbers to justify treating dissimilar situations the same. There is no reason to treat the situation in other states the same. Allowing businesses in Tarrant County to operate in some manor with additional protective measures is highly unlikely to recreate the explosion seen in NYC.
  8. What? That doesn't seem to make sense. The broadcasts are produced by Learfield IMG, but that makes it sound like BAP is the producer. While they do broadcast some games, it's still not our flagship station. That would be KTCU. I know you didn't write that, Twang. Usually GoFrogs does a better job.
  9. 1) People will not uniformly implement the measures you propose. 2) A major part of the reason why NYC has gotten as bad as it has is because they took them too long to shut stuff down. 3) S. Korea and China are now able to start turning on parts of their economy because they took such drastic measures to shut down early AND implement far more comprehensive testing. 4) As long as testing in places like Texas is insufficient, there is no basis for determining what parts of the economy can be kept on. The lack of testing is the main reason why we can't be more selective about what part of the economy can be safely turned back on. 5) Assuming your numbers are right: 61,000/44.8M = 0.13% mortality rate and 44.8M/327M = 13.7% infection rate. Range of estimates now is that COVID-19 's mortality rate is 0.66% to 1.5% (5-15 x worse than seasonal flu) and I've seen estimates of the infection rate for a disease for which we have little to no innate immunity nor a vaccine for (and assuming no mitigating efforts undertaken) from 50-75%. That puts the potential fatality numbers in the 250,000 ballpark for the US, which is in the ballpark of what the White House (who has had to be drug kicking and screaming into fact-based reality throughout this and all other matters) yesterday warned the US should expect. 6) And the issue isn't so much the total number of fatalities as the rate at which hospitals are having to deal with those and the potentially millions of other hospitalizations all in the time span of a few weeks. 7) A total breakdown of the national medical infrastructure over the course of months is going to cost a shittonne, financially and sociologically. Backing off now greatly increases the likelihood that Dallas or Houston becomes the next NYC. The inability of the federal government (and some state governments) to respond to the events in China appropriately is why the US "curve" is now appreciably worse than all the other hot-spots (Italy, Iran, China, etc.) we've been seeing in the news. And NYC hasn't gotten nearly as bad as it is going to get.
  10. Big 12 Future Win Total Projections Baylor 2020 Future Win Total Projection: 7 2019 Spring Win Total Projection: 7.5 2019 Regular Season Win Total: 10 3 Key Games: 1) Oklahoma State, Nov. 7, 2) Kansas State, Nov. 28, 3) at West Virginia, Nov. 21 – Schedule Analysis Iowa State 2020 Future Win Total Projection: 7 2019 Spring Win Total Projection: 7.5 2019 Regular Season Win Total: 7 3 Key Games: 1) at Iowa, Sept. 12, 2) Baylor, Nov. 14, 3) at TCU, Nov. 7 – Schedule Analysis Kansas 2020 Future Win Total Projection: 4 2019 Spring Win Total Projection: 3.5 2019 Regular Season Win Total: 3 3 Key Games: 1) Boston College, Sept. 19, 2) TCU, Nov. 28, 3) at Kansas State, Oct. 10 – Schedule Analysis Kansas State 2020 Future Win Total Projection: 8.5 2019 Spring Win Total Projection: 6.5 2019 Regular Season Win Total: 8 3 Key Games: 1) at Baylor, Nov. 28, 2) at TCU, Oct. 17, 3) at Iowa State, Oct. 29 – Schedule Analysis Oklahoma 2020 Future Win Total Projection: 10.5 2019 Spring Win Total Projection: 10.5 2019 Regular Season Win Total: 11 3 Key Games: 1) Tennessee, Sept. 12, 2) Texas, Oct. 10, 3) at West Virginia, Nov. 7 – Schedule Analysis Related Big Ten Football Schedule 2020: 5 Things You Need To Know Oklahoma State 2020 Future Win Total Projection: 8 2019 Spring Win Total Projection: 8 2019 Regular Season Win Total: 8 3 Key Games: 1) at TCU, Oct. 3, 2) at Kansas State, Nov. 21, 3) at Baylor, Nov. 7 – Schedule Analysis TCU 2020 Future Win Total Projection: 7.5 2019 Spring Win Total Projection: 8 2019 Regular Season Win Total: 5 3 Key Games: 1) Oklahoma State, Oct. 3, 2) Iowa State, Nov. 7, 3) at Baylor, Oct. 24 – Schedule Analysis Texas 2020 Future Win Total Projection: 8.5 2019 Spring Win Total Projection: 9.5 2019 Regular Season Win Total: 7 3 Key Games: 1) at Kansas State, Oct. 3, 2) at Oklahoma State, Nov. 28, 3) at Texas Tech, Oct. 24 – Schedule Analysis Texas Tech 2020 Future Win Total Projection: 6 2019 Spring Win Total Projection: 6.5 2019 Regular Season Win Total: 4 3 Key Games: 1) Baylor, Oct. 15, 2) West Virginia, Oct. 3, 3) at TCU, Nov. 21 – Schedule Analysis West Virginia 2020 Future Win Total Projection: 7 2019 Spring Win Total Projection: 7.5 2019 Regular Season Win Total: 5 3 Key Games: 1) at Texas Tech, Oct. 3, 2) at Iowa State, Nov. 28, 3) Kansas State, Sept. 26 – Schedule Analysis https://collegefootballnews.com/2020/03/college-football-future-win-total-projections-for-all-130-teams-spring-version/4
  11. Round of 32, Patterson Region ... picks are getting tough ... https://www.frogsowar.com/2020/4/1/21202921/best-moments-bracket-patterson-region-round-of-32
  12. Dalton Brown, Hunter Wolfe, Austin Henry, Gene Wood and Connor Shepherd have already been in school 5 years. My guess is any who are offered a chance to go pro will go, but those who think they might get such a chance with one more year will stay. A few might have to transfer to a less expensive school. I wish I knew the story on Cal Coughlin, have to assume he had some kind of injury this year.
  13. https://gofrogs.com/news/2020/3/31/general-tcu-football-radio-broadcast-named-best-in-the-state.aspx FORT WORTH -- For its radio call of the TCU football team's 34-13 win at Purdue last season, the Horned Frogs Sports Network has been recognized by the Texas Associated Press Broadcasters for providing the best live sports play-by-play call in the state of Texas. It's the 13th time since 2003 for TCU to receive the award. The TCU radio crew consists of play-by-play voice Brian Estridge, color analyst John Denton, sideline reporter Landry Burdine and studio host Kyle Tait. TCU's radio broadcasts originate from flagship station WBAP 820 AM.
  14. It's almost as if the media doesn't realize that the NYC area has 1/2 of the cases in the entire country. They added more than twice as many cases yesterday than the entire state of Texas has since this began. EDIT: I just ran the math and DFW has a whopping 0.017% of its population (1345 cases out of ~7.7 million people) that have tested positive for the virus. At its current growth rate, we'll be up to 0.054% in 12 days. Glad we are putting millions of people out of work for this. It is extremely frustrating that the argument has been framed that there are two options: (a) either shut it all down and tank the economy or (b) do nothing because we are monsters and want to kill millions of people. There is absolutely no reason that retail stores cannot stay open, so long as they implement protective measures such as maximum occupancy, offering hand sanitizer, gloves, etc., requiring people to wear masks, requiring social distancing (such as no cash transactions, etc.). Similarly, those who are higher risk should be encouraged to shelter in place. But for heaven's sake, the CDC estimates that 60 million Americans had Swine Flu in '09/'10, with 12,000, and we didn't change a single thing. In '17/'18 the CDC estimates that 44.8 million Americans had the Flu and that 61,000 died, yet again, no one changed a thing. But now we are just telling millions of businesses that they cannot operate, and forcing millions of people to rely solely on the government to survive. It's ludicrous.
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  16. Tuesday’s 6-packOver last 15 years, $$$ colleges have paid in severance pay, to football/hoop coaches:$27,914,154— Nebraska$26,169,701— Auburn$25,335,787— Florida$23,821,412— Kansas$23,615,331— UCLA$22,393,572— Arizona StateQuote of the Day:“We have a lot of talent on our team. If I am the guy that would be calling the shots, I know for sure that we’ll go out and turn a lot of heads.”Chargers’ QB Tyrod TaylorTuesday’s quizWhich current NFL head coach appeared on Monday Night Football when he was 13, in the league’s Punt, Pass & Kick competition?Monday’s quizAtlantic 14 league has three teams in it, all of whom have Rams as their mascot; Rhode Island, Fordham and VCU.Sunday’s quizFive pitchers struck out 20+ batters in a major league game; Roger Clemens is the only one who did it twice. Posted onMarch 30, 2020Leave a commenton Tuesday’s 6-pack, Quote, Quiz of the DayTuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….13) Atlanta’s young star OF Ronald Acuna batted .469 LY in the 159 AB’s where he put the ball in play on the first or second pitch of an at-bat.Once he had two strikes on him, Acuna hit only .179.12) Watching all these re-broadcast baseball games the last two weeks, I’m surprised by one thing; that no manager has lost a replay review, then run to the guy with the phones to New York, grabbed the phone and started yelling at whoever is on the other end in the Big Apple.Frustration makes me people do nutty stuff.11) Six teams don’t have a first round pick in next month’s NFL Draft:Bills, Bears, Texans, Colts, Rams, Steelers.Miami has three first round picks; four teams have two— Jaguars, Vikings, Raiders, 49ers.10) I’d be curious to know how much lower the electric bills are for Las Vegas casinos this month, as opposed to a normal month, with all those big signs turned off for 30 days.9) Something to remember for a year from now:— Last four years, underdogs are 11-5 ATS in NCAA tourney regional finals.— Last three years, underdogs are 14-10 ATS in Sweet 16 games. Dallas Cowboys poached special teams coach John Fassel from the Rams; now they’ve poached the Rams’ kicker, Greg Zeurlein.7) Last July 25, Orioles OF Stevie Wilkerson became the first position player EVER to earn a save in a big league game, in the O’s 10-8, 16-inning win in Anaheim.Baltimore scored three runs in the 15th, but a young pitcher gave those runs right back in the bottom half of the inning, then that same pitcher started walking guys in the 16th, so he was yanked for an outfielder, and Wilkerson got the save.6) Justin Verlander was the first pitcher to throw two no-hitters in the same visiting ballpark; he’s thrown two no-hitters in Toronto’s Rogers Centre.5) 61 major leaguers hit 30+ homers last year; will the baseball be juiced this year, too?I’ll be fascinated to see what changes they come up with for this (shortened) 2020 season, if there is a season; how much will they experiment with rules? Hopefully, not too much.4) For some reason, Aaron Rodgers was in freakin’ Peru last week, when it was announced that the country was shutting down air travel because of health concerns. Luckily for him, Rodgers was flying on a private plane- he got out of the country with 15 minutes to spare.3) Hey, Giancarlo Stanton is healthy now, ready to play ball, good news for my fantasy baseball team.Bad news for my fantasy team: Regular season ain’t starting until June 1st at the earliest, maybe July 1st- what are the chances that Stanton is still healthy then?2) If there is no baseball in 2020, and that could happen, these five players are among those who become free agents next winter: Betts, Springer, Realmuto, Bauer, Stroman.1) Cruise lines didn’t get any bailout money from the government, mainly because they register in other countries, to avoid paying taxes in this country:— Carnival Cruises- Panama— Cruise Norwegian- Bermuda— Royal Caribbean- Liberia
  17. Can't wait for tomorrow to see the end of COVID. At least according to the president when he said a bit ago: “Looks like by April, you know, in theory, when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away.”
  18. Saw the news yesterday where seniors in the spring sports will get an extra year of eligibility. But it is up to the college to decide if they will get to return at the same or a lesser scholarship amount, which of course in baseball is limited anyway. Any guesses with the cost of TCU tuition how many of our baseball seniors might actually choose to come back to TCU?
  19. If that is the case, then great, they all deserve it. I only skimmed through it, so it is very likely I misunderstood.
  20. Todd McShay's latest 2-round mock draft is out. He's got: -Ross Blacklock going 1st round, #28 overall to the Ravens -Jalen Reagor going 2nd round, #50 overall to the Bears -Jeff Gladney going 2nd round, #57 overall to the Texans
  21. Maybe I misunderstood the news from yesterday. I thought that the extra year of eligibility applied to all spring sport athletes, not just seniors. Errrrrbody gonna be stacked next year. College baseball, as a whole, is going to be extremely deep and competitive the next few seasons.
  22. Except that isn't even close to fair for the other 3 classes losing a year of eligiblity.
  23. Thanks for the reminder that I need to get a piece of 3/4" or 1" thick steel plate and season it. I have never been able to make a good homemade pizza, and I am sure that the dough not cooking fast enough has been part of the reason for that. I would assume the steel would work the same as the stone, only be far more durable and probably cook faster/better when it is brought up to temperature. Plus it could also be used as a stovetop griddle for better pancakes, omelets, etc. than my skillets.
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