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  2. Then there was the weird fish-frog hybrid SuperFrog that us GenXers had while in school. Apparently when a hybrid fish-frog mates with a lady Easter bunny, the offspring is remarkably human. Evolution is a funny thing ...
  3. Our early incarnations of the Addie/Super Frog costume are borderline nightmare fuel.
  4. PurpleDawg

    Christmas Thread 2018

  5. PurpleDawg

    Christmas Thread 2018

  6. PurpleDawg

    Christmas Thread 2018

  7. angelosfrog

    Too early to start a 2023 expansion thread?

    Chuck Neinas has proposed an 8 team playoff plan that, according to the Athletic, is gaining traction with the powers that be. This kind of plays into expansion talk because it lessens the attraction of the mega-conferences. Those conferences would have to figure out a way to crown a conference champion without a championship game. I don't see how you do that in a 14 team league like the SEC where they only play 8 conference games and 16 team conferences would be even worse. All the conferences would have to play at least 9 conference games, if not more.
  8. PurpleDawg

    Christmas Thread 2018

  9. PurpleDawg

    Christmas Thread 2018

  10. Just reading the tea leaves from Jeremy Clark's posts on HFB, I think we have a silent commit from a DE committed to a P-5 school. So losing out on Parker may not be that big a deal. Once he committed to Tech, TCU completely quit recruiting him because of his ties to Emmett Jones and because he grew up in Lubbock and has tons of family there. TCU just didn't think it was worth spending time and resources on Parker under those circumstances. He truly was that rare kid whose dream school growing up was Tech.
  11. Duquesne Frog

    Christmas Thread 2018

    Santa, like Jesus, is American. Megyn Kelly says so ...
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  13. HEBFrogfan

    Christmas Thread 2018

    Yes, Lawd...bring us whirled peas.....
  14. Originally known as Addie (for the original name of the school, Add-Rand College, named for the founders), but sometime in the late 1970s/early 1980s, the mascot became known as Super Frog....You can guess as to the age of the alum/fan you're talking to if she/he knows "Addie".... LOL
  15. Great article - thanks for sharing! By the way: does your lizard mascot have a name?
  16. PurpleDawg

    TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    Poor Teresa May. She's been working her a** off on the Brexit deal and those unruly backbenchers can't be happy with anything. Now they want to chuck her out. They think chaos in Parliament will help. Theresa May to face vote of no confidence from Tory MPs https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-46535739
  17. And mutliple crystal balls now have Steven Parker to Kansas, after the Jayhawks hired the position coach who'd secured his commitment at Tech.
  18. That is AWESOME! And, dogs to the rescue to locate them. 😊
  19. I think we will get Parker Workman at DE. However, Victor Viramontes, the JUCO LB from California that seemed to be in the bag for TCU, has apparently had a change of heart and will go to UNLV instead. Jeremy Clark of HFB just put in a crystal ball for UNLV this a.m. Right now, all we have at LB is Wallow, Ben Wilson, Jacoby Simpson and the oft injured Montrel Wilson. If we don't get a JUCO, they're going to have to pick up a grad transfer or something.
  20. PurpleDawg

    2018 College Football Variety Thread

    The 2018 college football quotes of the year The Mullet is well-represented, as is the Pirate. Lots of good ones this year. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/25509664/the-2018-college-football-quotes-year
  21. Fear not: https://tpwmagazine.com/archive/2018/dec/ed_2_lizards/index.phtml
  22. They are very hard to find now, except in West Texas. Even then, not too many left.
  23. Well, that wouldn't knock TCU out of the running.
  24. He went to a good school here. Who we really need to be recruiting from this area are kids from Lake Oswego, the state champs.
  25. As you wish. New offer out to Jashua Allen, a 6'2" 225-pound LB from Arizona Western College. He's originally from Portland, Oregon, and is currently committed to Colorado.
  26. I've never heard any discussion on this topic, to be honest. (I think USC started out with religious affiliation, but that was ancient history). The closest I can think of concerns BYU -- that they would present a problem because they won't play basketball on Sundays, but not because the rest of the Pac-12 has any issues with their affiliation.
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