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  2. April 12th, 2005... And a later (2015) vinyl... March 8th, 2005... And a later (2016) vinyl release... August 30th, 2005... And a later (2019) vinyl release... April 12th, 2005... June 21st, 2005... And... I don't have a new label for 1905, so here is a single sided 78 from February 1905 by Columbia...
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  4. Our current 6s: Darius Anderson Innis "Thump" Gaines A few memorable 6s: Bart Johnson Brian Bonner Elisha Olabode Bram Kohlhausen Sean Stilley Andre Davis Andrew Cashner Kyle Bacak with one of the most clutch bunts in TCU history September 16, 2006: TCU beats Tech and the game is darn-near sealed by the Great White Hit when Marvin White laid out a poor Tech WR who's soul darn-near left his body right there on the MWC logo. ...and a few bonus 6s: Tyson Chandler Tom Grieve in his playing days The season 4 finale of The Wire aired December 10, 2006 6
  5. That setting and landscaping is so pretty. That looks like Bertus on the near court - I wonder if Tadeas, Tomas and Jacob are in town yet.
  6. There have been no pro Frogs who wore the number 6. So in lieu of that ....
  7. Team out practicing on the purple courts this morning
  8. Yeah, more double dipping. Contains what I would consider the best country prison song since 'Folsom Prison Blues'. Released on CD on February 28th, 2006... And a later (2009) vinyl release... The best Black Keys record was a cover album, in my opinion. But I am also a bigger Junior Kimbrough fan, so I am probably biased here. From May 2nd, 2006... And... Southern/stoner rock. Very solid original songs. Decent enough - but not spectacular - Jimi Hendrix, CCR, and Acid Bath covers included. From Albany, New York... Dallas punk. This is a 2006 CD reissue of a somewhat rare (only 1000 - 200 clear/black and 800 standard black pressings) 1992 posthumous album. The Reverend Horton Heat covered 'Nurture My Pig' and paid tribute to them in the song 'Loco Gringos Like a Party'. I don't have a picture of the album, but did find an earlier picture (likely about 1985, and likely in a parade to save KNON) of the hearse (before it got the tequila bottles fin)... This works for all of the chapters. New Age/vocal/electronic/chanting covers of rock and metal songs. Green Day's 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' is the highlight of this particular release for me. From March 31st, 2006... In 1906, Sears formed the Oxford record label. They had no involvement in the recording process. This label would replace their earlier, retired Harvard label. The cylinders were produced by Columbia and Albany Indestructible Cylinder. The 78s were produced by Columbia, Zon-O-Phone and Leeds & Catlin. The records were single sided discs. The series would last until 1916 when Sears brought out their Silvertone label. A 10" from 1906... A cylinder ad from the catalog... An actual cylinder and canister...
  9. Skinny Pete ain’t no rat. https://www.complex.com/pop-culture/2019/08/breaking-bad-movie-trailer
  10. Your right, they are SEC, so probably move up to #7.
  11. Hawaii has not yet punted, but they have thrown 4 ints and lost 2 fumbles to Arizona.
  12. Hawaii with the potential clinching TD against Zona - the Rainbow Warriors lead 45-35, with 5:02 left.
  13. +4 Pre-season rankings should be abolished.
  14. Ugly game. I don't buy the #8 ranking of Florida.
  15. Florida over Miami 24-20. Didn't watch but sounds like it was a sloppy game. First week so who knows. 1st quarter and Hawaii up 14-0 over Arizona.
  16. Last week
  17. This is probably tl;dr for most, but I compared results against the spread after the bowls with less than stellar results: I set up similar comparisons before previous bowl seasons but I'm not sure I followed through entirely on how they were after ...
  18. YAY! Good for you. As a footnote, the ball is allowed to “move” as long as the receiver doesn’t lose control. Keep this in mind. At some point during the year, the announcers will think it’s incomplete, and be in disbelief when the Replay Official determines it was a complete pass. Stupid announcers. 😀
  19. Hey, I got this one right before reading your conclusion.
  20. Play Scenario #2 Second and Goal on the B-8. Receiver A80 controls a pass in the end zone near the sideline while airborne and pins the ball to his left shoulder with both of his hands. He gets a foot down inbounds as he falls to the ground and when he lands on his back out of bounds the ball pops into the air. He regains control before it hits the ground. The Side Judge rules Touchdown. A's ball, Third and Goal on the B-8. A80 is going to the ground to make the catch and must either maintain control when he lands or perform an act common to the game on the way to the ground. He does neither, so the pass is incomplete. In the field of play, this would be a catch since the ball never touched the ground, but in this play since it came loose when he hit the ground out of bounds, it is incomplete.
  21. Both, but mostly we call them "what ifs?"
  22. The U.S. Open main draw has been announced and Cam Norrie (ATP #60) is scheduled to play Gregoire Barrere (ATP# 109) on Monday at 1:15 in the afternoon. Barrere is from France, he's 25 years old and he's currently at his career high ranking. They've played once before and Cam won.
  23. It was a pleasant surprise to actually watch GameDay this morning. The biggest game, I think, is Miami v. Florida and I guess I'm for the Canes. BYU-Utah is on Thursday night.
  24. Zebra, are these things you have seen in your career, or hypotheticals?
  25. Our current 7s: John Stephens Jr. Trevon Moehrig A few memorable 7s: Brandon Hassell Kenny Hill Greg McCoy Kolby Listenbee Stanley Washington Josh Watson Boykin threw for a school-record 7 TD passes in TCU's 82-27 win over Tech in 2014 ...and a few bonus 7s: Pudge Super Sub Steve Beuerlein DeSagana Diop Wilco dropped the criminally-underrated "Sky Blue Sky" on May 15, 2007 7
  26. You know it is a week to go in the countdown when the football players start to get scarce and Jim Busby starts to appear almost every day. Guy wore a lot of numbers for a lot of teams over 13 seasons. #7 for the 1953-54 Senators ... ... and the 1959-60 Red Sox
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