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  2. From Twitter: "Did I just hear the President say we must protect Thomas Edison? From what, grave robbers?!" Seriously, what was that all about? Protect the inventor of the light bulb and the wheel? Is he suffering from a medical condition?
  3. Lord-a-mercy, somebody got a bee in his bonnet tonight!
  4. Because it’s disgusting and there’s no temptation to eat it.
  5. My guess is he won’t play another game in a Jayhawk uniform.
  6. Pecan pie sucks, and the heroes of the Alamo died, at least in part, for the effort to perpetuate slavery.
  7. What were the charges of impeachment?
  8. This is very sad and troubling. Many of those senators in that room couldn't say enough bad things about him back before the election when he was running, especially that weasel Lindsey Graham. However, I disagree that this is a waste of time (or money). The people in our country absolutely must know the extent of the corruption that's been occuring in the WH during this admnistration. And, the politicians who condone that corruption must be exposed.
  9. Y'all is nuts. Pie is pie so give them all to me if you guys don't want them. And, don't forget the State Pie of Texas, made from the highly flavorful pecan!
  10. I agree, and mine is as well. Not for dietary reasons, though. Peach, apple (and caramel apple), and pumpkin pies exist. Cream pies are dead to me because of this.
  11. My 4 seconds of fame @ 32 sec!!! https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/here-now-see-our-latest-episodes-1.4405960
  12. Meringue is better for a diet than cream. I agree it must be made correctly.
  13. Although admittedly, given my current dietary requirements, my interest in this issue is purely academic.
  14. The terms “coconut cream pie,” “banana cream pie,” “chocolate cream pie,” etc. should describe pies with a thick and luscious WHIPPED CREAM TOPPING ONLY! Pies with a disgusting oily, spongy, tasteless meringue topping should be described as “coconut meringue,” “banana meringue,” “chocolate meringue.” Or better yet, just call them inedible.
  15. Republican Senators don't have the guts to vote against Trump. Wast of time and money. Back when I lived in Louisiana, Edwin Edwards was elected for Governor many times, even though everybody knew he was a crook and a scoundrel. People loved him and voted for him knowing this. Trump is no different.
  16. I’m not sure there’s any solution to the issue of season ticket holders selling their seats to opposing fans. While someone above my pay grade tries to figure it out, I’ll enjoy watching large numbers of disappointed fans dressed in red, burnt orange, maroon, whatever, leave the game early. I meant that William Clark reference last night. It was really gratifying to watch those people walk out of our house, humbled and silent. And by the way, it wasn’t that tceh fans had been unruly; they were surprisingly well-behaved. But they did just assume that this would be an easy win and that Fort Dixon would become Lubbock East for two hours. Scoreboard, bitches. Bring on the Whorns.
  17. My downvote was not directed at you, only at the fact Todd Graham got another job.
  18. Yesterday
  19. https://fox4kc.com/2020/01/22/big-12-hands-down-suspension-for-four-ku-k-state-players-after-massive-courtside-fight/ Big XII hands DeSousa a 12 game suspension. Kansas’ next 12 games include both regular season contests vs TCU.
  20. Yeah. I thought that was added in the video I posted. Totally SB commercial. I just wonder why they're killing off a character who is kinda funky and has represented their product for a century.
  21. "I have suspended Silvio De Sousa indefinitely pending the final outcome of the review by KU and the Big 12 Conference," Self said in his statement. "As I said last night, we are disappointed in his actions and there is no place in the game for that behavior." https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/28538390/jayhawks-silvio-de-sousa-suspended-indefinitely-role-kansas-state-brawl
  22. Commitment announcement scheduled for 5:00pm on Sunday for Corey Wren, a super speedy 5'9" WR from John Curtis HS in New Orleans (same school as Garrett Wallow & Kenny Cain). Frogs in the Wren's Top 5 along with Oklahoma, Florida State, Oklahoma State and Louisville.
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