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  2. Sounds like if somebody was in your parking spot at any point on campus over the last few years, the culprit was probably Ross Blacklock ... https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2878285-ross-blacklock-found-out-from-raiders-at-nfl-combine-he-has-37-parking-tickets TCU defensive tackle Ross Blacklock said Thursday the Las Vegas Raiders informed him at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine that he had accumulated over three dozen on-campus parking tickets while with the Horned Frogs. "The Raiders told me about my 37 parking tickets that I didn't know about," Blacklock told reporters. When asked how he wasn't aware of the large quantity of tickets, the Texas native said the school took the money straight from his student account.
  3. Putting Pence whose other public health and environment credentials include denial of climate science and denial of tobacco epidemiology, and who has a demonstrated history of muffing disease response (i.e., Indiana HIV outbreak) in charge SHOULD panic most any thinking person.
  4. Where were you ten years ago today when Sid's "Golden Goal" crushed USA Olympic gold hockey hopes? I'm in the gym now for about an hour and I've seen it replayed scores of times on the various screens around the floor!
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  6. “2024 - maybe Mark Cuban will be elected President.
  7. What are YOU doing to prepare for Beethoven's 250th coming up later this Dec?
  8. We are heading towards recession. The D's best strategy is to nominate Sanders, have him get destroyed by Trump, wait for the recession, and then blame Trump. That way they can move back towards the center in 2024.
  9. China was more concerned with the image of the State inside the State than preventing a pandemic. Trump will soon imprison people who speak out regarding the virus.
  10. China tried it first, so it's OK if our own admin does cuz that's freedom! Re. "panic"... I don't think that is the admin's desired panic issue at the moment given the observed spin. The admin itself appears a bit panicked actually.
  11. Rewatching BCS S05E02 and...
  12. People want leadership when a pandemic is threatening. Get your head out of the sand. The market is responding to the chaos. I'm sure you can understand that better than me with your background.
  13. Warren's super-PAC is the largest super-PAC for any candidate that doesn't accept super-PAC money...
  14. When Democratic Socialists claim that they don't want Venezuela, they want Sweden, remember that Venezuelans too wanted Sweden.
  15. Censoring health officials from talking about the COVID-19 virus is probably not the best way to keep people from panicking about it.
  16. Hitler vs. Stalin 2020 is going to be lit...
  17. The Democratic Party is just an extension of the Corporate Press...
  18. Is it possible that Trump is not Hitler and merely William McKinley?
  19. What about Don Lemon who was 60 years from using the N-word?
  20. Air Force coming out strong with their schedule announcement. Go Zoomies
  21. Boo, new job! Why do they keep your nose to the grind? Building spaceships or something?
  22. I don't think you can scare anyone with a reporter from nigh on to a century ago, now.
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