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I hope no one asks me why I'm creating a blog because I can't think of one good reason for me to do so. Even now, preparing an opening post, a part of me is ready to hit the "Delete" key and forget I ever considered such an undertaking. But if you're reading this then I suppose that part of me lost the argument.

Most blogs seem to have a purpose, a theme, or a cause. So how about FrogAblog? What prompted its creation? What will be its raison d'ĂȘtre? Beats me, folks, I don't know. I'm not an accomplished writer and don't pretend to be, I just occasionally think of stuff and sometimes write it down. My life isn't exactly without direction, but neither is there some grand and noble purpose driving me every waking hour, my thoughts just seem to come and go and might include my personal experiences, flights of imagination, observations, truths, lies, words that rhyme and words that don't.

So, will FrogAblog be fact or fiction? Prose or poetry? A fortnightly feature or an occasional outburst? [There's no way this will be a regularly-scheduled blog, I just like that word "fortnightly."] Humorous or serious? Passionate or cold? Purposeful or pointless? Worthwhile reading or a waste of the reader's time? Analytical and objective or emotional and personal?



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